Do Pomeranians Like To Be Picked Up

Do Pomeranians Like To Be Picked Up

Pomeranains are adorable and fluffy, you can’t help yourself but want to pick them up and hold them but, do Pomeranians like being picked up?

Pomeranains as a breed enjoy being picked up and held as well as receiving all the love, attention and companionship they can get. Every dog will be different and not always want to be held making understanding body language important.

Do Pomeranians Like Being Held

Many Pomeranians enjoy being held and cuddled but, others may not.

Each dog is an individual that will have their own opinions on being picked up and held.

As a breed Pomeranians tend to enjoy lots of attention, cuddling, and being carried around.

How Can I Tell If My Pomeranian Wants To Be Picked Up

Not every dog enjoys being picked up and held but, there are many signs and signals that you can look for to see if your dog wants to be picked up.

  • Scratching at your legs
  • Whining at your feet
  • Barking at you
  • Standing at your feet
  • Licking your ankles

Your Pomeranian May Scratch At Your Legs To Be Picked Up

All of my Pomeranains will come up to me regardless if I am standing or sitting down and scratch at my legs to let me know that they want to be picked up.

It’s their way of letting me know that they are here and want attention.

Your Pomeranian May Whine At Your Feet To Be Picked Up

Some Pomeranians will come beside you and start to whine to grab your attention.

Pomeranians May Bark To Be Picked Up

Pomeranians can be very vocal and expressive, many will bark at you in order to tell you that they want to be picked up.

Your Pomeranian May Stand At Your Feet Asking To Be Held

You may have a less vocal and well-behaved Pomeranian that will politely come up beside you and stand or sit at your feet.

Your Pomeranian may also stare at you until you pick them up.

Some Pomeranians Will Lick You Ankles To Get Your Attention

My black female Pomeranian Willow will come up to you and lick your ankles if she wants to go outside.

Other Pomeranains may do the same exact thing if they want to be picked up.

Why Does My Pomeranian Want To Be Held

How Can I Tell If My Dog Doesn’t Want To Be Picked Up

The body language of dogs is incredible and something that we as humans should pay attention to.

Some of the main signals you Pomeranian may give you when they don’t want to be picked up include.

  • Evading your hands and grasp
  • Wiggling in your hands or arms
  • Chewing or biting at your hands
  • Growling
  • Barking
  • Leaning Forward
  • Acting Restless

Your Pomeranian May Avoid Your Hands

If your dog doesn’t want to be picked up it may avoid your hands and run the other way when you try to grab him or her.

My same little Pomeranian Willow that licks our legs to be picked up will evade your grasp like a ninja when she doesn’t want to be held.

Pomeranians Will Wiggle To Be Put Down

Once you have our Pomeranian in your arms and they start to wiggle and move around forcefully, they want to be put down.

My dogs enjoy being held most of the time but, other times they don’t, especially if they think they may get food from someone else.

There is no way even my most cuddly Pomeranian will stay in my arms if he thinks he will get food.

Your Pomeranian May Chew Or Bite In Order To Be Put Down

I am not talking about an aggressive bite in any way but, a slight chew or nibble to get your attention that they want to get down.

My puppy Duke is famous for his little nibbling (we are working on eliminating that behavior).

At the moment, he will chew on your hands while you are holding him if he wants to be left alone.

This behavior is a lot more common in younger dogs that still need behavioral training.

Pomeranians May Growl In Order To Not Be Held

Growling can be a negative behavior that can turn into a more aggressive situation or behavioral issue.

Either way, your dog is telling you to stop what you are doing and there is no way we should be confused about that.

My puppy Duke also expresses himself occasionally with a little growl or vocal noise to let us know he doesn’t want to be held.

If your dog growls at you it is good to evaluate if this behavior is a problem and how to deal with it.

Your Pomeranian May Bark To Be Put Down

Does use barking as a way to communicate in many different ways.

A bark could be asking you to pick them up whereas in other cases your dog may bark to be put down.

You know your dog better than anyone else and can combine that knowledge with the rest of your dog’s body language to determine if your dog wants to be held or not.

Your Dog May Lean Forward To Get Out Of Your Arms

Some Pomeranians may lean forward as a way to try to get out of your grasp.

Be careful if your dog does this, if a Pomeranian jumps or falls out of your arms it could suffer a serious injury.

If Your Dog Acts Restless Put Your Dog Down

If your dog is the opposite of being relaxed but is very restless in your arms or lap he or she probably no longer wants to be there.

Why Does My Dog Want To Be Picked Up

Dogs love companionship and attention.

Your dogs want the feeling of being comfortable, protected, and loved.

Being held can sometimes make your dog feel comfortable, safe, and confident.

As pack animals being close to one another has always been a way for them to stay safe and secure.

Is It Ok To Hold My Dog Like A Baby

It is ok to hold your dog like a baby if they happen to enjoy being held like that, not all dogs will like being held on their backs with their stomachs being vulnerable.

Can You Pick Up Pomeranians

You can pick up Pomeranains with many of them enjoying being held and carried around.

Why Shouldn’t You Pick Up Your Dog?

Although, many dogs like being picked up there is some reason why we shouldn’t pick up our dogs or limit who and when your dog should be picked up.

Some of the reasons you shouldn’t pick up your dog include.

  • Your dog jumping or falling out of your arms
  • You may hold your dog wrong
  • Holding your dog may cause stress

Picking up your dog incorrectly or if your dog jumps or falls out of your arms puts your dog at risk for injury.

If you have a small dog like a Pomeranian it is at even higher risk for a severe injury from a fall or intentional jump.

Even grabbing and holding your dog incorrectly could cause harm.

Beyond the physical concerns with picking up and holding your dog is the possibility of causing stress and anxiety.

Some dogs do not enjoy being held and having that sense of helplessness.

Final Thoughts

Many Pomeranians adore being picked up and held.

What we do need to take into consideration is reading our dog’s body language to see if they want to be held and doing it in such a way to decrease possible injuries.

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