Are Pomeranians Mean

Are Pomeranians Mean (Explained)

We all love a cute little fluffy dog but, are Pomeranians mean?

Pomeranians are generally very happy, perky, and friendly little companions. Pomeranians are not known to be aggressive, they are known for being very loyal to their owners and are eager to please.

Are Pomeranians Mean Dogs

Pomeranians are not mean dogs.

As a breed, Pomeranians are very amazing, lovable, and kind companions.

Pomeranians are very loyal to their owners and enjoy nothing more than being by your side.

Are Pomeranians Aggressive?

Why Would A Pomeranian Be Mean

Of course, there are some individual dogs that could be mean or situations that could provoke an aggressive encounter.

Some examples of risky situations are.

  • Territorial dogs
  • Overprotective dogs
  • Hyper dogs
  • Dogs with food aggression
  • Dogs unfamiliar with children
  • Sick dogs
  • Elderly dogs

Do Pomeranians Bite Their Owners

It is very unlikely that a Pomeranian would bite its owner out of aggression.

I do receive little “love bites” from my youngest Pomeranian who is less than a year old.

He will give me “little bites” and kisses, it’s something he will stop doing as he gets older or I will train him to stop the behavior.

Are Pomeranians Dangerous?

Are Pomeranians Mean To Kids

As a breed and in most situations Pomeranians are not mean to kids.

Kids and dogs including Pomeranians are always a challenging mix that requires lots of observing and training.

Some situations that you should be aware of when kids are near Pomeranians or any other dog are.

  • When the dog is eating
  • When the dog is playing with its toys
  • If the dog is sleeping
  • If the dog is ill or hurt
  • If the dog is elderly
  • Getting in the dog’s face

Should You Have A Pomeranian With Kids

Sometimes adding a Pomeranian to your family is the perfect situation and other times it is not.

Pomeranians are small but, very determined little dogs.

It is not recommended to have a Pomeranian in a home with small children, the dog or the child could easily be harmed by accident.

Make Sure To Keep Your Kids Safe Around Dogs

This is my gentle reminder to let you know that any dog even the most gentle kind hard dog could have a moment of fear or pain where they could nip and bite a child.

It’s best to never leave your child alone with a dog.

Are Pomeranians Good With Kids?

Are Pomeranians Mean

Are Pomeranians Mean To Other Dogs

In most cases, Pomeranians are not mean to other dogs.

There are times when aggression can be triggered in Pomeranians or any dog.

Be aware of the following situations when you have two or more dogs together.

  • If any dog appears nervous
  • Food possessiveness
  • Defensive personality
  • Territorial about their toys or bed
  • Natural jumpiness

Always be careful when introducing two dogs especially if one of them is very small like a Pomeranian.

It doesn’t take much for a major injury or worse to occur.

Are Pomeranians Mean To Small Animals

Pomeranians as a breed do not have a strong prey drive and aggressive nature toward smaller animals.

All dogs will have some natural instincts that come from their ancestors but, there is a wide variety of prey drives in our domesticated dogs that we have today.

Some dogs with high prey drives like the German Short Hair Pointer make wonderful hunting companions but, maybe not be the best fit to live with a small animal like a rabbit.

Do Pomeranians Kill Small Animals?

Final Thoughts

Pomeranians make wonderful companions and are not considered mean dogs.

You do need to be aware that there are situations that could cause any dog to appear to be mean or react in a negative way.

Making sure your Pomeranian, other animals, and family are safe at all times is very important.

Always watch your dog very closely for any signs of questionable behavior including aggression.

How Smart Are Pomeranians?

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