Are Pomeranians Good With Rabbits

Are Pomeranians Good With Rabbits (Quick Facts)

Many of us have multi-pet homes already by having dogs and cats living together but, can Pomeranians and rabbits live together?

Pomeranians and rabbits are both small and fluffy pets but, that is where the similarities end. Dogs are natural predators and rabbits are prey animals making this relationship complicated. Only extremely well-trained and calm dogs would be a good fit with a rabbit.

Can Pomeranians Live With Rabbits

Pomeranians can live with rabbits but, with every dog being completely different they may not always match up perfectly.

Although, a Pomeranian’s size is perfect to pair with a rabbit that doesn’t mean that they are destined to be best friends.

First, make sure that your dog is completely trained and is calm overall, especially in excitable situations.

Then I suggest following the safe steps listed below on how to introduce a dog to a rabbit.

Can A Rabbit And Dog Be Together

Rabbits and dogs can live together but, it does require a lot of work and patience.

The natural instincts of both dogs and rabbits are not one that is geared toward friendship

Dogs are predatory animals and rabbits are prey.

Your dog will have the instinct to view the rabbit as prey whereas the rabbit will naturally fear the dog.

That said, it is possible for a dog and rabbit to be friends.

The dog and rabbit need to build a deep bond with consistent training and supervision.

It’s also best to only approach this situation with dogs that have a low prey drive.

Can I Trust My Dog With A Rabbit

Dogs are natural predators which makes them a bad fit for an animal like a rabbit.

Even if you have the best-trained dog with the calmest temperament, I would proceed with caution.

Never trust a dog alone with a rabbit, they should always have supervision.

Can A Pomeranian Live With A Rabbit

Will My Dog Hurt A Rabbit

There is a good chance that your dog could hurt a rabbit on purpose or by accident.

It’s best to be extremely careful about introducing a dog to a rabbit if you decide to do it at all.

Are Rabbits Scared Of Dogs

Rabbits are naturally scared of dogs, due to being an animal that is usually the prey of much larger predators like a dog.

How To Introduce Your Dog To A Rabbit

Before you consider introducing your dog to a rabbit you need to make sure that the dog is ready for this encounter.

Your dog needs to be calm and well-trained.

If you don’t think that your dog is trained well enough, I would avoid this situation.

  • Always introduce your dog and rabbit with the rabbit in a cage

Keep your dog off a leash and let it sniff around and explore the rabbit and its living space.

Don’t let your dog bark or whine, make sure it’s calm and not showing any signs of aggression or over-excitement.

  • Let your rabbit roam around

Have your dog lay near your side on the floor with its head down, showing both the dog and the rabbit that the dog will not be the alpha in this situation.

Open your rabbit’s cage and let it roam around freely.

Don’t force the rabbit to interact with the dog if it doesn’t want to.

  • Continue to introduce

Continue the above exercise consistently until in order for your dog and rabbit to bond.

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What Dog Breeds Are Good With Rabbits

Dog breeds that have the lowest prey drive, high intelligence, and easy trainability are the best suited to live with a rabbit.

Regardless, you have to be very careful, a rabbit is extremely vulnerable to a dog.

Your dog and rabbit should never be left alone together.

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Basset Hound
  • Golden Retriever
  • Maltese
  • Coton De Tulear
  • Japanese Chin

18 Dog Breeds That Are Bad With Rabbits

Dogs that have a high prey drive or are likely to chase your rabbit are never a good fit and should be avoided.

  • Siberian Husky
  • Greyhound
  • Whippet
  • Beagle
  • Airdale
  • Dashhound
  • Daschund
  • Jack Russel Terrier
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Pit Bull
  • German Shepherd
  • Akita
  • Rotweiller
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Australian Sheperd
  • Shetland Sheep Dog
  • Border Collie
  • Belgian Malinois

What Type Of Rabbit Should I Get

There are all different types of rabbits you can choose from.

The best rabbit in a home with other pets is a calm rabbit that is less likely to show quick nervous behaviors.

Some calm rabbit breeds include.

  • Flemish Giant
  • Checker Giant
  • California Giant

Final Thoughts

Rabbits and dogs are not the best pair but, we’ve all seen the videos of unlikely matches that have become best friends.

Always proceed with caution in order to protect both animals and the family members involved.

Some dogs and rabbits will never be able to interact together.

This doesn’t mean that you have a bad dog, it just means its natural instincts are too strong to be buddies with a rabbit.

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