Do Pomeranians Bite

Do Pomeranians Bite (Quick Facts)

Pomeranains are adorable little companions but, do they bite?

As a breed Pomeranians are not known for being aggressive or active biters. There are always dogs and situations that can vary. Young puppies often bite or nip while they teeth or before they are trained. Sick or elderly dogs may also be quick to bite.

Do Pomeranians Ever Bite

Pomeranians are like many other dogs that may bite from time to time but, as far as aggressive biting is concerned, Pomeranians do not usually bite due to aggressive behavior.

Of course, every dog is different and the life experiences they have had can contribute to how likely he or she is to bite.

There are many different types of biting behaviors to be aware of as well as the differences between biting and nipping.

Do Pomeranians Bite A Lot

Pomeranians do not bite a lot unless you have a young puppy that is teething or a dog that has learned to bite during rough play.

Why Do Pomeranians Bite

There are six main reasons why a Pomeranian biter.

  • Teething
  • Playful Biting
  • Fearful Biting
  • Aggressive Biting
  • Illness or Injury
  • Lack Of Training

Pomeranian Biting While Teething

If you have a puppy that is teething it is often one of the most challenging times as a Pomeranian owner.

Your puppies’ gums are sore due to the teething process giving them the instinct to chew and bite in order to give them some relief.

In addition to having sore teeth and gums, young puppies have not yet received the training they need to know not to nip and bite.

Playful Biting In Pomeranians

Playful biting is very normal behavior for any dog, especially young dogs.

Some dogs that have been encouraged to “rough-house” may engage in more playful biting than those who have not.

It is best to train your dog not to bite even during playtime but, saying firmly “no bite”, “no biting” or “no teeth”.

Pomeranian Biting Due To Fear

Fearful biting happens when a dog feels threatened and wants to escape but, it can’t.

When your dog finds itself in a fight or flight situation it may need to fight back and bite as a way to defend itself.

This situation can happen when you are not expecting it, what we may perceive as a fight or flight situation for a dog may be different than what the dog is feeling.

If you happen to come across a dog that is nervous or anxious around certain people, children or situations they may exhibit body language that signals you to back off.

If you happen to ignore those signals by accident or choice the dog may end up biting as a way to defend itself.

Aggressive Biting In Pomeranians

Aggressive biting happens when a dog is being possessive, showing dominance, or guarding its territory or belongings.

Possessive Biting In Pomeranians

Being possessive towards objects or territory is a natural instinct for most dogs that stems back to their genetics as wild animals.

If your dog shows possessive tendencies it’s best to eliminate the triggers and reward positive behaviors.

Dominance Related Biting In Pomeranians

Dominance-related aggression and biting is the most dangerous type of aggression that you can see in dogs and is also very difficult to remedy.

If you are noticing any concerning behaviors or aggression that appears to be stemmed from dominance it is best to seek out professional training.

Territorial Biting In Pomeranians

It is natural for your dog to want to protect its territory or prized possessions, which can even include you.

Luckily, with training, you can prevent this type of behavior from getting worse and help it improve.

Try to avoid trigger situations. If you know that your dog doesn’t like people going near its bed make sure to eliminate that situation when people and especially kids come to visit.

Be careful not to accidentally reward the negative behaviors with your love and attention.

As always seek out professional training if needed.

Pomeranian Biting Due To Illness Or Injury

In many cases of dog bites, it is done because a dog doesn’t feel well or has an injury.

It’s one of the main ways a dog can communicate that it wants to be left alone.

This type of biting can also happen when you have an elderly dog as well that either doesn’t feel well or can’t hear well.

As the owner, we should try to avoid these situations if we are aware of them to help prevent harm to your dog and to others.

Biting Due To Lack Of Training

Some Pomeranians just need additional training to avoid and eliminate the instinct to nip or bite.

Professional training may be needed, especially if you are seeing aggressive behaviors in your dog.

Reasons Why Pomeranians Bite

What Is The Difference Between Biting And Nipping

There is a difference between biting and nipping.

Most Pomeranians nip playfully or when they are teething, without putting a lot of pressure or deliberate force into the small bites.

Bitting on the other hand is a forceful and intentional bite that is done in an aggressive manner.

Do Pomeranians Like To Bite

Most Pomeranians don’t like to bite.

A Pomeranian many enjoy biting if it is a teething puppy or if they have a history of rough play.

It would be rare to find a Pomeranian that enjoys aggressive biting.

Do Pomeranians Bites Hurt

Pomeranian bites and nips do hurt.

We currently have a puppy that is teething and there aren’t many things that are as sharp as those baby teeth.

Even if a dog is not aggressively biting or being intentional with its nips if you get caught in a Pomeranian’s teeth it can hurt.

Do Pomeranians Bite Their Owners

Pomeranians rarely bite their owners as an act of aggression.

You are more likely to have a teething Pomeranian puppy bite or nip at its owner during this time frame.

How Do I Stop My Pomeranian From Biting

Your dog needs to know that you are in charge and respect you.

Providing a firm and consistent command of “no biting” when your dog is expressing itself with nips or bites can be a great start.

Practicing time-out in a place other than their bed or crate without giving your dog any attention during the time-out period can also help.

It’s always a good option to speak with your vet or other dog training professional if needed.

Dog Breeds The Bite The Most

  • Pit Bull
  • Rottweillers
  • American Terrier
  • German Shepherd
  • Bull Mastiff
  • Bull Dog
  • Chihuahua
  • Australian Shepherd
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Jack Russel Terrier
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Pekingese
  • Papillon

Dog Breeds The Bite The Least

  • Cavilier King Charles Spaniel
  • Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Pug
  • Basset Hound
  • Golden Retriever
  • Beagle

Final Thoughts

Pomeranains are not aggressive by nature with the likelihood of an aggressive bite or attack being very rare.

Young Pomeranians do nip and play-bite often while they are going through the teething process and before they are trained not to bite.

It is always a good idea whether you are a dog owner or not to be aware of the body language of a nervous or aggressive dog and what you should do to avoid those situations.

It’s always a safe bet to never take food, toys, or possessions away from a dog that is not your own.

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