What are the different Pomeranain hairstyles

What Are The Different Pomeranian Haircut Styles

You may have seen Pomeranians with various different haircuts and wonder what are the different Pomeranian hairstyles.

There are nine different Pomeranian haircuts that have become the most popular including the Teddy bear cut, Boo cut, and the Lion cut.

In this article, I’ll discuss the most popular Pomeranian haircuts and let you know which ones are recommended and which ones you should avoid completely.

What Are The Different Pomeranian Hairstyles

Pomeranian haircuts have their own names or nicknames that they have been given.

Similar to human hairstyles some come and go in popularity and everyone has their own interpretation of what the hairstyle should look like.

9 Most Common Pomeranian Hairstyles

  • Teddy Bear Cut
  • Lion Cut
  • Fox Cut
  • Lamb Cut
  • Boo Cut
  • Kennel Cut
  • Show Trim
  • Puppy Cut
  • Pomeranian Trim

What Is A Teddy Bear Cut

Who wouldn’t like to have a dog that looks like a teddy bear?

With the teddy bear cut, the entire body is shaved down to a half-inch or inch. The fur around the face and ears is left longer and trimmed into a perfect circular shape.

This haircut is Not Recommended since it shaves the Pomeranian’s fur too short possibly damaging it for life.

Pomeranian teddy bear cut

What Is A Lion Cut

With a lion cut the fur on the dog’s body is shaved as close as possible to its skin with fur on its head, chest, and the tip of its tail left so it looks like a lion.

This Pomeranian haircut is NOT RECOMMENDED due to the permanent damage that may be done to the dog’s coat and the high maintenance level for this cut.

Dog’s with this hairstyle will need to be professionally groomed every two to three weeks.

What Is A Fox Cut

With a Fox cut the hairstyle is meant to accentuate the Pomeranian’s natural features making it look more like a fox.

The fur around the face is trimmed in a triangular fashion. The dog’s body is trimmed shorter leaving its tail nice and fluffy.

This Pomeranian haircut is NOT RECOMMENDED due to the possibility of cutting the body hair too short and damaging it. Pomeranians are supposed to look like Pomeranians not foxes. If you would prefer a dog with a shorted coat there are many other options that might be a better fit.

Are Pomeranians supposed to get haircuts

What Is A Lamb Cut

The Lamb cut is shaved and cut very short all over the entire head and body removing all of a Pomeranains beautiful fur leaving a soft and fleecy appearance.

This Pomeranian haircut is NOT RECOMMENDED due to the permanent damage that is likely to be done to the Pomeranians coat. Why would you want to remove all of your Pomeranians glorious fur?

most common pomeranian hairstyles

What Is A Boo Cut

The Boo haircut is the same as the Teddy Bear Haircut.

Boo was a famous Pomeranian that was known as one of the cutest dogs ever.

Many people wanted their Pomeranians to look just like Boo making the teddy bear haircut also known as the Boo Cut.

What is a boo haircut

What Is A Kennel Cut

A kennel cut is a shaved-down haircut usually to around 1/2″ or less.

This is NOT RECOMMENDED for Pomeranians since it can damage their coats forever.

Pomeranian kennel cut

What Is A Show Trim

A Pomeranian show cut celebrates the natural beauty of the Pomeranian.

Pomeranian show cuts do not require any shaving of the Pomeranians fur.

A show cut is done with scissoring techniques.

The fur around the ears and paws is trimmed neatly. The chest fur is trimmed into a nice round shape. The fur on the tail is trimmed into a clean fan shape.

This haircut is RECOMMENDED. A Pomeranian show cut is just a hairstyle that cleans up the stray fur from your Pomeranian making it look its best. There isn’t any potential damage or high maintenance requirements.

what is the best haircut for a pomeranian

What Is A Puppy Cut

Puppy cuts have all of the dog’s fur cut to one length all over its body giving it a uniform look all over.

The difference between a puppy cut and a teddy bear cut would be that the fur around the dog’s face isn’t trimmed into a round circle with the puppy cut.

This Pomeranian hairstyle is NOT RECCOMMEND due to the drastic cutting and shaving of the dog’s coat ultimately damaging the fur for future growth.

What Is A Pomeranian Trim

A Pomeranian trim is when a Pomeranian’s fur is just trimmed and cleaned up.

Having your Pomeranian trimmed is RECOMMENDED. If your Pomeranian needs a little cleaning up and added shape to its fur a trimming would be acceptable.

What Is The Best Haircut For A Pomeranian

The only recommended haircuts or hairstyles for Pomeranians would be a simple trim or a show cut.

Shaving or deeply cutting a Pomeranian’s fur can damage it to the point that it may never grow back completely.

Are Pomeranians Supposed To Get Haircuts

Pomeranians are not supposed to get haircuts. A trim to shape them up and keep them neat and clean is suggested but, cutting or shaving a Pomeranian’s beautiful fluffy fur is not necessary.

Will Cutting My Pomeranians Hair Be Better For My Allergies

Cutting a Pomeranians hair will not improve your allergies due to the allergy-causing proteins being found in a dog’s saliva and dander, not its fur.

Do Pomeranians Have A Lot Of Dander?

Are Pomeranians Hard to Maintain

Pomeranians are not as high maintenance as you may assume. They require routine brushing and the occasional bath to keep them mat-free.

Are Pomeranians High Maintenance?

Should Your Pomeranians Haircut Change With The Seasons

Unlike many other dog breeds, Pomeranians do not require a haircut with the change of the seasons.

You can expect some seasonal shedding in the Fall and Spring as their fur changes with the seasons.

Pomeranian Haircut Variations

Earlier in this article, I listed the 9 most common Pomeranian haircuts. Over time the details of each haircut can be changed or fine-tuned which ends up developing a new hairstyle.

The following list is less common haircuts and names used to describe them.

  • Toy Cut- this is pretty much a teddy bear cut with the body fur cut as short as 1″ with a trimmed full face.
  • Paw Trim- this cut is a trimming of the fur around the Pomeranians paws.
  • Fluffy Tail- This cut trims the body short but, leaves a fluffy tail.
  • Lion Chest- A variation of the lion cut leaving the chest fur longer than usual.
  • Polar Bear Style- A style that is best suited for white Pomeranians, they body is trimmed down to 2″ long.

Final Thoughts

Although there are many different haircuts and hairstyles for Pomeranians with more and more popping up all of the time, having your dog’s fur drastically cut is not recommended.

Pomeranians have a beautiful double coat of fur that naturally protects the dog from the elements.

Cutting or shaving a Pomeranian’s fur doesn’t only expose them to the sun and cold it, can also damage the fur to the point that it may not grow back.

It is a lifelong decision if you decide to cut your Pomeranians fur.

I recommend only trimming your dog’s fur to neaten it up.

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