Do Pomeranians Act Like Cats

Do Pomeranians Act Like Cats (7 Behaviors)

It seems like a funny question to compare the behavior of a dog breed to cats but, you may be surprised how similar they are.

Pomeranians act just like cats in many ways like cuddling on your lap for a nap, demanding attention, and telling you just what they want. Although there are many differences between Pomeranians and cats there are also many similarities.

Do Pomeranians Act Like Cats

Pomeranians may surprise you with how similar they can be to cats.

There are certain behaviors that we often associate with cats like sleeping on your lap, being territorial, and being very independent.

Pomeranians share a lot of these same traits making them sometimes appear as if they are cats.

Why Would You Think Pomeranians Act Like Cats

  • They Like To Sleep On Your Lap
  • They Both Show Affection
  • Communication
  • Begging For Food
  • Territorial
  • Independent
  • Love of sleep

Sleeping Preferences Of Pomeranians And Cats

One of the best things about having a cat is that many of them love to curl up on your lap for a nap.

There is something so relaxing about having your furry little friend right next to you.

Many dogs don’t want to or are unable to curl up on your lap and take a nap but not Pomeranians.

Both Pomeranians and cats love to snuggle up next to you or on your lap.

Do Pomeranians Act Like Cats

Are Pomeranians And Cats Affectionate

Of course, it depends on the cat and the dog and your mileage may vary.

For the most part, cats are very affectionate and enjoy getting attention from their owners.

Pomeranians are obsessed with their owners and often demand the companionship and attention of their owners.

As a breed, Pomeranians are known for being very clingy and can often develop separation anxiety if they are left alone.

Do Pomeranians Get Along With Cats?

Pomeranians And Cats Like To Communicate

You can count on a cat and a Pomeranian to let you know when they want something.

It may be a casual stare, meow or bark, scratch, or jumping right on top of you.

You can expect cats and Pomeranians to both smack you with their paws when they want to grab your attention.

Either way, both cats and Pomeranians are never going to leave you guessing when they want something.

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Cats And Pomeranians Are Professional Beggars

We have some amazing beggars in our house, and I can’t decide if the cats or Pomeranians are better.

The cats will stare at you and meow until they get what they want.

The dogs will also stare at you intently letting you know that they are there and are available to receive a treat or two.

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Pomeranians And Cats Are Territorial

We all know how territorial cats can be but, did you know Pomeranians are also very defensive of their territories?

A Pomeranian’s territory often includes you as their alpha and human.

While most Pomeranians are very gentle and kind, they are good watchdogs and will let you know if something doesn’t seem right.

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Pomeranians And Cats Are Independent

Cats are some of the most independent creatures on the planet, with female lionesses going off to birth and raising their cubs alone before introducing them to the pride.

Pomeranians are extremely attached and dependent on their humans but, also have extremely independent personalities.

Pomeranians are little dogs with huge personalities, often thinking they are much bigger than they are.

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Pomeranians And Cats Love To Sleep

Pomeranians and cats differ when it comes to the time of day when they sleep the most.

Cats are very nocturnal and enjoy sleeping a lot during the day while being on the prowl at night.

Pomeranians will adapt to your schedule and do the majority of their sleeping at night but, you can still expect a Pomeranian to enjoy some naps during the day.

Both Pomeranians and cats enjoy sleeping often.

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Final Thoughts

When we were considering getting our Pomeranian my husband said to me that he wanted a dog that would be like a cat and curl up on his lap while watching TV.

I kind of laughed at the moment but, in reality, that is exactly what our Pomeranians do.

They are very much like cats but, they are dogs.

I love both cats and dogs and have always called myself a Crazy Cat Lady, I also added Crazy Pom Lady to that title.

I think a house with both is ideal.

Do Pomeranians Get Along With Cats?

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