Are Pomeranians Active

Are Pomeranians Active

If you are considering adding a Pomeranian into your life you may be concerned about their energy levels and exercise requirements. Pomeranians are low to medium-energy dogs with minimal activity requirements. A Pomeranians big personality often leads us to believe that they are very active. In reality, a Pomeranian will enjoy a short walk with …

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how do pomeranians play

How Do Pomeranians Play? (21 Examples)

Pomeranians make wonderful companions but, you may be wondering how Pomeranians like to play? Pomeranians enjoy playing in a variety of ways including dog puzzles, playing fetch, wrestling, chasing, stealing toys, chewing on plush squeaky toys, and chasing the cat to start. Playtime with your Pomeranian is beneficial for both you and your dog. In …

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