Can Pomeranians Swim

Can Pomeranians Swim (Important Facts)

Pomeranians are small and fluffy lap dogs but, can they swim? Do Pomeranians like the water?

Many Pomeranains can swim and some love it whereas others don’t want to go near the water. Pomeranians need to be introduced to the water gradually and under safe conditions, they are not strong swimmers and can easily get tired and in danger.

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    Are Pomeranians Good At Swimming

    Being small-sized toy dogs with fluffy coats they are not known for being great swimmers.

    Of course, each dog is different and some will swim better than others but, overall as a breed Pomeranians are not good swimmers.

    Can Pomeranians Swim Long Distances

    Pomeranians do not have the strength and stamina that are needed to be long-distance swimmers.

    It may look like your Pomeranian is a strong swimmer and even if they are, they are still not physically able to swim a distance.

    I would not recommend putting your Pomeranian in a situation where they would need to swim a long distance.

    Pomeranians can not swim long distances.

    Do Pomeranians Like Swimming

    Every dog will be different, some Pomeranians love the water and love swimming whereas others never want to get wet.

    As a breed Pomeranains are active and very playful with some loving the water.

    I have a Pomeranian that is on each end of this spectrum.

    Our black Pomeranian Willow loves the water, she enjoys splashing around and getting wet.

    She enjoys a middle pool, streams, and an unexpected jump in the pond.

    On the other hand, our Cream Pomeranian Murphy can stand water, he doesn’t even want to go outside if it’s raining.

    Are Pomeranians Scared Of Water

    Some dogs may love the water and some Pomeranians may be scared of the water.

    If a dog has a bad first experience with water it often sets them up to be fearful of all water in the future.

    Are Pomeranains Water Dogs

    Pomeranians are not water dogs.

    Some Pomeranians may enjoy splashing around in a kiddie pool or at the edge of a lake but, many will want to avoid the water altogether.

    You must watch your Pomeranian around water at all times.

    Due to their small size and stature, they can get tired and weighed down very easily.

    Do Pomeranians like water

    If My Dog Hates Baths Will It Hate Swimming

    You may end up with a dog that doesn’t like taking a bath but, enjoys swimming.

    Your dog may have different feelings towards water based on whether they have the choice or not to get wet.

    Being forced to get a bath when they don’t want it is very different than willingly jumping in a kiddie pool on a hot day.

    Can Pomeranians Drown

    Pomeranians can drown!

    Being small dogs with a lot of fur that gets very heavy went wet they are vulnerable to growing.

    Pomeranians can easily tire of swimming and not be able to reach safety.

    Always watch your Pomeranian closely when it is around water and make sure to have your pool fenced to help prevent a tragedy.

    Do All Pomeranians Know How To Swim

    It may be easy to assume that all dogs including Pomeranians know how to swim, that actually isn’t true.

    Pomeranians need to be taught how to swim and build on their swimming experience just like humans do.

    Does A Pomeranians Coat Become Heavy In Water

    A Pomeranians coat does become very heavy when it gets wet.

    Should You Introduce Your Pomeranian To Water

    You should introduce your dog gently to the water.

    It’s best if your dog isn’t scared of water and can tolerate getting a bath or even enjoying a refreshing kiddie pool.

    Benefits Of Teaching Your Pomeranian To Swim

    Teaching your dog to swim is a good idea especially if you live around water.

    If your dog knows how to swim it will have a lesser chance of drowning if it falls into the water.

    How To Introduce Your Pomeranian To Water

    Inducing your Pomeranian to a positive water experience at a young age is very important.

    Little puppies are excited and playful, they are always eager to explore the world around them and all it has to offer.

    Steps To Teach Your Pomeranian How To Swim

    1. Start with a small kiddie pool in your yard
    2. Make sure the kiddie pool only has a small amount of water in it
    3. Don’t force your dog to get in the water
    4. Get in the water yourself and splash around in it
    5. After your Pomeranian has had many positive experiances with the kiddie pool you can move on to deeper pools
    6. Always get in the pool with your dog
    7. Hold your dogs belly for support, it give it the oppurtuntity to try swimming in a safe environment
    8. Keep your swimming sessions short, you don’t want your dog to get exhausted
    9. Teach your dog how to get in and out of the pool
    10. Always use good safety practices even if your dog can swim

    What Does You Pomeranian Need For Swimming

    If you have a swimmer on your hands it’s important for you to have the right gear for the best experience.

    Most dogs love water toys and balls in the water.

    Have a thick towel on hand to help dry off your Pomeranian when it’s done swimming.

    Always have a bowl and water on hand for your Pomeranian to drink, some treats will also be appreciated.

    Think about sunscreen and a protective balm for your dog’s paws if you think it may be needed.

    If your Pomeranian isn’t a good swimmer, it’s best to have a lifejacket that fits your dog available.

    What Should You Do When Your Pomeranian Is Done Swimming

    When your Pomeranian is done swimming you should dry him or her off with a towel.

    Unless your dog has been swimming in clean fresh hose water it may be best to rinse your dog to remove any chemicals, salt, dirt, or bacteria from its fur.

    When your dog is dry I suggest brushing your dog thoroughly.

    can Pomeranians go to the beach

    Can Pomeranians Swim In Pools

    A swimming pool that is not deep is the ideal place for Pomeranians to swim.

    Obviously, most pools beside a small kiddie pool will be deep for a Pomeranian.

    Make sure that your pool is gated or fenced in and watch your dog when it is near the pool.

    Do Pomeranians Like To Swim In Pools

    Many Pomeranians will enjoy swimming in a pool.

    Some may prefer just laying nearby the pool.

    Can Pomeranians Go To The Beach

    Some beaches are dog friendly whereas others are not.

    Check with your city or town for dog-friendly beaches before bringing your dog.

    At the beach always be aware of dangers like bigger dogs, too much sun exposure, overheating, and dehydration.

    Can Pomeranians Swim In The Ocean

    I wouldn’t recommend swimming in the ocean with your Pomeranian.

    The ocean water is too powerful and unpredictable making it a dangerous situation for your small dog.

    Do Pomeranains Like To Swim In The Ocean

    Many Pomeranians may be nervous around the crashing waves, noises, and fast-moving water.

    You may get other dogs that love the excitement.

    Can Pomeranains Swim In Ponds

    I would avoid swimming in ponds unless it is a large pond that has high-quality non-stagnant water.

    As with any Pomeranian, swimming situation make sure, your dog is only going in shallow water.

    Beware of deep drop-offs.

    Do Pomeranains Like To Swim In Ponds

    It’s hit or miss, you Pomeranian may love swimming in ponds where others won’t go near the water.

    Can Pomeranains Swim In Lakes

    Pomeranians can swim in lakes if there is a very shallow and gradual entrance.

    I would never put a Pomeranian in a deep part of a lake or swim off of a boat.

    Do Pomeranains Like To Swim In Lakes

    If your Pomeranian grows up around a lake it will be very likely that your dog will enjoy swimming in lakes.

    Can Pomeranians Swim In Streams Or Rivers

    Your Pomeranian can wade in the shallow portion of a stream or river but, I would have your dog on a leash at all times and be very cautious.

    Streams and rivers can often have powerful currents that could easily sweep away your small Pomeranian.

    Can Pomeranians Swim In Hot Tubs

    Never bring your Pomeranian into a hot tub.

    The water is too hot and can become fatal.

    Safest Places For Your Pomeranian To Swim

    The safest place for your Pomeranian to swim is a shallow pool with supervision.

    Most Dangerous Places For Your Pomeranian To Swim

    The most dangerous places for your Pomeranian to swim are.

    Many bodies of water are too deep for your Pomeranian or have too many unpredictable currents and movements.

    Your dog could easily be swept away.

    • Deep Pools (any pool where your Pomeranian can’t stand up in without drowning)
    • Rivers (due to fast running water)
    • Streams (due to fast running water)
    • Ocean
    • Ponds
    • Lakes
    Can Pomeranians Drown

    Should I Get My Pomeranian A Kiddie Pool

    A kiddie pool is a great choice for a Pomeranian.

    It’s the weather is hot, your Pomeranian may enjoy cooling off in a kiddie pool.

    Should I Get A Life Jacket For My Pomeranian

    If you are around water often going on boats or with a pool or lake in your backyard it may be a good idea to have a lifejacket on hand for your dog.

    Water Safety For Pomeranians

    My top tips for keeping your Pomeranian safe around water are.

    • Always watch your dog around water
    • Make sure your dog is only swimming in safe places
    • Take breaks
    • Drink water often
    • Keep out of the hot sun
    • Make sure the water isn’t too hot or too cold
    • Check the water quality for bacteria (you can use weather websites)
    • Get a lifejacket for your dog
    • Make sure your pool or lake access is fenced

    Is Swimming Good Exercise For Dogs

    Swimming is good exercise for many dogs but, I wouldn’t recommend it for dogs like Pomeranians.

    Pomeranians can easily get tired in the water.

    The best exercise for a Pomeranian would be a nice walk or playing in the yard with a ball or toys.

    Can All Dogs Swim

    For some reason, we are led to believe that all dogs are natural swimmers.

    That is not true.

    Some dogs’ bodies are not built for swimming.

    Some of the features you will find in dogs that can’t swim well are.

    • Long coats of fur
    • Thick coats of fur
    • Double coated dogs
    • Dogs with short muzzles
    • Dogs with flat muzzles
    • Dogs with large and heavy heads
    • Dogs with barrel shaped bodies
    • Dogs with long bodies
    • Dogs that have short legs in proportion to their bodies
    • Dogs with large chests in proportion to the hind end of their bodies

    What Dogs Breeds Cant Swim (12 Breeds)

    Some dog breeds that can’t swim well include.

    • Bulldog
    • Pug
    • Basset Hound
    • Daschond
    • Pekingese
    • Boxer
    • Pembroke Welsh Corgi
    • Bull Terrier
    • Shih Tzu
    • Chow Chow
    • Shar Pei
    • Scottish Terrier

    What Dog Breeds Don’t Like Swimming

    Even though other breeds may have a body that is better designed for swimming and water activities, some breeds are often shy near the water.

    • Papillon
    • Chinese Created
    • Greyhound
    • Maltese
    • Bishon Frise
    • Yorkshire Terrier
    • Chihuahua

    What Dog Breeds Are The Best Swimmers

    Some dog breeds are born to swim!

    • American Water Spaniel
    • Barbet
    • Boykin Spaniel
    • Chesapeake Bay Retreiver
    • Curly-Coated Retreiver
    • English Setter
    • Flat-Coated Retreiver
    • Irish Water Spaniel
    • Labrador Retreiver
    • Lagotto Romagnolo
    • Newfoundland
    • Otterhound
    • Portugeuse Water Dog
    • Spanish Water Dog
    • Standard Poodle

    What Dog Breeds Love The Water

    The same dog breeds that are born for the water are often genetically inclined to love the water as well.

    Final Thoughts

    Every dog is different with Pomeranians not being an exception.

    Some Pomeranians may absolutely love swimming and water while others will hate it.

    Making sure you are patient with your dog and introducing your dog to the water at a younger age will have the best results.

    Regardless, it’s important to always be safe around the water. Never take your eyes off your kids and pets if they are at risk of drowning.

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