are promeranians brachycelphic

Are Pomeranians Brachycephalic (Quick Facts)

Some dog breeds are often referred to as being Brachycelptic which can cause breathing problems as well as other health concerns, are fluffy little Pomeranians Brachycelptic. Although the size, shape, and muzzle of a Pomeranian can vary drastically from being almost fox-like to appearing smooshed in, they are not considered brachycephalic. Pomeranians that do have …

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English Conversation About A Health...
English Conversation About A Health Problem
What are Pomeranians allergic to

What Are Pomeranians Allergic To (Quick Facts)

Just like humans, many dogs including Pomeranians can have allergies, what are the most common allergies in Pomeranians? Pomeranians can have various allergies including those triggered by food, environmental toxins, and outdoor triggers like pollen, grass weeds, and bug bites. Can Pomeranians Have Allergies Pomeranians can have allergies. There are four main types of allergies …

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Are Pomeranians Prone To Kidney Disease

Are Pomeranians Prone To Kidney Disease

We love our dogs deeply and never want to see them suffer. Kidney Disease in dogs is common and can sometimes become serious. Are Pomeranains prone to Kidney Disease? Is Kidney Failure Common In Pomeranians Pomeranians are pretty healthy dogs overall usually living long healthy lives. Kidney failure is a possibility in Pomeranains as it …

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Collapsed Tracheas In Pomeranians (Quick Facts)

Pomeranians are small fluffy little dogs that are mostly healthy but, are prone to experiencing collapsed tracheas. The distinct goose-honking sound is often a sure sign of a collapsed trachea. Many small breeds are more vulnerable to experiencing a breakdown of the cartilage around their trachea. This can be caused by various reasons including trauma …

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why does my Pomeranian vomit yellow

Why Do Pomeranians Vomit (20 Reasons)

It’s never fun when you dog vomits but, determining the reason behind your dogs vomiting can be even more challenging. Why Do Pomeranians Vomit? Pomeranains vomit for a variety of reasons including harmless grass eating, rapid water drinking or food consumption. Vomiting can also be the sign of a life threatening condition like heatstroke, liver …

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why do pomeranians cough

Why Do Pomeranians Cough (11 Examples )

It can be concerning if you notice your Pomeranian making coughing, hacking, or choking noises. It’s important to get to the root cause of your dog’s coughing since some causes can become serious. Is your dog choking> Does it need immediate veterinary care? In this article, I cover the most common reasons why your Pomeranian …

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