33 things to know before getting a pomeranian

33 Things To Know Before Getting A Pomeranian (Plus Quiz)

You may be thinking about getting a Pomeranian but, wonder what Pomeranians act like, what their needs are, and what to expect as a Pomeranian owner.

In this article, I provide the top 33 things you should know and consider before getting a Pomeranian.

I’ve also included a quick Pomeranian compatibility quiz, to help you determine if a Pomeranian is a right fit for you.

Pomeranians are bold, playful, and cuddly. They are known to become very attached to their owners and enjoy going with you on adventures. They do not require lots of grooming and are very healthy overall. Expect lots of joy and love with a Pomeranian.

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What Do I Need To Know Before Getting A Pomeranian

In this article, I dig into what I consider the top 33 things you must know if you are considering getting a Pomeranian.

You’ll read about a Pomeranian’s personality, temperament, lifestyle, health needs, breeds facts, and important things to consider before getting a Pomeranian.

By the end of this article, you will have a better idea of what Pomeranians are like and if you can picture one (or more) in your life.

What Are Pomeranians Really Like

Pomeranians are little fluffy dogs that of full of playful sass and spunk.

They will surprise most people with their bold personalities and bravery.

If you don’t want to hear a little bit about what it’s like to live with Pomeranians you can jump to the next section.

We currently have three Pomeranians that I lovingly refer to as my “Pomtourage”.

They have all attached themselves to me more than anyone else in our home. The love and spend time with everyone but, they will follow me everywhere!

In the morning I wake up to three balls of spunk that are ready to go outside. I’ll let them out in our suburban-sized fenced backyard to do their business and get some exercise.

If the neighbor’s German Shepards are outside, my sweet and perfectly behaved dogs (?) may or may not bark like freaks to let those big dogs know that they are boss.

My dogs have no idea that they are so much smaller than those German Shepherds, in their minds they are bigger or equal.

The next thing on our agenda is breakfast. Breakfast time involves all three dogs staring at me intensely with Murphy Jumping up and down in an impatient manner waiting for his food.

Now It coffee time. When I sit down to my morning cup of coffee my big 10-pound cream Pomeranian Murphy comes over and scratches at my leg to get picked up.

Even though I am sitting at a barstool he must curl up on my lap and cuddle.

Like most of us, the next step is taking a shower and getting ready for the day. As I walk through the house, gather my clothes, and jump in the shower my Pomtaurage with right with me.

During the day if I am at home, they are right next to me either napping, playing, or following me.

If I leave during the day, they move on to their next favorite person and follow that person or they will wait at the door for me to return.

Once I return, Even if it’s just a momentary trip to the mailbox all three greet me with joy, happiness, and a lot of movement. My little guy Duke has to make sure big Murphy doesn’t stomp on him.

Late in the day is relaxation time for Murphy and WIllow. Murphy has a favorite hedgehog stuffed animal that he will carry around in his mouth when he wants to relax and snuggle.

For Duke on the other hand late in the day is playtime. He gets a burst of energy and terrorizes his siblings that just want to rest.

Soon they will be ready for bed and then we will do it all over again!

Is A Pomeranian The Best Breed For You

With an ever-growing list of dog breed options, it can be hard to determine which breed is best for you and your family.

I’ve created a compatibility quiz for you to help you determine if a Pomeranian is right for you.

The quiz brings up some key points about Pomeranians and Pomeranian ownership that you should think about and consider.

Pomeranian Compatibility Quiz

  1. Are you prepared for a dog with an strong personality? Y/N
  2. Are you home often? (answer yes if you are not away longer than 6-7 hours a day) Y/N
  3. Do you like to cuddle with dogs? (let them on your lap or couch) Y/N
  4. Do you like to play with dogs and provide lots of toys for play? Y/N
  5. Do you have a small yard or green space you can easily access often? Y/N
  6. Do you have patience and time for training? Y/N
  7. Is it ok if your dog barks? (often to occasionally) Y/N
  8. Are you ok with a little bit of shedding? Y/N
  9. Do you have kids that are older than 6 or are mature enough for a small dog? Y/N
  10. Do you have the means to fully care for a dog and all the expenses you could encounter? Y/N
  11. Do you have 12 of more years to dedicate to loving and caring for a dog? Y/N
  12. Are you able to keep a small dog from getting underfoot and other dangers? Y/N
  13. Do you have room in your heart for lots of joy and love? Y/N

If you’ve answered yes to all thirteen questions you are no doubt ready for a Pomeranian!

If you answered no to any of the questions, evaluate why the answer is a no and if you could possibly change it to a yes.

If you gave many no answers a Pomeranian may not be the best fit for you at this time.

what are pomeranians really like?

1. Pomeranians Have Big Personalities

Pomeranians are little dogs with big attitudes.

They have no idea that they are little dogs.

You can expect most Pomeranians to have an abundant amount of confidence, bravery, and boldness.

This big attitude can often get these little dogs in trouble.

It’s not uncommon for Pomeranians to get themselves in sticky situations with other dogs. Little Pomeranians will approach a much larger dog with a feisty attitude that could lead to the Pomeranian getting hurt or worse.

It’s best to avoid large dogs and keep your Pomeranian on a leash. You must keep a good eye on these little firecrackers.

Do Pomeranians Have Good Personalities?

2. Pomeranians Become Very Attached To Their Owners

Pomeranians are often referred to as being velcro dogs, and in my experience is very true.

If you have a Pomeranian it will become attached to you and may even select one person that it is most attached to.

3. Pomeranians Are Cuddly

Pomeranians love to cuddle and be nearby.

You can expect your Pomeranian to cuddle on your lap or rest right next to you.

Pomeranians are wonderful companions that you can depend on, cuddling with a dog can help relieve stress and anxiety.

Cuddling with your dog also helps them feel safe and secure.

Are Pomeranians Cuddly?

4. Pomeranians Are Playful

Pomeranians are fun-loving and playful little dogs.

They are eager to play with you, other animals, or with toys.

Pomeranians enjoy a wide range of toys including puzzles, squeaky toys, wrestling, chasing, tug of war, and plush toys.

How Do Pomeranians Play? (21 Examples)

5. Pomeranians Are Loyal

Loyalty is a common trait among dogs towards their human companions.

We’ve heard about the stories of dogs that have shown tremendous loyalty towards their owners like Hachiko.

Pomeranians exhibit many of the characteristics that have been found in loyal dogs.

Loyal dogs are often intelligent, protective, sensitive, trustworthy, and respect its owner.

Are Pomeranians Loyal Dogs?

6. Pomeranians Dont Require At Lot Of Exercise

Pomeranians are small active dogs that enjoy playing but, don’t require a lot of space for exercise.

A Pomeranians big and bold personality often leads us to think that these dogs need a lot of exercise to burn off that energy.

Some short walks or a yard to run around in momentarily is enough for a Pomeranian.

They enjoy a lot of playtime and plenty of cuddles.

Are Pomeranians Active?

7. Pomeranians Can Be Hard To Train

Pomeranians are intelligent but, they can also be very independent making them hard to train at times.

The good thing is, many Pomeranians are very food motivated and do great with short ten-minute training sessions where they receive small training treats as a reward.

8. Pomeranians Are Vocal

There is no doubt about it, Pomeranians are vocal dogs.

How your dog likes to express itself vocally can range from cheerful and playful growls to barking when the doorbell rings.

Pomeranians may be little but, they believe they are giant watchdogs and will act like so.

Even though Pomeranians like to bark, you are destined to a life with an uncontrollable barking dog.

Since these dogs are very smart they can be trained to only bark in appropriate situations.

Every dog is an individual some may not bark a lot and others will.

In our house, our Williow only barks when she is outside and the neighbor’s dogs are out. Murphy on the other hand is a watchdog at heart. He barks when the doorbell rings and when he doesn’t like something that going on like the cats fighting or the kids arguing.

Why Do Pomeranians Bark (11 Reasons)

9. Pomeranians Shed Seasonally

Pomeranians have a lot of fluffy fur that gives you the impression that they are heavy shedders.

In actuality, they are not heavy shedders and usually only shed twice a year during the Spring and Fall as their coats transition into the next season.

The amount of shedding you can expect from a Pomeranian will vary depending on the climate you live in (warmer climates equals less shedding), if they spend most of their time indoors, and how often you brush your Pomeranian.

Do Pomeranians Shed?

10. Pomeranians Are Not Best In Families With Little Kids

Pomeranians can make wonderful family dogs but, are not ideal for all situations.

Young children are not aware of how to handle small dogs and can unintentionally injure a little Pomeranian.

It can also go both ways, If a Pomeranian doesn’t like how it’s being handled it could injure the child.

Beyond holding and handling, little Pomeranians can easily get dropped, stepped on, shut in doors, let outside and end in a tragic outcome.

There are many different opinions on what age children should be when you get a Pomeranian. Personally, it depends on your home and the children in it.

An older child can be just as much danger as a young one if, they are rough, rambunctious, and don’t understand their own strength.

We added our first Pomeranian to our family when my kids were fairly young at 4 and 6 years old.

They did require some additional observation and were never left alone with the dog but, it was the right fit for us.

11. Pomeranians Are A Joy For All Ages

I know I just said that Pomeranians are not good in homes with very young children, and that is still true.

Besides young children, Pomeranians are a joy for anyone.

We live in a home that includes a variety of age groups from elementary-aged kids to an elderly grandparent.

Our Pomeranians bring so much joy to each and every one. My kids will play with the dogs and my dad will sleep with them or sit on the floor and let them crawl all over him.

They relieve stress and bring so much happiness to our home.

12. Pomeranians Are Great For Those That Live In Smal Spaces

If you live in a small space, you are in luck.

Pomeranians do not require a large amount of space.

Obviously, you will need access to the outdoors, a small yard or short walk to a green space is plenty for a Pomeranian.

13. Pomeranians Are Very Intelligent

Pomeranians are very smart little dogs that are eager to learn new things.

Our fluffy Pomeranian has been ranked as the world’s 23rd smartest dog breed.

Regardless of their actions, they are usually aware of what’s right and wrong. My dogs know immediately that they’ve done wrong when we discover something that has been chewed or a puddle of urine on the floor.

How Smart Are Pomeranians?

14. Pomeranians Are Not Hypoallergenic

Some dog breeds may be considered hypoallergenic because they don’t shed as much when compared to others but, in reality, there aren’t any hypoallergenic dog breeds.

All dogs produce allergens even Pomeranians.

Are Pomeranians Hypoallergenic?

15. Your Pomeranian Will Not Like Being Left Alone

Later on, we will discuss separation anxiety with Pomeranians, which can be serious.

Even if your dog is completely ok with being left at home, they would rather go with you.

We often bring our dogs with us when we run simple errands or go to dog-friendly open-air restaurants.

One of our dog’s favorite adventures is going camping with us.

As soon as they see their carry bags come out, they start jumping and barking with excitement and can’t wait to get in.

My dogs will often stomp all over their bags trying to get in a go.

My advice is to think about when you can bring your Pomeranian with you and when you can’t because he or she would love to go.

pomeranian compatibilty

16. Pomeranians Are Expensive

Having any dog as part of your family will come with added expenses from food, supplies, vet care, boarding, and grooming beyond the initial expense of purchasing a puppy.

In recent years, the price for a Pomeranian has risen due to high demand and a small number of puppies available.

You can expect to pay between $800 and $7000 for a Pomeranian puppy with many different variables contributing to the final price.

How Much Do Pomeranians Cost? (50 States Compared)

17. Pomeranians Don’t Require As Much Grooming As You Would Think

You automatically assume that Pomeranians are high maintenance and require a lot of grooming due to their fluffy coats and adorable photos of pristinely groomed Pomeranians on tv and social media.

In my experience, Pomeranians do not require a lot of grooming.

The majority of Pomeranians will only need to be brushed once or twice a week, have their nails trimmed as need and have an occasional bath.

Every Pomeranians coat is slightly different. Our Cream Pomeranian Murphy has a thinner silky coat that doesn’t get tangled and requires minimal brushing.

Our Black Pomeranian Williow has a very dense thick coat that can easily get mats behind her ears if it isn’t brushed weekly.

Pomeranians do not require haircuts or shaving. The opposite is true. You should never cut or shave a Pomeranians fur down to the undercoat. If you do so you may damage its coat forever and stunt its growth.

18. Pomeranians Are Healthy

Overall Pomeranians are a very healthy breed when compared to many others that often have life-altering or shortening conditions.

That said, there are some health conditions that Pomeranians are prone to experiencing.

Some of these include trauma from accidents, luxating patellas, collapsed tracheas, eye conditions, skin conditions, and heatstroke.

As with any dog making sure you have a good relationship with your vet, feed your dog good quality food, and provide lots of play and exercise.

19. Promeranians Are Prone To Seperation Anxiety

If it was up to you Pomeranian, it would spend every moment with you.

As nice as that seems, it can cause problems when you need to leave the home.

Some Pomeranians can suffer from separation anxiety and experience stress, agitation, and possibly become destructive.

When your Pomeranian is a puppy it is a good idea to get them used to being left alone.

If separation anxiety develops it can become very serious and may require help from a professional trainer.

Are Pomeranians Crazy?

20. Pomeranians Are Prone To Collasped Tracheas

Collapsed Tracheas can be a very serious condition that Pomeranians are vulnerable to.

When a dog has a collapsed trachea the cartilage around its windpipe breaks down and causes the windpipe to collapse blocking the dog’s airway.

This is extremely serious and will most likely require surgery as it’s life-threatening.

It’s important for you to never use a collar on a Pomeranian because the pressure can cause collapsed tracheas, always use harnesses instead.

21. Pomeranians Are Prone To Luxating Patellas

Luxating Patellas are a common condition that many Pomeranians will experience.

Patellar luxation is an inherited disorder that affects the knee joints in the rear legs.

In simple terms, it’s a slipped knee cap.

This condition can range from a grade 1 where the Patella moves easily in and out of place on its own (two of my dogs have experienced this off and on) to a grade 4 for the Patella is always displaced and would require surgery to repair.

22. You May Have To Get On A Waiting List

Pomeranians are extremely popular and are in high demand.

With small litters of 1 to 3 puppies, there can often be a waitlist for potential buyers.

Be prepared to get on one if you are looking for a Pomeranian in your area or from a particular breeder.

23. Pomeranians Can Have Skin Conditions

Pomeranians can experience skin conditions with the most unusual and visually noticeable being Alopecia or Black Skin Disease.

Alopecia causes fur loss and can alter the pigment of the dog’s skin making it black.

This condition may come from an inherited adrenal gland defect that causes abnormal levels of hormones and possibly an abnormality on the hair receptors.

Although tragic as it alters a Pomeranian appearance in drastic ways it is not life-threatening and usually doesn’t require treatment but, often can not be reversed.

24. Pomeranians Can Have Bad Teeth

Many dog breeds are vulnerable to having bad teeth.

Unlike humans dogs don’t often get cavities but, are susceptible to other conditions like periodontal disease, gingivitis, abscesses, and periodontitis.

It’s important to keep an eye on your dog’s dental care and get your dog used to routine brushing for prevention.

25. Pomeranians Can Be Hard To Potty Train

Pomeranians are known for being difficult to potty train.

It’s not known why they may be harder to train than other dogs, it may be their small bladder size that contributes.

The key is to be patient and stay the course. Your dog will eventually be potty trained.

My male Pomeranian was very hard to potty train and took much longer than I would’ve expected. My female on the other hand was so much easier.

It may have been that she had someone else to watch and learn by.

26. Pomeranians Can Get Underfoot

Pomeranians will always be underfoot.

Even if you are always on the lookout for your Pomeranian you are still likely to step on their feet or accidentally shove them with your feet.

Being alert to these situations will help you prevent any major injuries.

Are Pomeranians Fragile?

27. Pomeranians May Get Hurt Jumping From High Places

Pomeranians are brave and bold and will often jump from high places like out of your arms or off the couch and get injured.

We have had it happen numerous times right in front of us while trying to stop it.

Luckily we haven’t had any major injuries but, we did think our little black Pomeranian Willow broke her leg once jumping off of the recliner when she was a puppy.

She cried so loud and wouldn’t put any weight on one of her legs. Luckily we were able to get her to the vet immediately and it was just a sprain.

It was scary though.

28. Pomeranians Have A Long Lifespan

Pomeranians have a long lifespan ahead of them which averages between 12 and 14 years of age.

There are many Pomeranians that often outlive this average with the longest living Pomeranian living over 21 years.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Pomeranian?

29. Pomeranians Come In Many Colors

Pomeranians come in an amazing array of colors with 26 different colors and patterns.

A Pomeranians coat can range from commonly known colors like orange, red, cream, white, and black to lesser-known ones like lavender, blue, and beaver.

Beyond solid colors, Pomeranians can come in a large variety of patterns including merle, brindle, parti, and tan.

What Colors Do Pomeranians Come In? (Color Guide)

30. Many Names Are Used To Describe A Pomeranians Apperance

Pomeranains are Pomeranians right?

They are but, there are so many different terms that are used to describe them from teacup, throwback, fox face, baby doll, and teddy bear.

Are There Different Types Of Pomeranians?

31. Pomeranians Will Bring You Lots Of Joy

Pomeranians are guaranteed to bring you a tremendous amount of love and joy.

I honestly feel like having a Pomeranian in your life is life-changing.

I’ve had many dogs in my life that I have loved and adored but, nothing has compared to the joy that my Pomeranians have brought to my life.

32. Pomeranians Like To Beg

Pomeranians are little beggars.

They can be trained not to be but, you give them just a little bit they will be staring at you for more.

33. You May Not Be Able To Have Just One

It’s kind of like that famous potato chip slogan, you may not be able to have just one.

You will start off thinking that you want one dog and then you want a friend for that dog and then you go into full obsession mode when you get your third.

We love this breed, obviously, I’ve built an entire website dedicated to these fluffy little dogs.

You are warned, you may get more than one.

Final Thoughts

I’ve covered a lot of information that should provide you with a wonderful idea of what you can expect if you were to add a Pomeranian to your family.

I am one of this breed’s biggest fans but, I also don’t think they are the right fit for everyone.

It’s most important to me that these dogs end up in the right homes that provide the best lifestyle for both the dogs and the owners.

I’ve created the quick quiz as a tool to use, that provides thinking points to consider when debating if you should get a Pomeranian.

I wish you the best of luck in your journey!

78 Must-Know Facts On Pomeranians!

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