Are Pomeranians Cuddly

Are Pomeranians Cuddly (How To Get Your Dog To Cuddle)

I think most of us enjoy a nice cuddle on the couch with our dog after a long day. Pomeranians are known for being lapdogs but, are Pomeranians cuddly?

Pomeranians are very cuddly dogs. That being said every dog is unique and will choose its own way to show affection. Luckily, if your dog isn’t as cuddly as you wish there are things you can do to encourage cuddly behavior.

Are Pomeranians Cuddly

Pomeranians are known to be very cuddly dogs.

They are fantastic companions and can become very attached to their owners.

I personally can’t go anywhere without my fluffy little “pomtourage” following me around.

One downside to Pomeranians being so attached to their owners is that they are prone to suffering from separation anxiety.

Pomeranians are not the best breed for someone who may work away from home for many hours at a time. They don’t like to be left alone and thrive off of companionship.

Why Do Pomeranians Like To Cuddle

I know why I like to cuddle with my Pomeranians. For me it relieves stress, relaxes me and just makes me feel happy.

Is it the same for my Pomeranians? Why do Pomeranians like to cuddle?

Cuddling Helps Reduce Your Dogs Anxiety And Stress

It looks like the relief of stress and anxiety goes both ways.

It may be the pheromones, positive energy, or taking a moment for a loving touch that helps us both feel less stress and anxiety.

Cuddling also releases a couple of fantastic hormones in the body dopamine and oxytocin. Both of these natural chemicals in the body give you and your dog that warm and fuzzy happy feeling.

We lovingly refer to our Pomeranians as fluffy little stress balls. My husband has been working from home for over a year now and one of the benefits is being able to take a moment in between meetings to just snuggle with one or both of our dogs. It really helps to relieve stress.

Cuddling Helps Your Dog Feel Safe

When your dog snuggles up with you they feel safe and protected.

It’s a lot easier for a dog to rest and feel calm if they are next to someone they trust.

Our homes can be crazy places for our pets to navigate, interactions and relationships with adults, children and other pets can sometimes be complicated for your Pomeranian. Having a safe haven on your lap or beside you can be a must-have for some dogs.

Cuddling Is An Instinctive Pack Behavior

Our domestic little fluff balls are descendants of the grey wolf.

Even though we are many years removed from our dogs being wild they still have many of the same instincts that wolves have.

One of the pack behaviors required for survival is sleeping near each other to keep warm and stick together as one unit for safety and defense. Wolves and dogs are both very social animals and thrive off of being in a social environment.

Your Pomeranian May Want To Mark You As Their Own

Pomeranians are very territorial little dogs. They have huge personalities and become very attached to their owners.

My little buggers follow me everywhere I go.

It’s not uncommon for dogs to mark their owners with their scent as a declaration of ownership. I’m not talking about your owning your dog, It’s your dog claiming you as being theirs.

Unfortunately, cuddling isn’t the only way a dog may mark its territory. Dog’s will also urinate on objects, places, and even sometimes people to claim them.

Cuddling Helps Them Stay Warm

If your dog is chilly the fastest way to warm up is to snuggle next to you and share body heat.

An older dog may also have achy joints and bones, warming up can do wonders with any pain and discomfort. In combination with the happy hormones that are released, it’s a great combination for a little bit of therapy.

Even in sunny Florida, a nice snuggle under a blanket with your pup is a great way to warm you physically and also warm your soul.

Cuddling Builds The Relationship Between You And Your Dog

The relationship and bond that you have with your dog is extremely important.

It’s not unlike a relationship with another person. Some of the elements needed are trust, respect, communication, love, and affection.

Cuddling is a wonderful way to build on the relationship and deepen the bond.

Pomeranians Are Velcro Dogs

Pomeranians are known to get very attached to to their owners and want to always be by your side.

Why Do Pomeranians Like To Cuddle

Why Does My Pomeranian Not Like To Cuddle

Dogs are a lot like humans and may not want to cuddle with you all of the time. Let’s take a look at the top reasons why your Pomeranian doesn’t want to cuddle.

Dogs Don’t Like To Cuddle When They Are Hot

If you are hot the last thing you want is to snuggle up next to another warm body.

When your loving pup is hot they are most likely going to avoid cuddling and touching you, instead, they are going to find a cool place on the floor to stretch out and cool down.

Some Dogs Are Born Without The Cuddling Gene

They aren’t really born without a certain gene but, some dogs just like people are not as touchy feely as others are.

Your Dog May Be Feeling Some Pain Or Discomfort

If your dog normally likes to cuddle but, has recently changed its behavior it may be experiencing some pain or discomfort.

I don’t know about you but, if I am in pain or don’t feel good, I don’t want anyone touching me.

Your Dog May Have Suffered Abuse Or Neglect In The Past

Any dog that has had a past that includes any abuse or neglect may not feel comfortable making itself vulnerable and being that close to someone.

A dog in this situation needs to heal and it will take time.

You May Have A Young Dog That Doesn’t Want To Stay Still

If you have a young dog or a puppy it may have some much energy that it doesn’t want to stop to cuddle.

Puppies like to play a lot and then sleep a lot.

If you want to spend time with your active little dog, play with him or her and give her love and attention. When he or she is ready for a nap provide a nice place for that nap nearby.

Your Dog May Be Suffering From Depression

Dogs can often suffer from depression just like humans can.

There are many reasons why your dog may experience depression.

  • The loss of a human they were close to
  • The loss of another animal that they were close to
  • A big change like a move to a new home
  • Your dog may not feel well from pain or an illness
  • Your dog may be experiencing a condition of fear or anxiety that turns into depression
  • Your dog may have separation anxiety that develops into depression

Your Older Dog May Not Want To Be Touched

An older dog may suffer with some aches and pains due to age or an health condition.

They may not want to cuddle as much as they used to as a way to improve their comfort.

Your Cuddly Dog May Be Distracted

Your dog may be focused on something else and not want to cuddle at the moment.

My normally cuddly dog Murphy can easily get distracted, and run away from a nice cuddle. Food is generally the most distracting item followed by cat activity or things with wheels.

Your Dog May Have A Deeper Bond With Someone Else

Our dog’s least favorite person in our home (I say this lovingly) is my daughter. She has a tendency to want to cuddle with the dogs when they would rather be doing something else.

They are least likely to cuddle with my daughter when they are ready to snuggle.

It makes me think of that cartoon character Elmyra Duff who obliviously causes discomfort to all her pets with her enthusiastic affection.

Why Does My Pomeranian Not Like To Cuddle

How To Get Your Pomeranian To Cuddle

Encouraging your dog to cuddle should never include forcing your dog to do it against its will and desires.

Forcing a dog will always weaken the bond, trust, and respect that you have. Your lap or side will no longer be a place for stress-free relaxation but, a place of fear and discomfort.

We know that we can’t force cuddling but, how do you get your Pomeranian to cuddle.

There are many things you can do to encourage your dog to enjoy cuddling.

Pick Your Dog Up Regularly

It’s not a hostage situation but, picky up you dog often and then put them down when they wish.

The act of picking up your dog will get them used to the idea and feeling of being held. When you put them down they will learn that they still have a choice in the situation.

Cuddle Your Dog On His Terms

This is assuming your dog isn’t territorial about their bed or a special spot. Only you will know if snuggling up next to them on the floor is the right and safe thing to do.

If your dog would be comfortable with you cuddling up next to them, give your dog some love and attention while they are chilling out and relaxing.

Make sure your dog is not asleep and that they are aware that you are approaching them. Also, don’t approach in a weird and sketchy manner. Make sure they are comfortable at all times.

Pat Your Dog Often

Make sure you are petting your dog often and talk to them, this will build up your bond and makes them feel more comfortable with you.

In addition to petting, you can brush and groom your dog regularly. This kills two birds with one stone, you bond with your dog and make sure that they are nicely groomed.

Give Your Dog A Reward

Sometimes we all need a little bribe. Don’t force your dog to stay with you but, you can give them a treat and some encouragement to cuddle.

I would suggest asking your dog to come to lay next to you and once they’ve done it reward them with a treat. Let them know that they are free to leave when they wish.

How Do Pomeranians Show Affection

Between happy tails, loving kisses and a big smile dogs have numerous ways they can show their affection. Every dog has their favorite ways to show you how much they care.

I wrote an entire article all about how Pomeranians show affection.

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Is Affection The Same As Cuddling

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary,

“Affection is a feeling of liking and caring for someone or something: tender attachment or fondness”

To keep it simple affection is a word for the feelings you have when you love or care for someone.

Cuddling is a physical act that can be done to show your affection towards someone.

How Do I Pick Out A Dog That Will Want To Cuddle

It’s really hard to know what your dogs personality will be like when you are searching for a dog.

If you are looking for an adult dog you will be able to learn its history and have a good idea of what the dog is like and if they enjoy cuddling or not.

If you are adding a puppy to your family it can be a bit more tricky. You can ask the breeder if one of the puppies enjoys attention and cuddling more than others to get an idea. You can also let ask them about the puppy’s parents and if they enjoy cuddling. If cuddling is important to you let you breeder know and they will share what information they can about their dogs.

There is never any guarantee that your dog will love to cuddle and you need to go into dog ownership with an open mind and awareness they are are all unique and we are blessed to have them in our lives.

Another way to get a cuddly dog is to make sure you are selecting a breed that’s known to love cuddling like Pomeranians.

What Dog Breeds Love To Cuddle

Here are some dog breeds that are known for enjoying a nice snuggle.

  • Pomeranian
  • Pugs
  • Golden Retriever
  • Chihuahua
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Corgi

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Do Humans And Dogs Desire Cuddling

Studies have shown that the human brain and a canine’s brain are very similar in the way we function and feel emotions.

An adult dog has the same emotional intelligence as a two and a half year old child.

Based on this information I would say that dogs and humans both desire the closeness of cuddling.

Have you ever heard of Professional Cuddlers? It’s a real thing where people pay others to cuddle with them for the health and relaxation benefits. To each their own right.

Personally, I would lean more towards spending time at a dog or cat cafe where I can snuggle up to a new furry friend for a quick stress reliever.

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Final Thoughts

As a breed Pomeranians are very cuddly dogs. That being said they are still all individuals and may vary in the amount of cuddling they enjoy and their cuddling style.

We have two Pomeranians and they each cuddle in different ways.

Murphy is a classic lap dog. He wants to on my lap or snuggled up right next to me on the couch.

Willow is a little different she enjoys being picked up and held and will sit next to you on the couch for a moment and then jump down and lay right next to you on the floor.

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