What are the different types of Pomeranian faces

What Are The Different Types Of Pomeranian Faces

Have you ever noticed that Pomeranians have a variety of different looks? One of the most obvious differences is a Pomeranian’s facial structure. Some have very long muzzles looking like a fox whereas others have very short muzzles.

What are the different types of Pomeranian faces?

There are three different terms or “nick-names” given to describe the different types of Pomeranian faces, they are fox face, baby doll face, and teddy bear face.

How Many Different Types Of Pomeranian Faces Are There

There are three different distinct face types that you may notice within the Pomeranian breed.

Since there is only one official type of Pomeranian these are all terms that are used to describe different facial features and appearances.

What Are The Differences Between The Face Types

There are subtle but, noticeable differences between the three terms used to describe a Pomeranian face.

Fox Face Pomeranian

The fox face look is the most traditional face structure for Pomeranians.

The breed standard uses the term “fox-like” in the official breed standard but, the wording is referring to the dog’s expression and not its muzzle or head shape.

This misinterpretation leads people to believe that Pomeranians should have a long and pointy muzzle when that is not true.

The breed standard for a Pomeranian muzzle is.

Muzzle – rather short, straight, free of lippiness, neither coarse nor snipey. Ratio of length of muzzle to skull is 1/3 to 2/3

Is It OK for A Pomeranians Muzzle To Be Longer Than 2/3 Of Its Skull

It’s ok for a Pomeranian to have a muzzle that is longer than 2/3 of its skull but, that Pomeranian would be falling outside of the breed standard.

It may be possible that the Pomeranian is not purebred or may have a genetic background that is not to standard.

Pomeranians are beautiful and come in all shapes and sizes, the most important thing is to make sure you are getting your puppy from a reputable breeder to ensure its health and background.

Do pomeranains have differnt faces

Baby Doll Face Pomeranian

A Pomeranian with what is called a “baby doll face” will have a muzzle that is slightly shorter than the breed standard.

what are the differences between pomeranian facce types

Teddy Bear Face Pomeranian

A “Teddy Bear face” Pomeranian has the shortest muzzle of them all. A Teddy Bear-Faced Pomeranian will have a muzzle that is only 1/4 the length of its skull.

When a Pomeranian with a “Teddy Bear Face” is compared with a Pomeranian that fits within the breed standard the “Teddy Bear Face” Pomeranian will have a dramatically shorter muzzle that almost gives the “smushed” face appearance.

A “Teddy Bear Face” Pomeranian may also have their eyes set closer to their muzzle and have the appearance of fuller more fluffy cheeks.

How did pomeranians get different face types

What Shape Face Should A Pomeranian Have

A Pomeranian should have a face structure that fits within the breed standard with a muzzle that is 1/3 to 2/3 of its skull.

The AKC Breed standard also lists the following descriptions for a Pomeranian’s facial features.

Head – in balance with the body, when viewed from above, broad at the back tapering to the nose to form a wedge. 

Expression – may be referred to as fox-like, denoting his alert and intelligent nature.

 Eyes – dark, bright, medium-sized, and almond-shaped; set well into the skull with the width between the eyes balancing the other facial features. Eye rims are black, except self-colored in chocolate, beaver, and blue.

 Ears – small, mounted high, and carried erect. A proper ear set should be favored over size

Skull – closed, slightly round but not domed. Stop – well pronounced. 

Muzzle – rather short, straight, free of lippiness, neither coarse nor snipey. The ratio of length of muzzle to skull is 1/3 to 2/3. Nose – pigment is black except self-colored in chocolate, beaver, and blue.

 Bite – scizors, one tooth out of alignment is acceptable. 

Major Faults – Round, domed skull. Undershot, overshot, or wry bite.

 Disqualification – Eye(s) light blue, blue marbled, blue flecked. 

why do Pomeranians have different faces

Why Do Pomeranians Have Different Faces

Dog breeders have always selected their breeding pairs based on the possible genetic outcome of the puppies.

Every breeder has their own traits that they prefer whether is a color, pattern, stature, or even facial shape.

The same goes for Pomeranian owners. Every owner has a different Pomeranian look that they prefer giving a demand for many different variations and genetics within the Pomeranian breed.

How Did Pomeranains Get Different Face Types

Through time and generations of breeding the facial structure of Pomeranians has changed.

Due to the AKC standard, there will always be the largest set of Pomeranians that fall within the breed standard.

If there remains a demand for Pomeranains with shorter or longer muzzles those will also be bred by some.

Since Pomeranians are very popular dogs and are in high demand I foresee the different facial structures and descriptions being around for a long time.

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Are The Different Faces Separate Pomeranian Breeds

All of the different terms that are used to describe a Pomeranian often add to a lot of confusion.

Although it may seem like there are many different breeds of Pomeranians there is only one breed “The Pomeranian” with many other terms or “nicknames” that are used to describe their appearance.

Are There Any Other Differences In A Pomeranian Appearance

Besides the different terms given for a Pomeranian’s facial features, there are many other terms used to describe a Pomeranian’s appearance.

Terms Used To Describe A Pomeranian Size

Pomeranians come in all sizes, and it shouldn’t be a surprise since Pomeranians were much larger in size until the late 1800s when Queen Victoria wanted her Pomeranians to fit in her lap.

Some of the terms given to describe a Pomeranian’s size are.

Terms Used To Describe A Pomeranian Coat Color

At this point, there are 26 different Pomeranian coat colors. I won’t list them all here but, some of the most interesting include.

Terms Used To Describe A Pomeranian Coat Pattern

A Pomeranian coat can come in many different patterns.

  • Merle
  • Brindle
  • Parti
  • Sable

Terms Used To Describe A Pomeranian Fur

Pomeranians go through a special teenage phase where they lose their puppy coats and transition into their full double adult coats.

This phase results in many puppies with patchy-looking coats and looking pretty awkward.

The loving term that is given to this time is the “puppy uglies”.

What Pomeranian Face Should You Get

Any Pomeranian is a wonderful addition to your family.

It’s really a matter of preference which look you prefer in a Pomeranian.

I would start by looking at breeders near you and viewing the photos of their past litters.

Making sure that you select a reputable breeder and get a healthy dog is the most important thing.

If you are drawn to a specific face type you may be able to locate a breeder with dogs that fit that look.

Final Thoughts

Who knew that there could be so many different looks within one breed of dog?

Pomeranians are an incredible breed that comes in a rainbow of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes.

You are sure to find your next best friend whether it has a fox face, a baby face, or a teddy bear face.

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