Do Pomeranians Smile

Do Pomeranians Really Smile (Quick Facts)

We’ve seen a big toothy grin with a tongue sticking out of their mouth that expresses nothing else besides pure happiness but, do Pomeranians really smile? Pomeranians have learned to smile throughout time in response to human behaviors. Beyond a big smile Pomeranians will also show an abundant amount of emotions and communications through body …

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Tips For Stubborn Pomeranians

Are Pomeranians Stubborn

Pomeranains are adorable little lap dogs but, do they have a stubborn streak? Pomeranians are very intelligent and can sometimes show signs of being stubborn during the training process. In most cases, this can be corrected with proper training as well as eliminating any other distractions. Are Pomeranians Stubborn Dogs Pomeranians can be stubborn dogs …

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Reasons Why Pomeranians Lick

Why Do Pomeranians Lick So Much (9 Reasons)

Dogs love to lick and Pomeranians are not an exception but, why do Pomeranians lick so much? In this article, I break down the top reasons why your Pomeranian may be licking and what you should do about it. Pomeranians lick for a variety of reasons including attention-seeking, communication, itching, discomfort, allergies, medical issues as …

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Pomeranians Personality Traits (9 Traits)

Pomeranians are known for being cute little companions but, what are their personalities really like? Pomeranians are fun loving and happy little fluffy companions that are always up for a playful adventure and cuddling with their family family members. What Are The Most Common Pomeranian Personality Traits Pomeranians are adorable and instantly grab your attention …

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is it normal for Pomeranians to follow you everywhere

Why Does My Pomeranian Follow Me Everywhere (7 Reasons)

If you have a Pomeranian you will know exactly what I am talking about, some Pomeranians are known to follow their owners everywhere. I lovingly refer to them as my “Pomtourage”. Everywhere I go my three little fluff balls are with me. They usually announce my arrival into the room. Sometimes silently and other times …

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