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About Me.

Hello, I’m Sara. I’m a wife, mom, crazy cat lady, and passionate pom mom.

My Story

I am a lifelong dog owner with over 25 years of experience with spitz breeds.

My husband was the first of us to fall for a pomeranian. He was heading to work one day and was stopped at a traffic light. He saw a little fluffy dog weaving in and out around the stopped cars. He rescued the dog and brought him to work where he tracked down his owner. That pomeranian made a lasting impression on him. From that moment he knew he wanted a pomeranian in his life.

I’ve loved, lost, and loved again happy fluffy dogs with curly tails. They have brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. I’ve declared to my husband that I will not live a moment without a pomeranian in my life.

Being a fan of royal history I can relate to Queen Victoria who had a love of Pomeranians and once had 35. Lord Melbourne her prime minister once commented “You’ll be smothered in dogs”

Where ever I am you are sure to find my two fluffy shadows. My “Pomtourage”. Murphy is a big cream boy at 10lbs. He’s cuddly, sensitive, loyal, and a great guard dog. He loves a routine and plans on snuggling on the couch with me and his favorite hedgehog toy every night.

Willow is a small 4.5lb black and white pomeranian. She is full of sass and personality. She is always happy and wiggles her whole body to show her excitement. She is quite the talker and likes to have conversations.

You may be researching Pomeranians as a future owner, a current owner, or a fan. My goal is to make sure you can find everything you need here at All About Poms to make an informed decision, care for your fluffy family member or enjoy the breed as a fan.

I’m passionate about Pomeranians and I’m the type of person that completely emerges myself in my passions and shares what I’ve learned and experienced a long way. Lucky for you, this is the internet and you can leave if I ramble on. I do hope you stay awhile to learn and celebrate my favorite breed.

I strive to become the destination for pomeranian information, fun, and community.

Do You Have A Question?

Please contact me with any questions or feedback. What would you like to see more of here at All About Poms?