Are Pomeranians good for families

Are Pomeranians Good Family Dogs

You may be thinking about adding a dog to your family and wonder if Pomeranians are good family dogs.

In this article, I provide all of the information you need to know to help you determine if a Pomeranian is right for your family.

Pomeranians are good family dogs for many families. The ideal family has plenty of time to spend with their Pomeranian, enough space for play and exercise and a family that is mature enough to care for a small dog.

Would A Pomeranian Be A Good Family Dog

Pomeranians are good family dogs for some families.

To help determine if a Pomeranian would be a good family dog for you, its best to start looking at what makes a good family dog.

What Are The Qualities A Good Family Dog

There is some qualities that you will find consistently in great family dogs.

  • Kid Friendly
  • Affectionate
  • Energy level that meets the families lifestyle
  • Loyal
  • Low Maintenance and easy to groom
  • Sturdy
  • Healthy
  • Temperament
should I get a pomeranian form my family

What Makes A Perfect Family Dog

The perfect family dog is ideal for your family dynamic. Some qualities will be more important than others.

Family Dogs Are Kid Friendly

Many households are made up of people from many different age groups often including children of all ages.

When you are considering adding a dog to your family you must consider the ages of your children and the expectations of their behaviors.

Children of all ages are likely to be active, loud, rough, and playful.

Choosing a dog that fits best with your children’s lifestyle is one of the most important things to consider.

Some dogs are not well suited for homes with children. There are dogs that become anxious and nervous around a lot of energy and others that may be less likely to tolerate children and be more likely to snap at them.

Family Dogs Are Often Affectionate

I’m not sure about you and your family but, we love giving our pups big hugs and snuggles every day.

Between all of us, that’s a lot of affection.

If your family enjoys giving affection to your dogs it’s best that the dog you choose will enjoy and accept this type of affection.

You Family Dog Needs To Meet You Energy Needs

The best dog will align with your family’s energy levels.

Some dogs are very active and require a lot of exercise and outdoor time, while others enjoy a slower pace and more time indoors cuddling.

Picking a dog that fits your energy level will help ensure the overall success and happiness of adding a new furry friend.

A Good Family Dog Is Loyal

It’s important that a family dog is comfortable with a family of all ages.

A loyal dog will be flexible and adjust to a family’s lifestyle as well as be cuddly and affectionate.

The best dog for a family is loving and gentle but, will jump to defend its family in an instant if needed.

A Family Dog Should Be Low Maintenance

All families are busy with day-to-day life, having a dog that high maintenance will add to an already busy lifestyle.

It’s best to evaluate how much grooming and maintenance that you want in your life.

A Family Should Have A Sturdy Dog

Depending on the age of the children in your household the size and fragility of your dog is something to consider.

Some dogs are more likely to get stepped on or handled in a rough manner by young children.

Smaller dogs can easily get injured from a simple situation like jumping out of someone’s arms.

Why Should A Family Look For A Healthy Dog

A healthy dog will be much easier for a family.

If a family has a dog with health conditions the extra care for such a dog will cost more money and time as well as heartbreak.

What Is A Good Temperament

A dog with a good temperament or personality is always a great pick for a family.

A good dog will have an even temperament that is not easily irritated or nervous.

Dogs with great temperaments will often allow children to climb all over them and play roughly without an instinct of aggression.

It’s best to look for a calm dog who enjoys cuddling with people.

what are the qualities of a good family dog

Should I Get A Pomeranian For My Family

Pomeranains are the perfect family dog for our family. We are a mixture or ages from younger children to seniors including two cats.

Our Pomeranians enjoy playing and cuddling with all members of our family.

If you are trying to determine if a Pomeranian will fit into your family I would ask you to consider a few things first.

What are the ages and activity levels of your children?

I wouldn’t recommend Pomeranians for a home with very young children or highly active and rambunctious children.

Pomeranians can easily be injured by an unaware child that is too rough.

Do you love affectionate dogs?

Every dog is has a unique personality and the amount of affection a Pomeranian gives and receives will vary.

Our Cream Pomeranian Murphy is very cuddly where our Black Pomeranian Williow isn’t as much but, loves giving kisses.

Pomeranians are low to medium energy dogs

Pomeranians are not the most energetic dogs and wont be the best companion for a run or hike.

They will do best with a short walk or some time playing in the yard.

Pomeranians are loyal

You can expect a Pomeranian to be very loyal, they will often attach themselves to one person in the family.

Pomeranians aren’t high maintenance

Although they have beautiful coats of fluffy fur Pomeranians are not as high maintenance as they seem.

How Often Will Your Pomeranian Be Left Alone?

Pomeranians become very attached to their families and often experience separation anxiety.

If your dog will be left home alone for many hours it may not be the best breed for your family.

The more time that you are able to spend with your Pomeranian the better.

How To Search For A Family Dog

When you are searching for a good family dog there often isn’t a quick answer.

A lot of time and consideration should be involved in finding the right fit for your family.

Just because a dog is deemed as a great family dog doesn’t mean it is the right dog for your family.

What Should I Look For In A Family Dog

There are things you should consider and questions you should ask yourself when choosing which dog is best for your family.

What Is Your Families Lifestyle

What is your lifestyle?

How active is your family?

What types of activities do you enjoy?

What dog-friendly adventures do you like to experience?

What are your expectations for your family dog?

Who will take care of your dog’s daily needs?

How Much Time Do You Have For A Dog

How often are you away from home?

Will you bring your dog with you?

Who will care for your dog?

WIll you use a doggy daycare?

WIll family and friends help?

What Size Dog Is Best For A Family

Does your family have a size preference?

Is a small dog too small?

Is a big dog too large?

Do You Have Other Pets In The House

Do you have other pets in your home?

How would your other pets respond to a dog?

Do you need to consider breeds that are good with other animals?

Do you need a breed with a low prey drive?

Where Do You Live

How much yard space do you have?

Do you have easy access to a dog park?

Can you easily take your dog for a walk?

How much space do you have indoors?

What Is The Best Breed Of Dog For A Family

Its hard to label one breed as being the best breed of dog for families since all families and dogs are unique and individual.

The best dog for your family will fit into your lifestyle and expectations.

10 Family Dog Breeds

Even with the best dog for each family being an individual choice there are some dog breeds that are constantly named as good family dogs.

  • Labrador Retreiver
  • Bull Dog
  • Golden Retreiver
  • Pug
  • Beagle
  • Irish Setter
  • Brussels Griffon
  • Newfoundland
  • Cavalier Charles King Spaniel
  • Dachshund

Keep in mind even though a breed has a reputation of being a good family dog we need to make sure that our dogs are well trained and supervised especially around children.

Final Thoughts

Making sure that you choose the right dog for your family is very important and shouldn’t be rushed.

Pomeranians are wonderful family dogs for some people.

A Pomeranian is best suited in a home where they wont be left alone for very long. One with a small yard or a short walk to a dog park.

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