Are Pomeranians Loyal

Are Pomeranians Loyal? (Includes, What Makes A Dog Loyal)

You adore your Pomeranian as if it were a human member of your family, does that love and loyalty go both ways? Or is your dog just gazing at you wondering when their next meal is coming? Are Pomeranians loyal?

Pomeranians have many of the characteristics of what makes a dog loyal including being intelligent and protective. A dog’s loyalty is much more than a list of traits that a breed is known for. Loyalty is a combination of natural instincts and the relationship that the dog has formed with its human.

Let’s take a look at what makes a dog loyal and what determines if Pomeranians are loyal.

What Is A Loyal Dog

The definition of loyal is.

“giving and showing firm and constant support or allegience to a person or insitiutions”

Determining if a dog is loyal or not is really subjective. I believe all dogs are loyal to their families to some extent. There are obviously some dogs that go above and beyond, like the story of Hachiko.

A loyal dog is one that shows it’s love, appreciation, and support towards it’s family over others.

Characteristics Of A Loyal Dog

In order to determine if Pomeranians are loyal dogs we need to dig into the characteristics of a loyal dog.

  • Intelligence- loyal dogs usually have a high level of intelligence.
  • Protective Instincts- dogs who are loyal have strong protective instincts. They feel a strong need to defend and protect their family.
  • Sensitivity- Loyal dogs are eager to please their humans.
  • Trust- loyal dogs have formed the bond of trust between themselves and their human (who is the leader of their pack).
  • Respect- A loyal dog respects you as the alpha. Respect is earned by giving your dog rules and boundaries.

Why Are Dogs Loyal

Dogs have a long history and are decendents from grey wolves and other canid species.

Wolves and dogs are natural pack animals, that naturally form bonds with other members of thier pack.

Pack animals are social creatures that prefer the company of others. This behavior also helps the animals survive in the wild. Packs will succeed because the members of the pack depend on each other for survival.

Many trainers and animal experts believe this pack mentality is the reason why dogs are so loyal to their humans.

Why Are Dogs Loyal

Are Pomeranians Loyal

We’ve determined what makes a dog loyal and why they are loyal. Let’s look at the Pomeranian breed specifically.

Are Pomeranians Intelligent

Pomeranians are the 28th most intelligent dog according the The Smart Canine.

In order to determine the intelligence levels of the dogs Stanley Coran, a Canine Psychologist and Ph.D. from The University of British Columbia developed the criteria and ranking system for judging the dogs.

He received almost 200 responses from obedience trial judges from the American Kennel Club and Canadian Kennel Club. Only dog breeds that received over 100 evaluations were in consideration for the 100 smartest dogs.

It’s a pretty impressive for our Pomeranian to rank in the 28th spot.

Are Pomeranians Protective

Pomeranians are a very protecitve breed regardless of their small size.

These fluffy little dogs have confidence that goes beyond their size. They can sometimes get themselves in trouble being too “cocky”.

Pomeranians get very attached to their family, they often select a person that they are closest to and will always be by their side.

Due to their attachment and confidence, they have a strong need to protect their family. They will bark to sound the alarm of any potential dangers.

Are Pomeranians Sensitive

Pomeranians are very sweet and sensitive dogs. As mentioned they get attached to their humans and would like nothing more than to be by their side being cuddled and loved.

Pomeranians can feel lonely and often suffer from seperation anxiety.

Do Pomeranians Trust Their Owners

Trust isn’t something a particular animal, breed or human is automaticlly posseses.

Trust is earned the same way with animals as it is with people. Dogs build trust over time through their experiances with their humans.

Do Pomeranians Respect Their Owners

Just like trust, respect is not automatically given it is earned.

How Do I Earn My Dogs Trust And Respect

Having a solid relationship with your dog that includes trust and respect is earned over time. The following behaviors can help you build trust and respect with your dog.

  • Become the leader of the pack
  • Be your dog’s protector
  • Take care of your dog’s needs
  • Play with your dog
  • Walk your dog
  • Know the difference between being firm and terrifying
  • Teach simple obedience (sit, stay, leave it, etc.)
  • Let your dog earn its treats and toys by following commands
  • Comfort your dog
  • Show your dog love and affection
  • Be consistent
  • Let them have their own private space

Will A Pomeranian Be Loyal To Its Owner

Pomeranians have all of the traits of a loyal dog, they are very intelligent, protective , and sensitive.

If you build a healthy relationship with your dog that is based on love, trust, and respect you will have the recipe for a very loyal friend.

My pups follow me everywhere. Due to our family’s schedule, I became the main caregiver which helped build the bond that we have today. My dogs are very attached and loyal to every member of my family.

do dogs care about humans

Do Dogs Care About Humans

It’s a special relationship that humans and dogs have formed together.

Studies have shown that through time dogs have been able to develop empathy towards humans, read our body language and facial expressions. Dogs have even created their own ways of communicating with us.

Do Dogs Care About Other Animals

I’m sure you have seen the cute photos of dogs who have adopted kittens, ducks, and a wide variety of animals that are not canines. Dogs have been known to adopt many creatures and add them to their packs.

Why would dogs care about other animals?

Female dogs are most likely to adopt other small mammals. All mammals have certain pheromones that they send-off, a female dog is able to sense that an animal is a young mammal. She can sometimes view these animals as if they are the same as her own puppies.

Once an animal has been accepted by the dog and they have formed a bond, the relationship could last a lifetime.

Dogs are also very social animals, they crave interaction with others both people and animals.

The story of Bella (the lab) and Terra (the elephant) is very touching and a true testimony to the bond that animals across different species can form.

Are Dogs More Loyal Than Cats

I have a confession to make, I’m also a crazy cat lady. I only have two but, they have a special place in my heart.

When we compare the two in the ultimate face off of who is more loyal cats or dogs, who wins?

I found a study that was done by a neuroscientist Dr. Paul Zak for the BBC2 show Cats Vs. Dogs. In the study, he wanted to determine who had more affection for their human cats or dogs.

Dr. Zak studied 10 cats and 10 dogs. He conducted the study by measuring the levels of oxytocin in the animal’s blood before and after they played with their humans. Oxytocin is the chemical in our brain that is produced when we love someone.

On average the dogs produced 57.2% oxytocin and the cats produced 12%. With statistics like that, I would say on average dogs are more loyal than cats.

Final Thoughts

You are never guaranteed the loyalty of a dog. Pomeranians may have the characteristics of a loyal dog but, if you do not earn the respect and trust of your dog you will not have its loyalty.

We need to show animals the same sort of love, affection, respect and trust in order to earn theirs.

Having a loyal dog by you side is an amazing gift that we should treasure if we are lucky enough to have it.

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