Are Pomeranians Good With Kids

Are Pomeranians Good With Kids

One of the biggest things to consider when adding a dog to your family would be how well that dog gets along with children. Are Pomeranians good with kids?

Pomeranians are happy dogs that tend to be good in homes with children. Every family is different and there are things to consider when deciding if a Pomeranian is the right fit. The age and maturity of your kids as well as the time you are able to dedicate to caring for a dog.

In this article, I discuss the reasons why a Pomeranian may be a good fit for a family with children and when a Pomeranian would not be as well as tips for becoming a Pomeranian family.

Are Pomeranians Good For Families

There are so many wonderful reasons to introduce your children to the joys of pet ownership.

Owning a dog will teach your children responsibility, self-esteem, friendship, trust, respect, patience, social skills, and empathy among more.

Owning a dog also has health benefits including stress relief, which we can all use in our lives.

Studies have also shown that when a child spends its first year of life being exposed to animals they have a lower risk of having allergies and asthma.

Children also can add a lot of positives to the lives of dogs. Children love to cuddle and play with their furry friends and can offer a lifetime of love and companionship.

With all the positives it can make you want to run out and get a dog for your family. There are things to be aware of and prepare for if you are considering a dog for your family.

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What Families Should Consider When Getting A Dog

Children and dogs don’t automatically have a perfect relationship with a home filled with harmony.

As a parent, we are responsible for teaching our children what the acceptable boundaries are and, rules in regards to interaction with dogs.

The same goes for being responsible for teaching the dog what’s acceptable behavior and what the rules are when they are around children.

This is a big undertaking and responsibility that we need to be prepared for and committed to. Owning a dog is a lifelong decision that includes ongoing love and care.

Setting a good foundation of socialization and training is critical towards the safety of your family.

Are Pomeranians good with babies

Are Pomeranians Good With Babies

Pomeranians are generally not a threat to babies like some breeds with strong prey drives may be.

There are some things to think about when considering getting a Pomeranian when you have a baby.

Dogs and babies both require a lot of time, patience, care, and supervision.

A puppy also requires a lot of socialization and training within the first year of life.

It could become overwhelming if a new puppy is brought into a home at the same time as a new baby. It’s something to consider when deciding when is the right time to add a puppy to your family.

Are Pomeranians Good With Toddlers

Toddlers may be the hardest age to pair with a Pomeranian.

A toddler is just starting to become mobile and explore the world.

Young children at this age have a hard time understanding that a dog needs to be treated differently than a toy or stuffed animal.

Besides have a hard time understanding how a dog should be treated they also are unaware of the dangerous consequences involved with animals.

Small dog breeds like Pomeranians are not the best match for young children due to their size they are fragile and more vulnerable to being injured by a well-intended child that wants to play.

A Pomeranian may become frightened by all of the loud noises and activity within the home. When dogs are frightened they are more likely to nip or bite.

Are Pomeranians Too Small For Kids

Pomeranians are small toy-sized dogs that can be easily injured during rough play or accidentally stepped on.

Having a small dog with children does require extra supervision.

Are Pomeranians Aggressive With Kids

Pomeranians are generally not aggressive dogs.

Like any living creature, a Pomeranian could be triggered and respond in an aggressive manner.

Injuries: If a Pomeranian were to accidentally get injured it may show aggressive behaviors as an act of defense.

Fear: Fear is the number one reason why a dog becomes aggressive in a situation.

Possessiveness: Dogs can become possessive towards their toys or food dishes causing an aggressive reaction if they feel as if someone will take that resource away.

It can be very easy for a small dog like a Pomeranian to find itself in a situation with a child where they are fearful, feel like their resources are threatened or injured.

Even well-behaved and even-tempered dogs still have sharp teeth and claws that can injure a child accidentally.

Dogs are also known for jumping up and could knock over a small child.

Are Pomeranians Aggressive?

Should Your Kids Be Alone With Your Pomeranian

The easiest guide would be that your kids should not be alone with a dog until they are old enough to be left alone at home themselves.

It’s never safe leaving a baby alone around a dog even if your baby is in a swing or stroller.

Many people feel like they know their dogs well enough and feel like it may be safe to leave the room for a quick moment. This is when an unexpected accident can happen.

Dogs are animals as much as we think of them as a part of our family, they are still unpredictable.

Children are three times more likely to be bitten by dogs compared to adults.

The majority of people (at least 75%) that are bitten by are dog are bitten by their own dog or one they know.

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Whats The Best Age For Kids To Have A Pomeranian

It’s been determined that children over five years of age have developed the skills necessary to understand the responsibility and care of having a pet.

You can be the judge of your family and children. Some kids may be ready at a younger age while others need to be older.

Are Pomeranians Good For Families

Safety Tips For Kids Living With Dogs

There are some good rules of thumb to follow in order to keep your kids and dog safe while living in harmony under the same roof.

How To Keep Your Pomeranian Safe With Kids

First and foremost in order to keep our dogs safe, we need to teach our children that our pets are living beings and how to be kind and respectful towards them.

Teach children how to handle an animal: make sure your children know the correct way to hold and handle a dog as well as what behaviors are inappropriate like the pulling of tails.

Supervise: keep an eye on your children and the dog when they are together.

Don’t let your kids hit or throw things at the dog: some kids may get frustrated or excited and throw things at the dog.

Door duty: depending on the ages of your children have a system in place so they don’t accidentally let the dog outside.

How To Keep Your Kids Safe Around A Pomeranian

There are many things you should teach your children about dog safety.

Ask permission: ask permission before petting someone’s dog.

Don’t chase dogs: chasing a dog may bring out the prey drive in a dog or cause an accident.

Don’t stick your hands, fingers, or face through the holes in a dog crate or fence: If a dog feels trapped they are more likely to snap in defense.

Never approach a dog while it’s eating or sleeping: avoid startling a dog or making them feel protective towards their food.

Don’t take anything out of a dog’s mouth: teach your kids to never take food, toys, or anything out of a dog’s mouth.

Don’t lay your baby on the floor: Keep babies and young children out of the dog’s reach at all times.

Don’t let your baby crawl unattended into another room: keep an eye on your baby and dog at all times.

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Are Pomeranians Good For Active Families

Pomeranians are a great fit for an active family.

We are always going on adventures as a family camping, geocaching, or a day at the beach.

Our Pomeranians are always more than excited to join us.

Are Pomeranians Good With Toddlers

Are Pomeranians Good For Busy Families

It depends on the specifics of your busy family.

If your family is rarely at home and is always on the go, a Pomeranian may not be the best fit for you.

Pomeranains don’t like to be left alone and are prone to separation anxiety.

If you are a busy family but, you would be able to take your Pomeranian with you I would consider it a good match.

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How Do I Know If My Kids Are Ready For A Dog

It can be hard determining if your kids are ready for a dog. Consider the following things if you may add a dog to your family.

  • Are your children comfortable around animals?
  • Can your children handle easy household tasks?
  • Can your children remember to brush their own teeth etc?
  • Do your children show respect for animals?
  • Are your children truly commited to getting and caring for a dog?
  • Is the entire family onboard?
  • Are you prepared to take on 100% of the responsibilty?

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How do I know If my kids are rady for a dog

Is A Pomeranian The Right Fit For My Family

The most important factors when deciding if a Pomeranian is right for your family are.

The ages and maturity of your children. Are your children able to respect a dog and not accidentally hurt it?

Do you have enough time for a Pomeranian? Pomeranians are very needy and love attention. Do you have the time to give to a dog? Will, your dog be left alone often?

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How Can I Get My Kids Comfortable With A Pomeranian

Having your children form a healthy relationship with animals is very important.

Never push or rush a child into a situation that they are uncomfortable with.

There are some skills that you can teach your child that may help them when they are interacting with dogs.

Become a tree: If a child gets nervous and runs it usually sparks interest in the dog and they think it’s a game and they chase after the child. If a child becomes a tree and stands still with their hands tucked in the dog will become bored of them and leave them alone.

This obviously doesn’t work in every situation but, it is a good option for your child to be aware of.

Teach treat delivery: You’ll often see a child excited to give a dog a treat only to have the dog’s excitement scare the child in the end. Teach your children to throw a treat onto the floor, do not have the dog eat the treat from a child’s hand.

Teach body language: It’s important to teach your children how to read the body language of an animal. They should know what the signs are that the animal no longer wants to be pet or held.

Safe space: provide a safe space for both your children and dog to be without the other have free access to them. They both need a safe getaway where they can go to be alone.

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How Can I Get My Kids Involed In Caring For A Pomeranian

There are age-appropriate tasks that your children can do to help care for your dog.

Every child and dog is different and needs their own personal situation to reflect that.

4-5 Years Old: a young child can help shadow you as you care for the dog. Teaching your child safety and responsibility as they grow together.

6-8 Years Old: kids at this age are able to teach your dog tricks and help walk your dog while supervised.

9 and up: Once your children are nine and older they are usually old enough to assist in fully caring for your dog.

Final Thoughts

Pomeranians are best suited in a home with children that are old enough to respect and care for a dog.

For most families, a child should be at least 5 or 6 years old before getting a dog.

Pomeranians in particular are very small and could easily get hurt by an excited child.

The best safety precaution is to never leave your children alone with a dog until they are around 10 years of age or older.

We got our first Pomeranian when our kids were 4 and 6. It did require extra care and supervision to ensure that they were all safe.

You are always the best judge regarding your own family and its dynamic. The biggest considerations for me would be the maturity of your children and the amount of time that you have to care for a dog.

Dogs and children will both keep a parent very busy. Be aware that even if your children have the best of intentions to care for a new dog that the responsibility will usually end up falling on the parent.

Having a dog in a home while you are raising your children is a wonderful experience full of joy and lifelong lessons.

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