do Pomeranians ears stand up

Do Pomeranians Ears Stand Up (Quick Facts)

Pomeranians have the cutest little ears that sit right atop their heads.

In this article, I discuss if your Pomeranian’s ears should stand up and when you should or should be concerned about your dog’s ears.

Pomeranians should have perky little ears covered in the softest fur. You should expect your Pomeranian puppy to have fully developed ears by the time it reaches its first birthday. During the first year, you will notice a variety of ear changes.

What Should A Pomeranian’s Ears Look Like

Pomeranians should have small pointed triangle-shaped ears that sit on top of the dog’s head.

The AKC standard for Pomeranians describes Pomeranain’s ears as being “small, mounted high and carried erectly. A proper ear set should be favored oversized.

Pomeranain’s ears can vary in size from dog to dog but, you should expect them to be perky and covered in soft fur.

The placement of a Pomeranian’s ears often gives them an alert and intelligent look, like they are always paying attention to what’s going on around them.

Do All Pomeranians Ears Stand Up

Pomeranians should have ears that stand up.

The majority of Pomeranians will have ears that stand up, it is extremely rare to find a Pomeranian whose ears don’t stand up.

Why Wouldn’t A Pomeranian’s Ears Stand Up

Even with the majority of Pomeranian’s having ears that stand up as well as it being part of the breed standard you may find a Pomeranian that doesn’t have ears that stand up.

Genetics is the main reason why Pomeranians’ ears look like they do.

If a Pomeranian’s ears don’t stand up it is most often due to bad breeding practices and its genetics.

Can Pomeranians Have Floppy Ears

During the first year of life, a Pomeranian puppy is changing so much and growing at a rapid rate.

All of its features can’t grow proportionately.

You will notice changes in Pomeranain’s ears during the first year, including times when they may flop over.

Over time the puppy’s ears will get stronger and should perk up.

when should your Pomeranians ears stand up

Can Pomeranians Have Folded Ears

Folded Ears are distinct due to the obvious fold that occurs halfway up the perky ear giving a flipped-over look.

It’s a very cute look found on certain breeds like Jack Russel Terrier.

Although adorable, Pomeranians should never have folded ears.

How Do I Know If My Pomeranian’s Ears Will Stand Up

Pomeranians’ ears should stand up over time.

If you have a puppy, I wouldn’t panic within the first year of life due to the amazing amount of growth that a Pomeranian puppy goes through.

A Pomeranian’s puppy’s ears are made of very soft cartilage that does need time to grow and firm up.

You may notice your Pomeranian’s ears drooping during the teething phase at around sixteen weeks of age due to your puppy’s calcium resources being maximized for growing teeth.

You can encourage perky ears by giving your dog plenty of chew toys.

Chewing on chew toys strengthened the muscles in the face and near the ears.

Your Puppy’s ears should eventually stand up, if you are worried speak with your vet about your concerns.

Your vet may be able to offer some intervention or advice like calcium-rich food or ear tapping.

What Age Does A Pomeranian’s Ears Stand Up

By the time your Pomeranian is one year old, its ears should stand up perfectly at the top of your dog’s head.

What Does It Mean If Your Dog Has One Ear Up And One Ear Down

If your puppy is still growing it is possible that one ear is stronger than the other and that the other ear will grow and develop at a later rate.

Other reasons for one ear standing up with the other ear down could be injuries or health conditions within the ear or simply that your dog is trying to listen.

If you have noticed any changes in your dog’s ears it’s best to bring your dog to the vet to make sure everything is alright.

Where Did A Pomeranian’s Perky Ears Come From

With over twelve different types of dog ears, you may wonder how Pomeranians got little soft perky ears.

Dogs that are descendants of wolves like our Pomeranian and Siberian Husky have small, perky triangular ears.

What Other Types Of Ears Can Dogs Have

You may be surprised to find out how many different types of ears dogs can have.

  • Small Pointy Ears- Pomeranian
  • Candle Flame Ears- English Toy Terrier
  • Blunt Tipped Ears- French Bull Dogs
  • Hooded Ears- Basenji
  • Bat Ears- Corgi
  • Cocked Ears- Border Collies
  • Button Ears- Jack Russel Terrier
  • Drop Ears- Basset Hound
  • Rose Ears- Greyhound
  • Folded Ears- Bloodhound
  • V-Shaped Ears- Labrador Retriever
  • Filbert Shaped Ears- Bedlington Terrier

Final Thoughts

If you have ever pat a Pomeranian’s soft little ears you will know exactly what I am talking about.

A Pomeranian’s ears have the softest fur that you can find.

Not only are Pomeranian’s ears soft as can be, but a Pomeranian will also use its ears to express itself in many ways.

The Chocolate and White Pomeranian Duke uses his ears to communicate.

He has the most expressive ears that are constantly moving back and forth when you talk to him.

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