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Are Pomeranians Brave

Are Pomeranians Brave (7 Examples)

Pomeranians may not be the biggest and scariest looking dog but, are they brave regardless? Pomeranians are known for being small lapdogs that make wonderful companions. Some may be surprised to hear that Pomeranians become very attached to their owners and are very protective often showing bravery beyond their size. Can Dogs Be Courageous It’s …

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Are Pomeranians Active

Are Pomeranians Active

If you are considering adding a Pomeranian into your life you may be concerned about their energy levels and exercise requirements. Pomeranians are low to medium-energy dogs with minimal activity requirements. A Pomeranians big personality often leads us to believe that they are very active. In reality, a Pomeranian will enjoy a short walk with …

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Are Pomeranians Dangerous

Are Pomeranians Dangerous (8 Behaviors)

It’s hard to imagine a fluffy little dog as being a danger to others but, it is possible for Pomeranians to be dangerous? Pomeranians are not considered dangerous due to their small stature and happy temperament. Pomeranians are less likely to bite, attack or show aggression towards people and animals compared to many other dog …

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Are Pomeranians annoying

Are Pomeranians Annoying (27 Annoying Habits)

We love our dogs tremedously but, sometimes our dogs can be annoying. Are Pomeranians annoying as a breed and what do they do that’s so annoying. Pomeranians can be annoying. Some of the most annoying behaviors are excessive barking, chewing on objects, jumping up, begging for food and stealing things. Most annoying behaviors can be …

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how do pomeranians play

How Do Pomeranians Play? (21 Examples)

Pomeranians make wonderful companions but, you may be wondering how Pomeranians like to play? Pomeranians enjoy playing in a variety of ways including dog puzzles, playing fetch, wrestling, chasing, stealing toys, chewing on plush squeaky toys, and chasing the cat to start. Playtime with your Pomeranian is beneficial for both you and your dog. In …

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What are merle pomeranians

What Are Merle Pomeranians (Merle Guide)

Many of us have heard of dogs with distinct and beautiful “Blue Merle” coats but, have not heard of the lesser-known variations like the chocolate merle. What are Merle Pomeranians? Merle Pomeranians have unique genetics that results in a coat pattern that is often described as patchy, splotchy, or molted. A Merle Pomeranian often has …

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