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Do Pomeranians Smell

Do Pomeranians Smell?

We are all familiar with the distict doggy smell that can sometimes be very pungent. Pomeranians are small dogs with a full coat of fur, do they smell? Pomeranians are not known as a smelly breed. Dog smells can come from a variety of reasons including getting into something outdoors, allergies or health conditions. Making …

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Do Pomeranians Have Bad Teeth

Do Pomeranians Have Bad Teeth

Dog’s are a lot like humans the condition of our teeth and mouths can heavily impact the rest of our health. Should we be concerned with our Pomeranian’s dental health? Do Pomeranians have bad teeth? Pomeranians can be known to have bad breath, gum disease, and bite issues. Being a small dog they are more …

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Do Pomeranians Drool

Do Pomeranians Drool (11 Reasons For Drooling)

Dogs drool, that’s a known fact but, some dogs drool much more than others (I’m thinking about you St. Bernard). Do Pomeranians drool? Pomeranians are one of the dog breeds that are known to drool very little. Drooling is the unintentional saliva that overflows out of the dog’s mouth. Some amount of drooling is perfectly …

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