Are Pomeranians Expensive

Are Pomeranians Expensive Compared To Other Breeds (12 Breeds)

Pomeranains are extremely popular little companions with many wondering if Pomeranians are more expensive compared to other dog breeds.

In this article, I compare all aspects of purchasing and caring for a Pomeranian in comparison to other popular dog breeds.

Are Pomeranians more expensive?

Pomeranains on average cost the same as other popular small breed dogs. When compared to medium and large breeds, Pomeranians are much less expensive over their lifespan even with Pomeranians often outliving larger dogs.

How Do We Determine If Pomeranians Are Expensive

In order to fairly compare Pomeranians to other popular dog breeds, we need to determine what costs go into purchasing and caring for a dog.

  • Purchase Price
  • Inital Supplies
  • Food Costs
  • Grooming Costs
  • Health Care Costs

Comparing The Cost Of A Pomeranian To Other Breeds

CatagoryPomeranianSmall BreedsMedium BreedsLarge Breeds
Puppy Price2000-30002000-6800900-30001000-3500
Initial Supplies206206281393.00
Food Costs483.40483.401203.772407.54
Grooming Costs76.0076.0094.00114.00
Health Carevariesvariesvariesvaries
Total First Year Estimate2800-38002800-38002500-46003900-6400

Lifetime Expenses Of Pomeranians Compared To Other Breeds

Looking at the expenses of a puppy’s life is only part of the overall expenses of dog ownership.

Each and every dog breed has a different life expectancy which will affect the overall costs.

For comparison’s sake let’s look at the lifespan of our Pomeranian compared to average medium-sized and large breed dogs.

Pomeranian12-16 years110013,200 – 17,600
Border Collie10-15 years190019,000 – 28,500
German Shepherd9-13 years320028,800 – 41,600

Pomeranians are often less expensive to care for over their entire lifespan compared to larger dog breeds although they usually live for a longer amount of time.

What Is The Price Of A Teacup Pomeranian?

Pomeranian Purchase Price Compared To Other Breeds

We will be comparing Pomeranians to other popular dog breeds of various sizes.

The initial purchase price of your puppy is just the beginning of the costs that are involved in dog ownership.

All of the prices used for comparison have been found on the AKC Marketplace.

How Much Do Pomeranains Cost (50 States Compared)

French Bull Dog3000-6800
Yorkshire Terrier2000-5000
Border Collie2000-3000
Brittany Spaniel900-1500
Basset Hound2000-3000
Australian Cattle Dog1000-3000
Labrador Retriever1800-3000
German Shepherd3000-3500
Bernese Mountian Dog2000-3000

Pomeranian Price Verdict

The initial price to purchase a Pomeranian puppy is very comparable to other dog breeds regardless of its size.

There will always be puppies that are much higher or lower than the average due to many factors including location and the dog’s bloodlines.

If you have a budget of around $2000.00 you would be able to purchase any of the above breeds besides the Franch Bull Dog and German Shepherds.

The price for a Pomeranian puppy is very similar to the price of many other dog breeds.

Pomeranian Inital Supply Cost Comparison

When you first bring home a puppy there are a lot of purchases that need to be made to be prepared for your new friend.

Some of these things may include.

  • Dog Crate
  • Dog Leash
  • Dog Harness
  • Dog Bed
  • Bowls
  • Grooming Supplies
  • Toys

It’s best to divide the prices for these items into categories based on the dog’s size.

All of these prices were found at Petco.

Small Breed22.0021.0025.0028.0010.0060.0040.00206.00
Medium Breed37.0030.0040.0042.0012.0070.0050.00281.00
Large Breed80.0037.0050.0070.0016.0080.0060.00393.00

The amount that you spend on getting your initial puppy supplies will carry depending on which items you choose but, on average the bigger your dog is the more expensive the supplies are.

Pomeranian Puppy Supply Verdict

Your initial supplies for a Pomeranian puppy will cost the same as other small dog breeds but, will cost less than the supplies for a medium or large breed dog.

Pomeranian supplies are less expensive compared to larger dog breeds.

Pomeranian Food Cost Comparison

Dog food for your dog is an ongoing expense for the entire life of your dog.

Let’s take a look at how the price for dog food compares between dog breeds.

BreedAmount Per Year (pounds)Total Price
Small Breed182.5 483.40
Medium Breed7301203.77
Large Breed14602407.54

These numbers are based on a 6-pound dog eating 1/2 cup of food a day, a 35-pound dog at 2 cups per day, and an 85-pound dog at 4 cups of food a day.

Obviously, the quality of the food and its price point will contribute to the overall cost of your dog’s food.

For comparison, I selected Nutro brand dog food in the type that was suited for each sized breed.

The 5lb bag of small breed food cost $13.28 a bag.

The 30lb bag of adult dog food cost $ 49.47 a bag.

The 30lb bag of large breed dog food cost $ 49.47 a bag.

Pomeranian Dog Food Verdict

It’s incredible to see the comparison of how much it’s costs to feed a dog in a year.

Due to Pomeranains being very small and requiring very little food they are much less expensive than larger dogs.

Pomeranians cost the same as other small dog breeds to feed within a year but, cost much less when compared to medium and large breeds.

are Pomeranians more expensive than other dogs

Pomeranian Grooming Cost Comarison

The need for grooming varies depending on your specific dog and your desires.

Some dogs will require once-month grooming visits whereas others will never need to go to the groomers.

Even though Pomeranians are very fluffy dogs they don’t require a lot of trips to the groomer.

For comparison sake, I am comparing two standard visits to a groomer for the year based on the breed size.

small breed76.00
medium breed94.00
large breed114.00

Pomeranian Grooming Cost Verdict

The cost for grooming a Pomeranian is often less when compared to larger breeds as well as those that have more professional grooming requirements.

Grooming costs for Pomeranians are often less expensive than for other dogs.

The one caveat is for those that shave their Pomeranians although not recommended due to permanent damage to a Pomeranians coat.

Pomeranian Health Care Cost Comparison

The costs of health care for your dog vary greatly depending on the breed of your dog and its own individual health condition.

It’s hard to determine exactly what health care will cost as a dog owner.

We can guarantee that you will spend at least $300.00 a year on routine vet visits as well as possible health care expenses over the life of your dog that can climb into the price of $2000 to tens of thousands.

Pomeranian Health Care Verdict

It’s extremely hard to compare the health costs of one dog to another with so many different variables.

We can guarantee that there will be annual health costs involved as well as so emergencies or additional care required during your dog’s life.

Final Thoughts

It’s incredible to see the difference in expenses when you compare dog breeds.

The biggest factor in the overall expense of having a dog is the amount of food it will consume and the cost of that food.

Having a smaller dog like a Pomeranian will always cost less than having a large breed like a German Shepherd.

The unknown factor is the overall health expenses that can never be expected.

How Much Do Pomeranians Cost (50 States Compared)

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