What are merle pomeranians

What Are Merle Pomeranians (Merle Guide)

Many of us have heard of dogs with distinct and beautiful “Blue Merle” coats but, have not heard of the lesser-known variations like the chocolate merle. What are Merle Pomeranians? Merle Pomeranians have unique genetics that results in a coat pattern that is often described as patchy, splotchy, or molted. A Merle Pomeranian often has …

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What is a chocolate Pomeranian

What Is A Chocolate Pomeranian (Brown Pom Info)

You won’t be able to miss a Pomeranian with a soft and fluffy chocolate-colored coat but, what is a Chocolate Pomeranian. Chocolate Pomeranians have a double coat that is full of chocolate brown-colored fur that can range from a deep brown to light chocolate. Chocolate Pomeranians will always have matching brown-colored noses, eyelids, lips, and …

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what is an Orange Pomeranian

What Is An Orange Pomeranian (Orange Pom Info)

When you think of Pomeranians as a breed the Orange Pomeranian is usually the color that comes to mind. Orange Pomeranians are the most traditional coat color for Pomeranians. This classic color can have one of three different types of Orange Coats and two different whisker colors. An Orange Pomeranians coat can vary in color …

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What Is A Black Pomeranian

All About Black Pomeranians

This article has everything you would want to know about Black Pomeranians. Learn about what is a Black Pomeranian, their history, temperament, price, and grooming needs. Pure Black Pomeranians are known for their silky jet black fur without a trace of any other color. These fiesty and intelligent dogs are wonderful companions that enjoy being …

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