Are Pomeranians Dangerous

Are Pomeranians Dangerous (8 Behaviors)

It’s hard to imagine a fluffy little dog as being a danger to others but, it is possible for Pomeranians to be dangerous?

Pomeranians are not considered dangerous due to their small stature and happy temperament. Pomeranians are less likely to bite, attack or show aggression towards people and animals compared to many other dog breeds.

In this article, I discuss how to determine if a dog is dangerous, the classifications of dangerous dogs, signs your dog may become dangerous and what the most dangerous dog breeds are.

What Is A Dangerous Dog

A dangerous dog is any dog that has shown behaviors that have caused harm to people or animals and have produced actions that appear as if the dog may harm someone.

Actions That Will Classify A Dog As Dangerous

There are many characteristics that a dog can present that would deem themselves as a dangerous dog.

Unprovoked Biting

Any dog that bites people, animals, or any other living being.

If a dog causes harm or injury with an unprovoked bite it may be considered a high-risk animal.

Aggressive Biting and Attacking

Aggressive biting or attacking that causes a severe injury is considered a dangerous dog.

Causes Injuries To Humans

Any dog that has caused injuries to humans may be considered dangerous.

Severe or Fatal Injuries To Animals

If a dog attacks and causes a severe injury to any other animal it’s a sign of a dangerous dog.

Unprovoked Threatening Actions

If a dog chases or approaches a person in a menacing manner when completely unprovoked it’s a sign the dog may be dangerous.

Aggressive Behaviors

It is concerning if a dog has ever attacked in an aggressive manner even if a physical injury was not the result.

Participation In Dog Fighting

If a dog has ever participated in dog fighting there is a high chance that the dog will be dangerous to others.

Involvement In A Fatal Attack

Any dog that is involved in a fatal or near-fatal attack is dangerous.

what is a dangerous dog

Are There Different Classifications Of Dangerous Dogs

Every dog that is a danger poses a different risk factor, therefore can be classified into different groups.

Dogs can be identified as a nuisance, potentially dangerous, and dangerous or vicious.

The exact classification will vary from state to state.

Nuisance Dogs

Nuisance dogs are often dogs that bark uncontrollably, roam around off a leash, or a dog that growls and shows aggressive behaviors.

Potentially Dangerous Dogs

Potentially dangerous dogs are dogs that have been known to chase or attack when unprovoked.

A dog that is classified as potentially dangerous has exhibited dangerous behaviors but, not at the same level as a dangerous or vicious dog has.

Dangerous And Vicious Dogs

Any dog that has had a severe attack on a human or animal and has caused injuries or death.

Can Any Size Dog Be Dangerous

Any size dog can be dangerous and cause fatal or lifelong injuries.

Small dogs do not have the same reputation that much larger breeds have but, they are just as likely to bite or attack.

The only difference between a small dog and a large dog is that a large dog can often produce a severe or fatal injury in one bite, as well as being harder for other people to contain during an attack.

Can A Pomeranian Be A Dangerous Dog

It is possible for a Pomeranian to be a dangerous dog but, it is highly unlikely.

Pomeranians are not known for being aggressive, overall Pomeranians are very happy-go-lucky dogs.

As a small dog, a Pomeranian is less likely to produce fatal or severe injuries to a person.

Even though Pomeranians are not usually dangerous dogs they are often very protective of their owners and would attack in self-defense if they needed to.

can a pomeranian be a dangerous dog

Why Can Dogs Be Dangerous

There are many reasons why a dog becomes dangerous.

Some dogs have a genetic background that makes them vulnerable to being triggered and show aggressive behaviors.

Other dogs have been brought up in an environment that alters their personality and behaviors. If a dog is abused, neglected, or trained to fight.

Many dogs have a strong prey drive. For decades dogs have been bred and trained to assist humans on hunting expeditions.

The strong prey drive still exists in many breeds. When you mix a dog with a strong prey drive with a domestic setting you may encounter situations where the dog may act upon its natural instincts.

Signs You May Have A Dangerous Dog

If you are concerned that your dog may be dangerous or have the potential to become dangerous there are some signs that you can look for.

  • Growling, if your dog growls it is a sign of aggression, its good to evaluate the cause of the growl
  • Lunging, when dogs lunge towards people or animals its a sign they might bite or attack
  • Barking, excessive barking can be a sign of an aggressive dog
  • Teeth Clenching, if a dog clenches or show its teeth its an act of aggression
  • Freezing, when a dog stops and freezes when they approach a person its a sign of uncertainty
  • Eye Contact, when a dog stares at you with direct eye contact its a sign on dominance

What Dog Breeds Are Most Dangerous

There are some dog breeds that are more dangerous than others according to statistics on dog bites and attacks.

It has gotten to the point where some dogs have been banned from countries and neighborhoods.

  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Akita
  • Rottweiler
  • Chow Chow
  • German Shepherd
  • Mixed Breeds
  • American Bull Dogs
  • Husky
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Boxer
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Bull Mastiff

Final Thoughts

Luckily, our adorable and fluffy little Pomeranians are not a dangerous breed.

It’s hard to imagine my little buddies being aggressive and dangerous towards others.

That said, I do know that my dog Murphy is extremely protective and takes his job as a watchdog very seriously.

Murphy would attack in self-defense if he felt it was needed.

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