is it normal for Pomeranians to follow you everywhere

Why Does My Pomeranian Follow Me Everywhere (7 Reasons)

If you have a Pomeranian you will know exactly what I am talking about, some Pomeranians are known to follow their owners everywhere. I lovingly refer to them as my “Pomtourage”. Everywhere I go my three little fluff balls are with me. They usually announce my arrival into the room. Sometimes silently and other times …

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Are Pomeranians Brave

Are Pomeranians Brave (7 Examples)

Pomeranians may not be the biggest and scariest looking dog but, are they brave regardless? Pomeranians are known for being small lapdogs that make wonderful companions. Some may be surprised to hear that Pomeranians become very attached to their owners and are very protective often showing bravery beyond their size. Can Dogs Be Courageous It’s …

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Are Pomeranians Active

Are Pomeranians Active

If you are considering adding a Pomeranian into your life you may be concerned about their energy levels and exercise requirements. Pomeranians are low to medium-energy dogs with minimal activity requirements. A Pomeranians big personality often leads us to believe that they are very active. In reality, a Pomeranian will enjoy a short walk with …

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