Are Pomeranians annoying

Are Pomeranians Annoying (27 Annoying Habits)

We love our dogs tremendously but, sometimes our dogs can be annoying. Are Pomeranians annoying as a breed and what do they do that’s so annoying?

Pomeranians can be annoying. Some of the most annoying behaviors are excessive barking, chewing on objects, jumping up, begging for food, and stealing things. Most annoying behaviors can be reduced with persistent training.

In this article, I discuss why dogs are annoying, what they do that is so annoying, and how to fix it as well as taking a look at if we annoy our dogs as well.

What Makes Dogs Annoying

As humans, we find dogs annoying when they behave in ways that we find irritating and that cause frustration.

It may be creating noises that get irritate us like uncontrolled barking, chewing loudly, whining, or howling.

Creating messes that we have to clean up like vomiting after eating too fast, tracking dirt, water, or mud into our homes, and soiling our furniture and clothing.

Another way dogs often annoy us is when they are doing things they are not supposed to like stealing our things, chewing on our things, and jumping up where they don’t belong.

Why Are Dogs Annoying

We are often busy in our homes when our dog runs past us with one of our shoes. We have to stop what we are doing to chase down the dog and prevent our shoes from being destroyed.

We instantly feel annoyed at the distraction.

Many times the actions that we find most annoying are being caused by our dogs being bored.

Our dogs will often grab things they aren’t supposed to have, chew on objects that aren’t dog toys, and roll in a mud puddle because they are bored and want to entertain themselves.

Some annoying behaviors are just our dogs communicating in their natural way like sniffing us and our guests, jumping up, whining, and barking.

Some of the other reasons why dogs will do annoying things are because they are looking for comfort or expressing their instincts like their prey drive.

Can Pomeranians Be Annoying

Pomeranians can be annoying just like any other dog can be.

We are all different and so are our dogs. What I might find annoying (chewing on paper, shredding napkins, and grabbing my kid’s toys to destroy) may be different than what you find annoying.

Each of our dogs has different personalities and will favor different behaviors. You may have a dog that barks every time someone passes your house for example.

Some of the most common annoying behaviors that you can expect from Pomeranians would be.


Pomeranians are known as barkers and tend to express their watchdog instincts.

Chewing Objects

All dogs love to chew on things. Even if you provide your dog with many different chew toys your Pomeranian is likely to snag a non-toy at some point and chew on it.


Pomeranians enjoy begging for treats or food if they can get away with it.

My dogs have learned who they are more likely to get a little scrap of food from and will patiently sit and stare at that person while they eat.

Jumping Up

Our Pomeranians get very excited when we return home. They both jump all over us when we get home.

Sitting On Furniture

Our dogs are allowed on our furniture but, even if they weren’t they would love a nice soft place to rest.

Why are dogs annoying

27 Most Annoying Things Dogs Do

  • Tangling their leashes around us and objects
  • Pulling on their leashes as they walk
  • Digging holes in the yard
  • Ruining furniture and other things around our homes
  • Eating things that aren’t food
  • Howling at noises
  • Barking at nothing
  • Uncontrollable barking
  • Chasing animals
  • Chasing people
  • Chasing cars or bikes
  • Pushing you out of the way to arrive somewhere first
  • Ignoring your commands
  • Barging through doors
  • Jumping up on people
  • Sniffing people
  • Urinating or pooping in the house
  • Humping your legs or objects in the home
  • Playing in the mud or puddles
  • Jumping fences and gates
  • Begging
  • Stealing things from you
  • Chewing on kids’ toys or your clothing
  • Chewing on your hands
  • Being aggressive
  • Eating too fast and then vomiting
  • Drooling on our clothing and furniture

Do Dogs Like To Annoy People

Dogs are social creatures that enjoy being an accepted and loving part of a pack.

Most likely dogs are not aware that they are annoying us and do not do things on purpose to annoy us.

A dog would much rather have positive attention from humans.

How To Stop Your Pomeranian from being annoying

How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Being Annoying

If your dog has some annoying habits you might want to look for ways to reduce or eliminate those behaviors.

Some of the things we can do to stop our dogs from being so annoying are.

  • Increased training. Most annoying habits are based on a lack of training
  • Make sure you aren’t accidentally rewarding bad behaviors
  • If your dog is bored introduce new toys and activities
  • Be patient and look for the root cause of the behavior
  • Reward your dog for improvements in their behavior
  • Remove objects that promote negative behaviors
  • Remove your dog from situations that cause annoying behaviors
  • Speak to your vet or a trainer about your dog’s annoying habits
  • Be consistent with any changes you have made
  • Make sure everyone in your home is aware of what you are trying to do
  • Give it time, changes will not happen overnight
How to stop my dog from being annoying

Do We Annoy Our Dogs

We discussed how dogs annoy us but, is it possible that we annoy our dogs?

There isn’t a way to know for sure since our dogs can’t tell us but, some behaviors that we do can affect our dogs in negative ways.


We have a habit of staring at our dogs. To dogs, the act of being stared at is often a challenge of dominance.

When we stare at our dogs we may be making them feel uncomfortable.


We sometimes tease our dogs with food or toys, my kids are guilty of this behavior.

There is a difference between being playful with your dog or just teasing them without a reward or accomplishment.

If you watch a dog that is being teased you can understand by their body language that they are frustrated.


It may not produce feelings of annoyance but, when there is yelling in a home whether it is at the dog or not it often makes dogs feel uncomfortable.

Changes To Their Routine

My dogs thrive off of routine just as much as I do. I can imagine any changes to our dog’s routine can cause confusion and frustration.

Hugging or Sqeezing

I love to pick up my dogs and give them a big hug. Most of the time they enjoy it, other times they just want to be put down.

If you hug or hold your dog when they don’t like it, I would assume it’s very annoying.

Final Thoughts

I adore our fluffy little Pomeranians but, there are things they do that are annoying.

Chewing on paper or shedding a piece of cardboard is at the top of the list. I’ll be sitting somewhere and hearing the chewing noise that I am so familiar with.

If one dog has a piece of paper or cardboard the other dog will then try to steal the treasure and cause growling over the object.

I’ll have to pick up the mess and break up the spat.

It’s annoying.

I’m sure it goes both ways and I annoy them as well. I would love to know what things I do that annoy them the most.

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