Are Pomeranians Affectionate

Are Pomeranians Affectionate (14 Ways Dogs Show Affection)

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the book that’s all about your type of love language. There are many ways dogs show affection or their love language so to speak. In this article, I provide 14 ways dogs show affection and answer are Pomeranians Affectionate?

Pomeranians are very affectionate dogs. Although there are many different ways a dog can show affection like smiling and tail wagging, every dog is an individual and will show its affection towards you in its own unique way.

How Do Dogs Show Affection

There are numerous ways dogs will show their affection towards people and to other animals.

Let’s take a look at the many ways.

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Dogs Will Wag Their Tails To Express How They Are Feeling

One of the most obvious ways a dog shows it’s affection is the wag or excessive wagging of it’s tail.

Affection is one of many emotions dogs express with their tails.

Here are some of the other ways dogs use their tails to show how they are feeling.

  • Excitement
  • Irritation/agitation
  • Fear
  • Nervousness
  • Shyness
  • Submission
  • Curiosity
  • Aggression

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Dogs Will Lick Or Kiss You To Show Affection

Some people may enjoy a doggy kiss while others may be repulsed, where ever you stand on this topic, if your dog is giving you kisses and licking you it’s letting you know that he or she loves you.

It’s very common for dogs to show affection with kisses and licks.

My female Pomeranian Willow is a crazy kisser. The moment you pick her up she starts to lick you and won’t stop. I’ve never had a dog before that is so obsessed with showing their affection through kisses.

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Dogs Will Nudge You To Show That They Care

Have you ever had a dog that would just come up to you and give you a little nudge?

Sometimes they are asking for something like food or attention, other times they are just saying a friendly hello to let you know they care.

It makes me think of that Lionel Richie song “I just called to say I love you”. Next time your dog gives you a little love nudge just think of him or her singing that song.

Your Dog May Smile At You To Show Their Affection

You can’t deny how good it makes you feel when your dog smiles at you.

My Pomeranians give happy smiles but, to be honest, I had a Dalmation that would give the biggest smile and a full-body wag when he was excited. It was like he was smiling with his entire being.

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Your Dog Loves You If It Follows You Around

Pomeranians are huge stalkers. I lovingly like to refer to them as my “Pomtourage”. They generally announce my arrival like I am the Queen when I enter the room.

Pomeranians are a breed that can become very attached to their owners and is prone to separation anxiety.

Although, it’s not surprising that Pomeranians will follow you around to show affection many other dogs will do the same.

Dogs May Jump Up On You To Show Affection

A dog that jumps up on you isn’t generally expressing gold star behavior but, sometimes they are just trying to tell you that they love you.

My Pomeranians always try to jump up on us when we return home (even if we just went to the mailbox). It does make you feel good that you were missed.

Dogs Will Give You Love When You Are Sick

We’ve all heard of those amazing stories were dogs will not leave the side of their dying or sick owners.

Even if the situation isn’t as grave it’s very common for your dog to know when you are not feeling 100% physically and emotionally. They will often stick by your side and show you extra love and support.

Dogs Will Sometimes Respond To Your Name

Dogs not only learn their own names, but they can also learn your name, your family members’ names, and the names of other pets in the home.

My husband took the cutest video clip the other day, I was out of the house and he had a discussion with our black Pomeranian Willow about “momma” not being at home. Willow likes to chat and kept “talking” whenever he mentioned “momma”.

Your Dog May Herd You As A Sign Of Affection

A dog nipping at your ankles trying to get you to move isn’t what you would think of as an expression of love but, it can be.

Dogs that have a herding instinct often have strong pack instincts and they are just trying to keep all of their pack under control (that would be you).

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Your Dog Might Rub It’s Face On You To Show Love

When animals rub their faces and bodies on something they are marking it as their own. They are leaving oils from their scent glands so when the next critter comes by they know that you’re already taken.

Our cats are notorious for rubbing their faces on things. They especially like to rub their faces on the corners of the walls. After a while, the spot on the wall will be darkened by the oils that they have left behind.

I’m not even going to get into the urinating issue but, animals will often urinate to mark their territory and they could pee on you too.

You Dog Will Cuddle With You

Who doesn’t love cuddling with their dog after a long day?

Dog’s will absolutely cuddle up with you to show their loyalty and affection.

My Pomeranian Murphy is a major cuddle dog. Every night he is ready to cuddle, If I haven’t settled down around our normal time he will follow me around the house with his favorite stuffed toy in his mouth and stare at me with sad sleepy eyes.

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A Dog May Roll Onto Its Back To Show Affection

When a dog rolls onto its back and makes its belly visible it’s a sign of submission. Some dogs will do this to show you that you are the alpha and that they love and trust you.

Dogs Will Make Eye Contact With You To Show Affection

It’s amazing how dogs can use their eyes to communicate and show their emotions.

One of the ways dogs will use their eyes is to make eye contact with you to deepen the bond and trust that they have with you.

A Dog Will Bring You Its Toys To Show Love

Dog’s will often bring their toys to the people they love the most.

It’s their way of spending time, bonding and showing affection. They also just want to have fun with those they love.

How Affectionate Are Pomeranians

On a scale of 1 to 10, Pomeranians would have a perfect 10 rating. Pomeranians are very affectionate dogs.

I’ve had some loving dogs in my life but, none have been as affectionate as my Pomeranians (my Norweigan Elkhound another Spitz dog would be a close second).

Out of the many ways dogs show affection, these are the ones I’ve noticed most with my Pomeranians.

  • Tail Wagging- that little pom pom tail wagging is a sure sign of happiness
  • Licking or Kissing- this is all Willow, she’s a major kisser
  • Smiling- I’ll receive little happy grins on a daily basis
  • Follows Me- My “posse” or “Pomtourage” is always there
  • Jumping Up- There’s always a jumping frenzy we have returned home
  • Name Responding- Both are very aware and responsive to everyone’s names and nicknames
  • Cuddling- My Murphy is the biggest cuddle bug
  • Bringing Toys- This is also Murphy, he has his favorite toys

Final Thoughts

Pomeranians in my opinion are one of the best companion dogs.

They will always be there for you and will always show you how much they care and love you.

Every dog is different just like people, they all show their love and affection in their own ways. Once you’ve bonded with your dog and know their “love language” it’s a really special thing.

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