Do Pomeranians Smile

Do Pomeranians Really Smile (Quick Facts)

We’ve seen a big toothy grin with a tongue sticking out of their mouth that expresses nothing else besides pure happiness but, do Pomeranians really smile?

Pomeranians have learned to smile throughout time in response to human behaviors. Beyond a big smile Pomeranians will also show an abundant amount of emotions and communications through body language.

Do Pomeranians Smile

The majority of dog behaviorists don’t beleive that dogs smile in the same way that humans do.

Dogs are not able to smile at the same situations that a human does like responding to a joke with a smile or laugh.

That said, even with dogs not being able to smile in the same ways or reasons that humans do experts believe that dogs have been around humans long enough to start mimicking our behaviors.

Have Dogs Learned To Smile From Humans

Most experts believe that dogs have been around humans long enough to evolve and start mimicking human behaviors and reactions.

As animals have become deemesticated they have picked up some human behaviors from puppyhood to adulthood.

Dogs are natural people pleasers that learn how to respond to humans and get positive reactions and reinforcement.

What Does A Pomeranians Smile Look Like

A Pomeranians smile can vary in many ways.

You may notice a wide mouth grin, panting, relaxed mouth with wide grin.

The posture and body language of a Pomeranians smile is overall very relaxed in nature with an happy expression.

Don’t be confused with the difference between a smile and an aggressive grin with a dog that’s starting to show its teeth.

The overall body language is completely different.

An aggressive grin may also be accompanied by hard standing on its back, an aggressive and firm stance, ears pinned back, growling.

Why Do Pomeranians Smile

Pomeranians are amazing little companions that have been bred through time to be the perfect little lap dog and friend.

I have never met a dog that wants to please and spend time with it’s humans more than a Pomeranian.

Many dog behaviorists belive that a dogs smilie is manly a response to a human smile or loving attention.

Dogs in general seem to smile more when they greet someone they love or know, are relaxed, or playing.

Do Dogs Like To Smile

Do Dogs Smile At Other Dogs

Humans smile at other humans as a way to communicate happiness or kindness.

We sometimes greet people with a smile to be friendly.

Do dogs greet other dogs with smiles to also be friendly?

Dogs even more so than humans use body language as a main component of how they communicate with each other.

Beyond just a smile a dog will show it’s feelings and position at the time through a whole range of body language including stance, tails, and ears.

Are Pomeranians Happy When They Smile

When Pomeranians smile they are relaxed and have an overall happy and pleasant feeling.

What Does It Mean When A Dog Is Smiling

Dogs have learned to smile as a social skill.

Over time dogs have learned that smiling gets a good response from humans that includes love, attention, food and treats.

This positive reinforcement has taught them how to interact with humans, how to please humans and how to get want they want and need from humans.

Do Pomeranians Like It When Humans Smile

Pomeranians love being with and pleasing their humans.

They do like it when a human smiles because it often comes with love, attention, play and food.

Dogs are always reading our body language and have learned that smiling is a positive form of communication.

Do Pomeranains Smile With Their Teeth When They Feel Guilty

It is debatable if dogs actually feel guilt or if it is just the anticipation of knowing they will be punished.

Either way, the body language that is shown after a dog has gotten into trouble is a sign of submission which can include a smile with a grin full of teeth as well as other things like laying on their back, lowering their heads and squinting their eyes.

How Can You Tell If Your Pomeranian Is Happy If Its Not Smiling

Smiling is only one form for body language that dogs can use to communicate happiness and joy.

You dog may show a relaxed stance, wags its tail, roll over, play, and have an overall happy and relaxed facial expression.

Final Thoughts

Pomeranians are happy little dogs that really just want to be with you and make your happy.

I’ve witnessed many Pomeranian smiles on a daily basis, when Pomeranains smile they do it with more than just their mouths, they entire face and body smiles as well.

You can always tell when you have a happy Pomeranian when you see a big grin, tongue hanging out to the side and relaxed squinty eyes, with the overall appearance of almost falling off to a blissful sleep.

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