Best Toys For Pomeranians

24 Best Toys For Pomeranians (Pomeranian Tested)

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I am the proud owner of three fluffy and unique Pomeranians, we have had our share of toys with many fails and some wins along the way.

This article takes the guesswork out of toy buying for your Pomeranian.

Only our tried and true toys made this list of the Best Toys For Pomeranians.

The Best Toys For Pomeranians includes a favorite stuffed hedgehog, tough but, perfectly sized chew bones, puzzles for problem solvers, and even bacon-flavored bubbles for outdoor fun.

What Kind Of Toys Do Pomeranians Like

Pomeranians enjoy all different types of toys including plush toys with squeakers or crinkles, balls to play fetch with, and hard bones to chew.

How Many Toys Should A Pomeranian Have

Can your Pomeranian have too many toys?

Although it doesn’t sound possible your Pomeranian can have too many toys.

Your dog will end up ignoring some of the toys and they will end up just taking up space.

It’s best to have a nice variety of toys and rotate their availability to your dog giving your dog something new and exciting.

What Types Of Toys Should Pomeranians Have

You should provide your Pomeranian with a variety of toys that meet different purposes.

Some will be mainly for chewing, teething, and mouth health.

Others are for pure comfort and joy like our Cream Pomeranians’ favorite stuffed hedgehog.

Some toys are meant to challenge your dog and exercise its brain-like puzzles, games, and hidden treat toys.

Having toys that you can use when you play and interact with your Pomeranian is always a plus.

  • Chew Toys
  • Stuffed Toys
  • Squeaky Toys
  • Puzzles
  • Hidden Treat Toys
  • Balls
  • Outdoor Toys
  • Travel Toys

7 Best Toys For Pomeranians

When you are just looking for the shortlist of the best toys that you can get for a Pomeranian these are the toys you can assure that your Pomeranian will enjoy.

  1. Stuffed Hedgehog
  2. Nylabones
  3. Colorful Squeakballs
  4. TRIXIE Dog Activity Mini Mover
  5. Potato Chip Bag – crinkle & treat dispenser
  6. Chuck It – indoor play ball
  7. Flavored Dog Bubbles
What Are The Best Toys For Pomeranians

The Best Chew Toys For Pomeranians

Pomeranians love to chew regardless if they are a puppy or an adult dog.

Providing plenty of chew toys is a great way to prevent your dog from chewing other things like your kids’ toys, shoes, computer chargers, and recliner cords. (all of these items have been chewed at one point in time at my house)

Some of our Pomeranians’ favorite chew toys include the following.

Hertz Chew And Clean Dental Bone

These little bones are cheap and cheerful.

They provide lots of chewing in a perfect Pomeranian-sized treat and toy combination.

We always have some of these on hand.


Nylabones have been another favorite in our house.

They are very simple but, extremely effective in providing your Pomeranian with the perfect object to chew on.

All three of our Pomeranians have enjoyed these bones with our seven-month-old puppy Duke being obsessed with a clear Nylabone at the moment.

A sure win for your Pomeranian.

Nylabone Chill & Chew

Although, this is another Nylabone product it is worth mentioning it separately because I feel like it has a different place in your home than a standard toy you have readily available.

These bones can be chilled to help soothe a puppies teething mouth.

They are also great for an adult dog they may enjoy chewing on a cooler bone.

A different texture and temperature can add variety to your dogs playing and chewing routine.

The Best Stuffed Toys For Pomeranians

Stuffed toys are one of our Pomeranians’ favorite toys to play with.

Our dog Murphy is obsessed with a stuffed hedgehog, he brings it everywhere, suckles on it, and falls asleep with it in his mouth.

This toy is extremely soothing to him, we actually nicknamed it his mommy.

He grabs it when he wants to lay and rest.

Our Pomeranains favorite stuffed toys are.

Stuffed Hedgehog

Besides Murphy, our other two Pomeranians have also enjoyed playing with this hedgehog toy.

We have numerous stuffed hedgehogs around our house and new ones stashed away for a later date.

The Stuffed Hedgehog is a must-have for the Bachmann Pomeranians.

Soft Plush Bunny

There is something gravitating about a small and soft bunny that a Pomeranian cant stay away from.

Our dogs have snagged many stuffed bunnies in our house some were theirs and others have belonged to my kids.

Regardless, this extremely soft and perfectly sized bunny is a win.

Stuffed Sloth

The stuffed sloth is similar to the stuffed bunny and is equally as cute.

It’s a great stuffed toy for Pomeranains especially when you have more than one, the extra-long sloth arms are perfect for tug of war.

Best Chew Toys For Pomeranians

The Best Squeaky Toys For Pomeranians

Dogs love squeak toys and Pomeranians are no exception to that rule.

Squeak toys often overlap with other categories like plush toys and balls but, these are highlighted in particular for their squeaking ability.

Squeaky Plush With 6 Squeakers

If you have a dog that enjoys squeaking toys, this is the one for you with 6 different squeakers inside your dog will be entertained for hours.

Colorful Squeak Balls

Squeaky Balls seem like such a basic dog toy and they are but, our dogs have all found enjoyment in playing with these colorful and squeaky little balls.

Zippy Squeaky Paws Animals

These adorable little animals with soft long bodies are perfect for Pomeranians to carry around with them and play with.

With the addition of squeakers, they are sure to bring your dog lots of fun and entertainment.

The Best Puzzles For Pomeranian’s

Dog Puzzles are a great way to challenge your dog’s thinking skills while playing and having fun.

We enjoy these puzzles and so do our Pomeranians, my kids often bring them out and have a great time with the dogs.

I’ll hear giggles and joy coming from the other room.

TRIXIE Dog Activity Mini Mover

This is the first puzzle toy that we bought for our Pomeranians and It still remains their favorite.

It’s really fun to watch your dog’s strategy and thinking methods on how they are going to get to the treats.

Interactive Treat Puzzle Toy

This is another well-loved puzzle toy in our house.

It’s more simple, where your dog just needs to sniff out and uncover where the treats are hidden but, it is still a lot of fun and a great choice for a beginner.

Interactive Treat Puzzle Toy Intermediate

This is another great dog puzzle toy that is a bit more challenging than the last option.

It provides a few different ways way your dog will need to figure out to uncover the hidden treats.

Best Puzzles For Pomeranians

The Best Hidden Treat Toys For Pomeranians

Hidden treat toys are always a win and a lot of fun for your dogs.

Some of the best-hidden treat toys for Pomeranians include.

Treat-Dispensing Crinkle Plush Snuffie

This little toy is very different, it’s a sweet snail that your dog can unravel and find the treats hidden within.

It’s a multipurpose type of toy since it also crinkles and can be easily carried around and played with.

If you have more than one dog, you may catch them playing tug of war with this toy.

Tread-Dispensing Crinkle Potato Chip Bag Snuffie

This is a fun-stuffed Potato Chip Bag Toy that is filled with stuffed potato chips.

You can place treats within each or some of the chips making it a fun adventure and challenge for your dog to seek out the treats.

The bag crinkles and some of the chips squeak providing your dog with multi-sensory play.

Strawberry Teething Treat Dispensing Toy

This strawberry toy is perfect for your Pomeranian regardless if it is teething or not.

It’s an adorable chew toy that you can stash treats within, your dog will enjoy hours of fun play with a reward.

The Best Balls For Pomeranians

What dog doesn’t love playing with balls?

Some may enjoy it more than others though, we do have one dog, especially that would play catch or chew on a ball all day.

The best balls for Pomeranians are.

Hyper Pet Mini Tennis Balls

These little balls are the perfect size for your Pomeranian.

Making sure that you get the correct size ball is key to fun and enjoyment for your dog.

Your pup is sure to have a great time playing with these balls.

Chuck It Indoor Fetch Ball

This is the perfect ball for indoor play, especially if you have a home with ball-loving dogs and children.

It allows for safer indoor playtime without as much risk of breaking things.

It’s also duel purpose since it can double as a stuffed toy.

Smiley Face Squeaky Balls

If you have a dog that enjoys squeaking balls, these smiley-faced balls are perfect for you.

They are the perfect size for your dog to play with and are sure to bring lots of fun.

The Best Outdoor Toys For Pomeranian’s

This category is sure to bring lots of fun outdoor playtime.

Some of our favorite outdoor toys for Pomeranains include.

Splash Pad For Kids & Dogs

We have one Pomeranian who loves water, one who doesn’t, and one who hasn’t decided yet.

If your Pomeranian or kids love outdoor water play in the Summer this Splash Pad Toy is sure to bring lots of Summertime joy.

Chuck It Frisbee Dog Toy

Some dogs love playing with frisbees, this soft and flexible frisbee is the perfect size to use with your Pomeranian.

Flavored Dog Bubbles

Fun-flavored dog bubbles like peanut butter and bacon are perfect for both you and your dog.

We all enjoy the fun the blowing bubble can bring but when you include your dog in the fun with yummy non-toxic flavored bubbles it’s sure to bring you and your family a lot of joy.

Best Outdoor Toys For Pomeranians

The Best Travel Toys For Pomeranians

Travel toys need to be small and portable.

You should always consider bringing your dog’s favorite toys that will bring them the most comfort.

You can guarantee Murphy’s hedgehog is always with us when we travel.

Soft & Stuffless Squeaky Dog Toy

These little plush toys are perfect for at-home or travel.

They don’t have any stuffing inside which prevents a mess on the road in case your pup rips it open.

They are affordable, in case it is lost on your adventure as well as being soothing and entertaining.

Nubbies Chew Bones

Little Nubby Chew Bones are perfect for travel.

It’s always nice to have something with you that your dog can chew on if they want to.

Charming Lavender Scented Plush Toy

This little lavender-scented plush toy is perfect for dogs and families that experience a bit of anxiety while traveling.

This cute toy releases a bit of lavender while it’s being played with.

The scent of lavender is very soothing and relaxing for both dogs and people.

Final Thoughts

Every dog is different and what becomes one dog’s favorite toy will be completely ignored by another.

As the owner of three very different Pomeranians, I can confidently say that most dogs will love all or most of the toys on this list.

I hope you find a treasure or two for your little fluffy friend.

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