Are Pomeranians Rare

Are Pomeranians Rare (why some dogs are rare)

You can’t help but, notice a Pomeranian when you see one with its distinct fluffy coat of fur and adorable toy-sized stature but, are Pomeranians rare?

Pomeranians are not rare dogs, they are actually ranked the 23rd most popular dog breed by the AKC. Although Pomeranians are not rare they can be hard to find. Due to the increased popularity and small litter size, you may end up on a waiting list for a puppy.

In this article, I discuss what makes a dog rare, how Pomeranians could become rare, and what the rarest dog breeds are. Let’s jump in.

Are Pomeranians Rare Dogs

The Pomeranian is consistently a popular dog breed due to its adorable looks, portability, and celebrity status.

Pomeranians are not rare due to their popularity and high demand.

It may feel like they are rare due to the small litter sizes and high demand. Often those interested in adding a Pomeranian to their family have to join a waitlist.

What Makes A Dog Rare

What Makes A Dog Rare

Every dog breed that has become rare has its own story and reasons for its scarcity.

The most common reasons pertain to the purpose of the dog breed changing, popularity, and health concerns.

Some Dog Breeds Have Lost Their Purpose

Many dogs used to be working dogs with a high demand for their work, over time things have changed and they may no longer be needed for their intended purpose and have dwindled in number ever since.

The majority of dogs today are used as family companions with some breeds becoming more popular than others in this role.

It can be a snowball effect with popularity, the more visibility a dog breed has the likelihood of its popularity also increases.

Some Dogs Have More Health Problems

We have many popular dog breeds that are known for being prone to specific health problems and still shine in popularity.

Other breeds having health problems or a difficult time producing puppies which can contribute to decreasing numbers within the breed.

Some Dog Breeds Didn’t Cross The Pond

Many of the dog breeds we know today originated from Europe or Asia.

As popularity has grown for specific breeds their geographic location expanded.

Some breeds were not as lucky as others and never really gained in numbers in North America. Other breeds required name changes or “rebranding” Like the American Eskimo Dog, which was originally named the German Spitz but, had its name changed after World World II due to negative associations.

Many breeds had not been introduced to North America by the time the war broke out. Unfortunately due to poverty and food rations, many dogs did not survive this time period.

Could Pomeranians Become Rare

If Pomeranians don’t maintain their standing as one of our favorite lap dog companions, they could be at risk of reduced number due to one contributing factor.

Pomeranians are known as the “heartbreak breed”, a litter of puppies is very small, to begin with, with only 1 to 3 puppies on average.

Besides, the small litters Pomeranians have a very high mortality rate for the moms and puppies.

A scheduled C-section is required most of the time to try to ensure safe delivery.

Could Pomeranians Become Rare

What Has Kept Pomeranians From Becoming Rare

Besides being adorable and so easy to snuggle with, Pomeranians are popping up everywhere on TV from Movies, Reality Shows, and even Cartoons.

The visibility has sparked many interests.

What Is The Rarest Dog Breed

The rarest dog breed in the world would be the Otterhound with only around 800 dogs worldwide.

This beautiful dog originates from England for the now-outlawed purpose of otter hunting.

Otterhounds have dense waterproof shaggy coats and webbed feet that make them perfect for swimming.

What Are The Most Rare Dogs

Let’s take a look at some of the rarest dog breeds.

English Foxhound

The English Foxhound like the name says was used for hunting foxes in a pack setting.

This hunting dog was more stocky in build in comparison to its cousin the American Foxhound.

English Foxhounds are known to be very loyal, active, and gentle.

One of the reasons the English Foxhound has become rare is the exercise and energy requirement required is often too much for most families.

These dogs need plenty of space to run and exert energy on a daily basis.

American Foxhound

The English Foxhounds American cousin has also joined the ranks of rareness.

The American Foxhound was bred for the same purpose as pack-led fox hunting.

Just like the English Foxhound they have a lot of energy and have not been the best fit for the majority of today’s families that live in smaller spaces and don’t have large spaces to run and roam.

Norwegian Lundehund

This small Spitz originates from the islands of Norway.

The Norwegian Lundehund was originally bred to hunt Puffins along the steep and rocky cliffs.

They have six toes on every foot and elongated rear footpads that enabled them to grip the steep rocks.

They are excellent hikers that are also energetic and strong.

Norwegian Lundehunds have reduced drastically in population due to the banning of Puffin hunting.

During the 1960s only six purebred Lundehunds existed in Norway, it’s said that every Norwegian Lundehund that exists today is descended from only four of those dogs.

Finnish Spitz

Another Spitz is on the list. The Finnish Spitz was originally bred to hunt birds and small game in Finland.

These dogs are full of confidence and carry themselves with pride, they are also very active and friendly.

A Finnish Spitz is likely to be very vocal like a Siberian Husky.

Although the breed is well established in Finland (it’s their national dog) and Sweden, it’s relatively unknown in the United States.


The Chinook was originally bred in New Hampshire (it’s their state dog) for sled dog racing and drafting.

Chinooks are very athletic, friendly, and possess a gentle temperament.

In 1981, it was discovered that there were only 28 Chinooks in existence with many of those being neutered or senior dogs. Out of the 28, three breeders collaborated and split 11 dogs suitable for breeding among themselves.

Since that time the population of Chinooks has steadily been on the rise.


The Harrier was bred for pack hunting rabbits in England.

The Harrier is a very energetic and outgoing dog that is also very friendly and easy-going.

Harriers have never gained popularity in the United States, while in Ireland they are the most popular hound dog.

Cesky Terrier

The Cesky Terrier is another breed that was bred for pack hunting.

Cesky Terriers are feisty, sociable, and easy to train.

At this point in time, Cesky Terriers are the sixth most rare dog breed with other Terriers gaining in popularity in comparison.

Pryenean Shepherd

The Pyrenean Shepherd is a herding dog that is athletic, enthusiastic, and full of energy.

These furry dogs originate from the Pyrenees Mountains in France.

Pyrenean Shepherds live a long full life that can span up to 20 years of age.

Skye Terrier

Skye Terriers were bred as Fox hunters along the Isle of Skye of Scotland.

This breed is extremely loyal and somewhat stubborn.

This Scottish breed has a long history, it’s said even Mary, Queen of Scots had one under her skirt when she was beheaded.

Unfortunately, this breed has gotten forgotten about with others becoming more popular, like the Scottie.


Bergamasco’s have a unique coat that can not be missed.

Their coats are made from three different textures that form mats or “flock” of hair that are woven together. It almost looks like the strands of a mop.

These distinct dogs are ancient sheepdogs that originate from the mountains of Persia.

Do Rare Dog Breeds Cost More

Rare dog breeds tend to be more expensive when compared to popular breeds.

It can be challenging to find a breeder for your desired rare breed nearby.

The majority of people will also have traveling expenses when searching for a rare dog.

Due to a limited amount of breeders, there can also be a long waiting list.

Are Some Dogs Endangered

Unfortunately, there are many dog breeds that are endangered and at risk for extinction.

The AKC no longer reports on the exact population of each dog breed making it hard to know which breeds are at the most risk of extinction.

The AKC does have a list of low entry breeds, this list is full of wonderful dogs that are reducing in population and popularity.

On the other hand, half of all of the dogs registered with the AKC fall within only ten different breeds.

How To Buy A Rare Breed

The first step is to find and contact the breed-specific club or breeder.

You may be able to participate and club gatherings or meet and greets to learn more about the breed.

Once you have determined that a certain rare breed is right for you, the next step is locating and being approved by a breeder for a puppy.

What is the rarest dog breed

Become An Ambassador For Your Breed

If you become a lucky owner of a rare breed, be prepared to do a lot of talking about your dog.

People are very curious when they see a dog that they are unfamiliar with and tend to spark a conversation and ask questions.

As a rare breed owner is becomes your responsibility to share your rare breed with others that are interested.

Final Thoughts

Pomeranians are not considered rare dogs.

The Pomeranian population is at healthy numbers and should remain so due to their popularity.

You won’t be able to look at many celebrity photos or the Real Housewives for long before you spot a Pomeranian.

The status and recognition are sure to plant the Pomeranian as one of the most popular dog breeds for a very long time.

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