Do Pomeranians And Corgis Get Along

Do Pomeranians And Corgis Get Along

Pomeranains and Corgis both have a history tied to the Queen of England. Queen Victoria had a love of Pomeranians while Queen Elizabeth II introduced Corgis to the Royal Family. Would they be able to live in the same house castle or not? Do Pomeranians and Corgis get along?

The sassy Pomeranian and the bossy Corgi are not the best match, but they still have many characteristics that can make them compatible like their intelligence and friendliness. With the right training and patience, it is possible for Pomeranians and Corgis to get along and live in peace under the same roof.

How Do You Determine If Two Dogs Will Like Each other

There are many elements that help us determine if two dogs should like each other.

Some dog breeds are more compatible and bound to become best friends, while other are a recipe for disaster.

Let’s look at the primary elements that determine combatibility.

Are Either Dogs Known To Be Aggressive

There are some breeds that are known for being more aggressive than others like Rottweiler and Chow Chow. Since we are aware of their aggressive tendencies we are naturally wary when we introduce them to new dogs.

Although some dogs have the image of being aggressive, dogs of all sizes and breeds have the potential to be aggressive. They are all descendants of wolves after all.

Let’s look at the signs of aggression.

  • Barking
  • Snarling
  • Biting
  • Lunging
  • Showing Teeth
  • Charging
  • Snapping

If your dog shows any of the signs of aggressive behavior it’s best to delay introducing it to a new dog and seek assistance from a professional dog trainer.

Are Either Dogs Possessive

Some dogs have more possessive tendencies than others. They have what’s called “Possessive Aggression”

The top signs of “Possessive Aggresssion” are.

  • Snapping, biting, or growling when someone tries to take one of their toys from them.
  • Snapping, biting, or growling when someone comes near their food bowls.
  • Snapping, biting, growling, or fighting with other dogs over possessions.
  • Snapping, biting, growling, or fighting with other dogs or people over the attention of a favorite person.
  • Showing signs of aggression when approached in their beds, crates, or favorite spots

A dog’s possessiveness can range from being mild to being a severe situation that needs to be addressed. Many, dogs are able to improve on their possessive behaviors with training.

If your dog has “possessive aggression”, I suggest not introducing it to a new dog at this time.

Are Both Dogs Intelligent

Studies have shown that a dog’s intelligence can be tied to its behavior. Some of those behaviors include being able to read and react to humans, understanding and listening to commands, and memory skills.

It’s been determined that a dogs intelligence is equal to the intelligence of a 2.5 year old child.

The more intelligence a dog has makes it easier to train, follow commands and get along with other dogs, people, and animals.

Are Both Dog Breeds Easy To Train

Dogs that are easier to train tend to listen better and have a desire to please their trainers. The training process helps build trust and respect.

Dogs that are easier to train tend to get along better with other dogs than those that are hard to train.

Do Both Dog Breeds Have Similar Energy Levels

Some dog breeds have much more energy compared to others. Take the energetic Siberian Husky compared to the Newfoundland. These breeds are opposite matches when it comes to energy levels.

Dogs that have similar energy levels are more likely to get along and be good playmates.

Are Both Dogs Similiar In Strength

Dogs enjoy playing with each other whither it’s running around the yard chasing each other or tugging at a toy.

Dogs that have similiar strength like the Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever are a good match.

When you have two dogs that are not of similar strengths it can be more dangerous for the physically weaker dog during playtime.

Are Both Dogs Friendly And Well Socialized

It is important that all dogs are well socialized and friendly.

Some dog breeds require much more intentional socialization to ensure that they are friendly and comfortable in all situations.

Are Either Of The Dogs Over Protective

When a dog is very protective of its owner it can show signs of aggression and may not follow commands as well.

Some dogs can become very attached to their family or pack and may not be as willing as other dogs to let a new member join them.

Are Either Dog Breeds Known For Their Strong Prey Drive

Some dogs are born hunters like the English Pointer, these dogs have a strong prey drive and would not be best matched with a much smaller toy dog.

The hunting dog may accidently injure the smaller dog.

What Is The Size Difference Between The Two Dogs

The size difference between the two dogs is important. Dogs that are of similar sizes are better matched than those that have a drastic size difference.

Similar to the strength category a much smaller dog will have a higher risk of injury when in a home with a much larger dog.

What Are The Genders Of The Dogs

Studies have shown that the gender of your two dogs matters. Introducing a younger dog of the opposite gender seems to have the best results.

The younger dog of the opposite gender doesn’t “threaten” the current alpha dog in your pack as much as a dog that is the same gender and age.

Can A Pomeranian And A Corgi Live In The Same House

How Do Pomeranians And Corgies Personalities Compare

Pomeranians are sassy little dogs with big personalities. Poms enjoy some exercise and an afternoon nap snuggled up beside you.

Corgis are bossy and energetic but, fun loving and playful.

There are many personality traits that Pomeranians and Corgis share. They are both intelligent, protective, and friendly.

The Compatibility Of Pomeranians And Corgis

Let’s take a look at the breed characteristics of the Pomeranian and Corgi.

Height6-12 Inches10-12 Inches
Weight3-7 Pounds24-31 Pounds
IntelligenceVery SmartVery Smart
Ease Of TrainingCan Be Hard To TrainEasy To Train
Energy LevelMediumHigh
FriendlinessVery FriendlyVery Friendly
ProtectivenessVery ProtectiveVery Protective
Prey DriveLowHigh

How Aggressive Are Pomeranians And Corgis

Pomeranians are not known to be aggressive dogs. They are barkers and can sometimes appear more aggressive than they actually are.

Corgis are not a vicious breed but, they are fiesty and can be bossy. Some Corgis are more aggressive than others. Luckily, with the correct training, Corgis’ aggression can be reduced over time.

Are Pomeranians And Corgis Possessive

Pomeranians are very attached to their owners and can become possessive.

A Pomeranian can also become possessive of its toys and any treats that it may have received.

Corgis are also known to become attached to their owners and show possessiveness.

Are Pomeranains And Corgis Intelligent

Pomeranians are ranked as the number 23rd smartest dog according to canine psychologist Stanley Coren. Pomeranians are great problem solvers and like to be mentally challenged.

Corgis are ranked 11th (Pembroke Corgi) and 31st (Cardigan Welsh Corgi). Corgis are very intelligent world-class herding dogs with incredible instinctive intelligence.

How Easy Are Pomeranians And Corgies To Train

Pomeranians can sometimes be difficult to train. The are very independent dogs and can sometimes be stubburn.

When training a Pomeranian it is best to train them in short sessions (around 15 minutes per session) when teaching commands. Although they are independent dogs they can be motivated by positive reinforcement in the form of treats.

Corgis are easy to train, They are great problem solvers with the ability to remember what they’ve learned easily.

Energy Level Comparison Of A Pomeranian To A Corgi

Pomeranains are middle of the pack as far as energy levels go. They enjoy daily exercise, playing, and mental stimulation. They also enjoy a nice afternoon nap cuddling up next to you.

Corgis are high-energy dogs, don’t let their small size and short legs fool you this breed was bred for herding cattle. Corgis are best suited in a home that can provide many opportunities for them to burn off their energy.

Strength Comparision Of A Pomeranian To A Corgi

Pomeranians are petite dogs with a low amount of strength in comparision to the a must larger dog.

With Corgis being a bit larger and built for herding they are naturally stronger than Pomeranians.

How Friendly Are Pomeranians Compared To Corgis

Pomeranians and Corgis are both very friendly dogs. Both breeds do require that they are socialized at a young age since they have tendencies to be protective of their owners.

Socializing these dogs ensures that they are comfortable around other dogs, animals, people and situations.

Both the Pomeranian and Corgi are not recommended for homes with small children. Pomeranains can get accidentally injured due to rough handling by children, and Corgis with their strong herding instincts known to nip at the heels of children.

Are Pomeranains And Corgis Protective

Pomeranians and Corgis are both known to be protective of their owners and the members of their packs. Both dogs are very vocal and territorial.

Do Pomeranians A Corgis Have Strong Prey Drives

Pomeranians have a low prey drive and are not likely to chase after small animals.

Since Corgis are bred as herding dogs they have a high prey drive and are much more likely to chase after small animals.

What Is The Size Difference Between Pomeranians And Corgis

Pomeranians and Corgis can be similar in height with a Pomeranian ranging from 6-12 inches tall and the Corgi at 10-12 inches tall.

Corgis are more of a medium-sized dog compared to the toy-sized Pomeranian. There is quite a difference in weights, a Pomeranian weighs between 3-7 pounds where a Corgi weighs 24-31 pounds.

Can A Pomeranian And A Corgi Live In The Same House

Can a Pomeranian and Corgi live in the same house

Pomeranians and Corgis are not the best match due to both being so independent, stubborn, and protective of their owners.

The larger Corgi is bossy with a high prey drive. This may cause the Corgi to become aggressive towards a small Pomeranian.

That being said they are both very intelligent, friendly, and energetic breeds. I wouldn’t rule this combo out if you are able to invest the time needed to train these dogs appropriately and can provide enough love and attention to both dogs. There may be challenges to overcome but, it is possible for these two breeds to get along and live in the same house.

How Do You Introduce A Pomeranian To A Corgi

When you plan on introducing two dogs its best to follow a few simple guidelines.

  • Keep each dog’s belongings like their beds, crates, toys, and food dishes separate.
  • Keep the two dogs separate when you are not able to watch them.
  • Have the dogs on a leash when they are first introduced.
  • It’s best to introduce the dogs in neutral territory before bringing them together in your home.
  • When entering the existing dog’s territory (home) have the human enter first, followed by the first dog, then the new dog enters last.
  • Don’t force the meeting between the dogs, let them take it at their own pace.
  • Let the new dog get familiar with its surroundings before you introduce the existing dog in the home.

What Do You Do When Two Dogs Aren’t Getting Along

There are many reasons why two dogs may not get along. There are some steps you can take to help improve the relationship between the two dogs.

  1. Keep the two dogs separate during risky situations like eating and playing with favorite toys.
  2. Identify stressors or triggers for the undesired behaviors, address any changes that can be made.
  3. Make sure both dogs are getting enough exercise, make sure the dogs don’t have pent-up energy.
  4. Working on your training with each dog. This will help with mental stimulation and refresh the dog’s listening skills.
  5. Discuss the situation with your vet, one of your dogs may not feel well or have an injury that can cause behavior changes.
  6. Evaluate your dog’s diet, just like with humans what you eat can play a big role in how you feel.
  7. If one or both of the dogs gets aggressive use short leashes and muzzles if needed.
  8. Set boundaries of what behavior is acceptable and what is not.
  9. Reward positive behaviors.
  10. Bring the two dogs into neutral territory when they are together.
  11. Seek the help of a professional dog trainer if needed.

Are Pomeranians And Corgis Ever Bred Together

Yes, Pomeranians and Corgis are bred together, they are called Corgi Poms.

Corgi Poms are fiesty, affectionate dogs with big personalities.

Final Thoughts

Pomeranians and Corgis are both friendly and intelligent dogs.

They may not be the best match together due to the Corgi’s bossiness and size compared to the sassy and independent Pomeranian.

If you decide that having a Corgi and Pomeranian in the same house is the right choice for you, please make sure you have the time to train and spend with both dogs. Be prepared to teach your dogs how to get along without being bossy and possessive.

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