How much do Pomeranians shed in the Summer

Do Pomeranians Shed In Summer? (Includes Summer Coat Tips)

Pomeranians are known for their big fluffy coats of fur. When the temperatures rise during the summer do Pomeranians require additional grooming? Do Pomeranians Shed In Summer?

Pomeranians have distinctive double coats like their Nordic ancestors. Dogs with double coats can experience seasonal shedding during the Springtime before summer and in the Fall before winter. Your geographical location and lifestyle will determine if your dog sheds seasonally.

What Months Do Pomeranians Shed

Many dogs that have double coats can have shedding cycles that are triggered by the weather, changes in temperature, and changes in daylight hours.

Pomeranians that live in a climate that experiences four seasons will typically experience seasonal shedding in the Spring right before Summer and the Fall right before Winter.

For those fluffy Pomeranians that live in a warmer climate, closer to the equator that doesn’t experience the four seasons may only shed once a year in the late Spring/early Summer.

What Part Of The Pomeranians Coat Sheds In Summer

Pomeranians are double-coated dogs that originate from sled dogs, from the cold Northern Region of Europe. They are a Spitz breed and are closely related to other double-coated dogs like the Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, and Norweigan Elkhound.

A double coat consists of a soft, silky, and dense undercoat that helps insulate and supports the outer coat with harsher, longer, and textured fur.

During the Springtime a Pomeranian’s coat will prepare for summer by shedding off its dense winter coat. A Pomeranians winter coat is much thicker than a summer coat. Due to the thickness of the coat, Spring and Summertime shedding will be worse than the shedding in the Fall.

How Long Does Seasonal Shedding Last

Each period of seasonal shedding can last from 3 to 6 weeks.

How Much Summer Shedding Is Normal For Pomeranians

Shedding is a natural process for any dog that has fur. When your Pomeranian is entering a warmer season it no longer needs a dense warm winter coat. If your dog kept its winter coat it would be at risk for overheating and dehydration during the warmer months.

Pomeranians are considered moderate to heavy shedders. During the Spring and Summer shedding cycle, a Pomeranian may shed the most fur that it will all year. The amount that your dog sheds will depend on various factors. Your particular dog’s fur, the climate you live in, and how often you brush your Pomeranian.

Why Doesn’t My Pomeranian Experience Seasonal Shedding

Climate and lifestyle drastically affect your Pomeranian seasonal shedding cycle.

If your dog lives in a climate that is mild in temperature and doesn’t experience the harsh changes of seasons it may not go through the heavy seasonal shedding that a dog who lives in a colder climate will experience.

When your Pomeranian is mostly an indoor dog it may not be as affected by the seasonal changes and go through such a drastic shedding season.

Routine grooming can help with the amount of seasonal shedding. If you are brushing your dog daily you may not notice a big difference in the seasonal shedding.

Personally, I’ve experienced both sides of this coin. I used to live in New England and had a Norweigan Elkhound. He shed like a monster twice a year during the seasonal changes. Big clumps of his undercoat would be everywhere, like dust bunnies chasing you when you walked around the house. Now, we live in sunny Florida with our Pomeranians. They are Florida dogs and aren’t affected by seasonal changes. They have very light shedding year-round that is remedied by brushing.

Do Pomeranians Shed In The Summer

Should Pomeranians Be Shaved In The Summer

Many people are led to believe that you should shave a Pomeranian in the summer to help keep them cool. This is not true and can actually be dangerous to your dog.

A Pomeranian has a thick fluffy double coat. Their dense inner coat works as insulation and support for the longer more texture outer layer.

The same fur that helps a Pomeranian stay warm in the winter helps cool the dog in the summer.

What Are The Top Reasons You Shouldn’t Shave Your Pomeranian In The Summer?

  1. Shaving your Pomeranian makes their skin more vulnerable to sunburns.
  2. Pomeranians are meant to keep their double coats during all weather conditions. Shaving your Pomeranian may affect how their bodies naturally cool themselves, making them at risk for heatstroke.
  3. When you cut a Pomeranian’s inner coat you may affect the way your Pomeranian’s fur grows forever. Some Pomeranians will not grow their fur back after being shaved, especially if they are an older Pom.

Tips To Help Keep Your Pomeranian Cool In The Summer

There are many ways you can help keep your dog cool in the summer.

  1. Make sure your dog is hydrated and has access to fresh drinking water at all times. Always take water with you when you leave home.
  2. A cooling mat can help your pup stay cool.
  3. Make sure your dog exercises during the cooler times of the day. Usually the morning or late evening.
  4. If it’s hot in your home and you don’t have air-conditioning make sure there is a fan that your dog can lay near.
  5. Never leave your dog in a car unattended. Vehicles can heat up to a fatal temperature within minutes even on a day that not’s very hot. On a 78-degree day, your car will increase to 90 degrees in 5 minutes and 110 in 25 minutes.
  6. Your Pomeranian may enjoy a small wading pool to get wet and cool down.
  7. Protect your Pomeranian’s Paws, in the warm summer months it’s especially important to protect your Poms paws by using paw wax as a protective barrier.
  8. Use a cooling bandana, a cooling bandana can help your Pomeranian keep cool. Make sure to select one that is suited for your small dog.
  9. It’s a no-brainer but, spend as much time in the shade when you are outdoors.
  10. Give your dog freezable dog toys to play with.
  11. Make some frozen dog treats for your pup to enjoy.
  12. Cool your dog down with a wet towel.

How To Deal With A Dog That Is Shedding

There isn’t a way to avoid shedding if you have a Pomeranian. It is a natural part of life for a dog that has a double coat.

The best way to tackle season shedding is to remove as much dead hair as you can by brushing. When you brush your dog you are reducing the amount that is left on your clothing and furniture.

When your dog it’s experiencing heavy shedding during the Springtime, daily brushing is suggested to help with the shedding process.

The Best Tools For Shedding

Selecting the correct tools for grooming can help with the shedding process. Here are some suggested grooming tools.

  • Bristle Brush- A bristle brush has longer bristles that are wider spaced. This brush is good for general everyday brushing.
  • Wire Pin Brush- A wire pin brush has fine metal bristles that may or may not have rubber tips. This is another good brush for general brushing.
  • Slicker Brush- Slicker brushes have wire bristles that are set in a foam or rubber base. These are best to use to remove mats, tangles, and dead hair. They are great during shedding season.
  • Metal Comb- A metal comb helps you comb through your dog’s coat when you are searching for tangles and mats.

What Does “Blowing The Coat” Mean

“Blowing The Coat” or “Blowing A Coat” is a term that’s used to describe seasonal shedding changes.


Pomeranians are proud owners of a fluffy double coat that may go through seasonal changes.

Dogs with double coats like Pomeranians, Siberian Huskies, and Chow Chows for example tend to go through two major seasonal coat changes.

In the Springtime your dog will lose its dense winter coat in preparation for the warmer summer weather. In the Fall your pup loses its summer coat to make room for a dense winter coat.

Dogs that live in a warmer climate with less distinctive seasons or that live mainly indoors may not experience the same seasonal shedding that colder climate outdoor dogs do.

You should never shave your Pomeranian in an attempt to reduce shedding or to keep them cool in the summer weather. This can stunt your dog’s fur from growing or make them more vulnerable to sunburns. The best way to combat seasonal shedding is to brush your dog daily with the right tools.

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