Do Pomeranians Eat Poop

Do Pomeranians Eat Poop (Quick Facts)

If you catch your dog snacking on poop it is not only gross, it can have negative health effects including parasites. Do Pomeranians eat poop?

Some Pomeranians will eat poop for many different reasons including instinct, seeking nutrients, and health problems. There are many things you can do to stop your dog from eating poop including training, high-quality food, supplementation, and medical care.

Will A Pomeranian Eat Poop

Pomeranians will eat poop.

It doesn’t mean that your Pomeranian will do such a thing but, from experience with three Pomeranians, they do eat poop.

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop

There are many reasons why your dog may eat poop.

  • Seeking nutrients
  • Habit
  • Isolation
  • Anxiety
  • Attention seeking
  • The proximity of food to poop
  • Scenting it from its mother
  • Living with an elderly animal
  • Health problems

Dogs Seek Out Missing Nutrients

If your dog is not getting enough nutrients in their diet they will seek it elsewhere.

You may not think poop has any nutrients left but, it does.

Evaluate what type of food your dog is eating.

Many dog foods contain a large number of fillers that prevent your dog from feeling hungry but, don’t provide the nutrients they need.

Eating Poop Can Become A Habit

Your dog may have originally eaten a piece of poop out of curiosity but, since then it has grown into a habit.

You need to make sure that your dog knows that eating poop is not acceptable behavior or else they may continue to do it.

Dogs May Eat Poop If They Feel Isolated

Dogs that are often separate from their family or are left for long hours may feel isolated and have a higher chance of forming bad behaviors like eating poop.

Dogs Sometimes Eat Poop Out Of Anxiety

If your dog has a negative experience with potty training there is a chance that it may start to eat poop due to being anxious.

This can be tough because if your dog is scolded for eating poop the anxiety may increase making it a vicious cycle that is hard to improve.

Some Dogs Eat Poop For Attention

Unfortunately, some dogs form bad behaviors out of attention-seeking, and eating poop can be one of them.

Your Dogs Food May Be Too Close To Poop

If your dog is fed near a place where poop is located, like a litter box, it may get confused and start eating poop when they are hungry.

It’s best to keep your dog’s feeding space away from any feces.

Scenting It On Its Mother

Little puppies often carry with them what they have learned and sensed early in life.

Mother dogs often clean their puppies and may have feces left from their breath.

A puppy can easily associate this with feces being a food item.

This is something that can stay with your dog even as it grows out of puppyhood.

Living WIth An Elderly Animal Can Cause Poop Eating

Pack behavior may become an instinct if your dog lives with an elderly or sick animal.

This can cause your dog to clean up after their messes and eat the poop.

Is It Normal For A Dog To Eat Their Poop

As gross as it is, its normal for dogs to eat their own poop.

It doesn’t mean that we should let them do it.

Health Problems

There are many possible health concerns that can cause your dog to eat poop like.

  • Diabetes
  • Malabsorption
  • Parasites
  • Cushing Disease
  • Thyroid Issues
  • Medication

It’s best to speak with your vet about any concerns that you have regarding your dog’s health.

Do Pomeranians Like To Eat Poop

Is It Bad If A Dog Eats Cat Poop

It is not great if your dog eats cat poop.

Cat poop can contain lots of bacteria and parasites, especially if your dog eats poop from an outdoor cat.

Is It Bad If A Dog Eats Another Dogs Poop

Every dog’s poop contains different bacteria making it not a healthy thing for your dog to eat.

Why Do Pomeranian Puppies Eat Poop

Puppies have natural instincts and some that they have learned from their mothers that can cause them to eat poop.

As your dog grows, it becomes our job to train them not to eat poop.

What Can I Feed My Dog So It Won’t Eat Poop

Make sure that your dog is being fed enough high-quality food.

You can also consider supplementing with vitamins and enzymes.

It’s best to speak with your vet about your dog’s diet.

How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Eating Poop

There are things you can do to stop your dog from eating poop.

  • Make sure your dog has a designated area to go to the bathroom
  • Clean up the poop
  • Keep your cat’s litter box out of reach
  • Watch your dog closely at parks and other places there may be poop
  • Vitamin Supplementation
  • Enzyme Supplementation
  • Food Quality Improvement
  • Taste Aversion Products
  • Training

Do Some Dog Breeds Like To Eat Poop

Some dog breeds do have a genetic predisposition to eating poop.

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Golden Retriever
  • Boston Terrier
  • Rat Terrier
  • Shetland Sheep Dog
  • Jack Russel Terrier
  • Whippet
  • Irish Wolfhound

Final Thoughts

When you catch your dog eating poop it is truly one of the grossest things and can be very frustrating.

The best advice I can give to you and to try to remove the availability of poop, work on training simple commands like no and try to find the root cause of your dog’s poop eating.

I also suggest speaking with the vet about your dog’s habit to see if there are any medical concerns causing the poop eating or any suggestions they can provide.

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