3 month old pomeranians

3-Month-Old Pomeranians: Training, Biting, Eating & Exercise

Three-month-old Pomeranians are some of the most adorable creatures on earth.

Your new puppy is starting to grow and take on the world.

This age is full of mischievous exploration and lots of naps.

As new Pomeranian owners you may have many questions about this fun puppy stage, is what is your puppy doing normal? and how should you react?

In this article, you’ll learn.

  • What to expect from your three-month-old Pomeranian puppy
  • How big should your three-month-old Pomeranian be
  • How much to feed your three-month-old Pomeranian
  • How often does a three-month-old Pomeranian sleep
  • The right amount of exercise for your Pomeranian puppy
  • How to deal with Pomeranian puppy biting

Three-Month-Old Pomeranians: A Ball Of Fluff

At three months of age, your fluffy little Pomeranian puppy has settled into its forever home.

As a new family, you have settled into routines and your Puppy is adapting to life in your home.

Three-month-old Pomeranians are full of energy and curiosity which can often get them into trouble.

You need to be aware of dangers (like wires, from experience) that your puppy can chew.

Your Pomeranian puppy will want to chew anything it can get its mouth on.

In addition to chewing your little three-month-old puppy is fast.

You need to be aware that Pomeranian puppies at this age can easily get underfoot.

That is if you don’t hear your little friend coming.

At three months of age, your Pomeranian puppy has found its voice.

That little puppy bark is cute but, is also very loud and out of control.

It’s the perfect time to work on training if you haven’t already.

Socializing Your Three-Month-Old Pomeranian Puppy

Three months old is a pivotal time during your puppy’s life for developing social skills.

It is time to set your puppy up with positive experiences that can impact the rest of its life.

Pomeranians are naturally very social dogs that love adventure.

Most Pomeranians would love nothing more than to tag along with you on your daily adventures.

It’s so important at this age to introduce your Pomeranian puppy to many different sights, sounds, and experiences.

While you are introducing your Pomeranian puppy to the world it’s extremely important to protect your puppy from scary experiences.

Pomeranians are very small and vulnerable and need to be protected by you at all times.

If your puppy has a scary experience it could affect it for the rest of its life causing fear and anxiety.

Your little fluffy Pomeranian Puppy will attract many people that want to touch him or her.

It’s important to not let your dog interact and be touched by every person.

Try to teach your dog that, not every person will be touching or interacting with him.

If you don’t your dog will develop the habit of wanting every person to interact with him which isn’t the way it should be.

Three-Month-Old Pomeranian Puppy Size

At three months old your Pomeranian puppy should weigh between 1.38 lbs and 3.31 lbs.

The exact size of your Puppy will depend on its birth size and genetics.

For a detailed growth chart, you can visit this article, which includes a detailed Pomeranian weight chart for the first year of life.

You should notice that your Pomeranian puppy has been growing at a steady rate since you brought him or her home.

How Much Sleep Do Three-Month-Old Pomeranians Need

Your growing puppy will need a lot of sleep.

At this age, your Pomeranian puppy will sleep around 18 hours within a 24-hour period.

You may also notice that your puppy will start sleeping through the night at this point.

Some days your Pomeranian puppy may have extra long naps, especially if they had a long and energetic play session.

If your puppy gets a little wild and out of control, it may be restless and need a nap.

It’s true that over-tired puppies can get a bit frisky and start nibbling and biting on everything, including you.

If your puppy gets like this it may be time to settle your puppy down for a nap in a quiet place like its crate or bed.

Some puppies will discover a favorite toy that helps to settle them down for a nap, my Murphy loves stuffed hedgehogs. He will suckle them until he falls asleep.

Behavior issues like biting and barking often come from being over-tired.

What Kind Of Exercise Do Three-Month-Old Pomeranians Need

When your Pomeranian puppy is awake it will be full of energy and will need something to do with it.

You can easily provide your puppy with plenty of opportunities for safe play.

It may seem like your Pomeranian puppy could play for hours but, it’s important to let your puppy take the lead and not overdo it.

Since your puppy is still very young, exercise and play will be very free-form.

You can’t expect your puppy to follow instructions very well and go on structured walks.

View exercise and play as an adventurous opportunity with your puppy in charge (unless they start to bite).

Your puppy is still learning all about its body and the world.

Training A Three-Month Old Pomeranian

A three-month-old Pomeranian is in need of training.

Although Pomeranians are very smart, this is the time when it feels like you have a little Tasmanian devil on your hands.

We need to practice patience and should seek out a professional trainer if we need to.

Young puppies at three months old have extremely short attention spas which means you can not have long training sessions.

Training at this age is more about repetition and providing opportunities for your puppy to learn and grow.

Separation Anxiety

Pomeranians are prone to separation anxiety which can be extremely impactful on your dogs and your life.

Ideally, Pomeranians are not a good fit in a home because they will be left for numerous hours.

At three months old it’s a good time to get your dog used to being left alone for short periods of time.

Although your puppy would love it if they were always by your side it’s not always possible.

We do need to make sure that we are providing a safe space for our puppies when they are left alone.

If you are crate training that would be your go-to location, if not a pen or gated area would be best.

Leaving your Pomeranian puppy alone and free can be very dangerous for your puppy.

How Much Should A Three-Month Old Pomeranian Eat

The amount of food that your three-month-old Pomeranian should eat is based on its body weight.

Make sure you are feeding your Pomeranian puppy specially formulated food for puppies.

You can follow the following guidelines for feeding your three-month-old Pomeranian.

Each puppy will be different and may require slightly more or less food.

It’s best to speak with your vet about the exact needs of your puppy.

  • Depending on the size of your Pomeranian puppy you should provide 1 to 2 heaping tablespoons of canned puppy food three or four times a day
  • Provide 1 to 2 tablespoons of kibble a day, making this available at all times
  • Make water available at all times

How To Deal With Puppy Biting In Three-Month-Old Pomeranians

Biting, chewing, and nipping are all very normal behavior for Pomeranian puppies at this age.

They have sharp little puppy teeth that can hurt if they get ahold of you.

Your Pomeranian puppy will start to teethe and lose its baby teeth at this point in time.

It’s important to provide plenty of toys to chew, you can also freeze toys to help with some of the gum discomfort.

During this time, you will need to practice a lot of patience with your little pup.

They are still babies and are just learning as they go.

Redirecting your puppy when it’s biting or nipping is the best plan of action.

Your Pomeranian Puppy Is Growing Up

Your Pomeranian puppy is at such a fun stage at this point.

They are still small little puffball that is full of energy.

You do need to be careful that your little friend doesn’t get underfoot.

Plenty of playtime and cuddle time is important for both you and your Pomeranian puppy.

Focus on short training sessions and lots of bonding time.

Introduce your puppy to many new things but, always make sure to do it safely.

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