Are pomeranians crazy

Are Pomeranians Crazy?

We all have noticed some quirky and unpredictable behaviors in dogs and have wondered if they are going crazy.

Pomeranians are not crazy but, sometimes act in crazy ways like running in circles and eating poop. In addition to harmless canine behaviors, there are situations for concern like anxiety, not eating, or eating inedible objects.

In this article, I discuss the difference between normal crazy dog behaviors and those we should be concerned about.

What Would Make A Pomeranian Crazy

A Pomeranian may act crazy sometimes leaving you wondering if your Pomeranian is normal or if there is a mental illness that you should be concerned about.

The majority of the time your dog is completely normal and behaving naturally for a canine which can sometimes seem crazy to humans.

I will dig into some of the most common behaviors that make dog owners scratch their heads and when you should be concerned.

What Normal Dog Behaviors Seem Crazy

There are so many silly and crazy things that dogs do on a daily basis.

Running Around Being Hyper

Your dog may be young or have a sudden jolt of energy and run around like a freak for a moment.

It’s completely normal for a dog to get a burst of energy and act on it.

Our dogs do it on a daily basis usually in the mornings or after they have been outside.

Fear-Based Phobias

Many dogs experience fear-based phobias like being scared of loud noises like thunder.

Sometimes fear-based phobias can cause dogs to act in crazy ways like shaking, drooling, pacing, shivering, panicking, and running into things.

If you have noticed your dog acting in strange ways try to find the root cause of its fear and behavior.

You may want to speak with your vet about possible therapies and medications if needed.

Running And Barking In Their Sleep

Many dogs will often twitch, run and bark in their sleep, there are even times when dogs will get up and sleepwalk.

When a dog sleeps its brain will normally shut off the communication from the brain to the muscles preventing the dog’s body from acting on its dreams.

If a dog has a REM sleep disorder the dog’s brain will not shut off the signals to its muscles and the dog can actively act out its dreams.

If your dog suffers from this disorder a vet can prescribe medications.

Eating Poop

We’ve all caught our dogs at one point in time snacking on a piece of poop.

It’s gross and will make us wonder if our dog is crazy.

Naturally, dogs are scavengers and still have the instinct to consume what they need to survive.

Poop happens to still have some nutrition and protein in it.

Running Around In Circles

If your dog runs or spins in circles you may wonder if they are going crazy.

Growing up we had a Sheltie that did this all the time.

Running in circles can be a natural part of a dog’s behavior or it can turn into a behavioral problem over time.

If you are concerned with your dog’s behavior I suggest speaking with your vet.

Chasing Shadows

can a dog have a mental illness

Does your dog chase shadows or things that don’t exist?

Your dog may just be playful and is entertaining itself. The majority of the time this isn’t anything to be concerned about.

If your dog is obsessed with chasing shadows to the point where it interferes with its ability to eat, sleep and interact in a normal manner you may have a problem.

Barking At Its Reflection

Dogs will often bark at their own reflection in a mirror or window not realizing what they are seeing.

This behavior is completely normal.

Suckling On Things

Our Pomeranian Murphy will suckle on his favorite toy every single day.

Sometimes dogs will suckle on toys, clothing, and blankets. As long as the dog isn’t eating and consuming these objects the suckling should not be a concern.

Barking At Random Objects

Some dogs will bark at random objects and make you wonder if they are losing their minds.

Our Murphy barks at anything with wheels from the vacuum to mop buckets whenever they are being used in the house.

This is a fear-based reaction. It’s good to be aware of this type of behavior and just make sure that it doesn’t get out of control.

What would make a Pomeranian crazy

Can A Dog Have A Mental Illness

Dogs can experience mental illness. There are a variety of reasons and levels of concern.

Mental illness is defined as disorders that affect mood, thinking, and behaviors.

Separation Anxiety

Many dogs including Pomeranians are prone to experiencing separation anxiety.

You may notice your dog becoming anxious and acting strange as you prepare to leave the home.

Some dogs will pace, bark, whine, urinate inside the home, destroy things, and harm themselves.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Dogs can experience post-traumatic stress disorder connected to abuse or traumatic situations that happen during police or military work.


Dogs can experience an unhealthy level of anxiety that is associated with loud noises and other experiences.

A dog’s anxiety can range from being a mild case to a debilitating condition that needs help.

Should I Be Concerned About My Dog Doing Odd Things

There are some odd things that your dog may do from time to time that could be the cause of a health condition.

If you notice your dog doing any of the following behaviors on a regular basis it’s best to speak with your vet.

  • OCD behavior
  • Hiding
  • Constant licking
  • Biting at flies that don’t exist
  • Overeating
  • Not eating
  • Eating inedible objects
  • Resource guarding

Final Thoughts

It may seem like your dog is a bit crazy from time to time.

The majority of dogs are not crazy and are acting on normal instincts and canine behaviors.

Pomeranians as a breed are not crazy but, are vulnerable to experiencing separation anxiety and should not be left alone for many hours.

Our Pomeranians are loving little companions that want to be by our side.

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