Do Pomeranians Shed In The Winter

Do Pomeranians Shed In Winter? (Includes Winter Coat Care)

You may be entering into the Winter season and wonder, do Pomeranians shed in the Winter? We’ve previously discussed Summer shedding, now it’s time to think about coat care for your Pomeranian during the cooler time of year.

Pomeranians have double coats that experience seasonal changes in order to prepare for the months ahead. In the Fall Pomeranians shed their summer coats in order to grow their thick Winter coats. Your dog may not experience shedding during the Fall if they are in certain climates or have specific lifestyles.

Do Pomeranians Shed Seasonally

Many Pomeranians will experience seasonal shedding. They are blessed with a double coat that consists of a soft and thick base coat, with a longer more textured outer coat.

The combination of these two coats helps protect your dog from the weather and assists in keeping them warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.

In the Springtime Pomeranians shed their thicker Winter coat, in the Fall they shed their thinner Summer coats to make room for their winter coats.

What Part Of The Pomeranians Coat Sheds In The Winter

Pomeranians used to be hard-working sled dogs in Northern Europe. They were used for a variety of reasons including pulling sleds, herding, sounding alarms, and hunting.

A Pomeranians thick winter coat remains today as protection from the weather. Regardless if you happen to live in a warm climate or someplace with frigid winters, your Pomeranian’s fur will naturally prepare for the next season.

In the Fall your Pomeranian will shed its lighter-weight inner coat that is had for Summer to make room for its thick and dense winter coat.

How Long Can Seasonal Shedding Last

The seasonal shedding period can last from 6 to 8 weeks.

How Much Winter Shedding Is Normal For Pomeranians

A Pomeranians Summer coat is lighter in weight than their heavy Winter coats. A Pomeranian will shed more fur during the Springtime when they are transitioning from their Winter coats into Summer coats. You can expect less shedding during the seasonal shedding in the fall.

You can help manage the shedding during this time by brushing your Pomeranian daily.

Is It Possible For My Dog To Not Have Winter Shedding

It is possible that your Pomeranian may not experience seasonal shedding before Winter.

Why Wouldn’t A Pomeranian Have Seasonal Shedding

There are two reasons why a Pomeranian may not experience the typical heavy shedding periods in the Spring and Fall.

  1. Living In A Warm Climate- If you live in a warmer climate that is close to the equator, your dog’s body may not be triggered by the milder season changes. Your pup will still shed but, you will not have the heavy shedding that you would normally expect.
  2. Indoor Lifestyles- If your furry friend spends most of its time indoors you may not experience heavy shedding in the Spring and Fall.

Pomeranians are considered moderate to heavy shedders. You can expect some shedding throughout the year regardless of your seasonal shedding status.

Will My Pomeranians Coat Keep It Warm Enough In The Winter

Although Pomeranians are descendants of Arctic dogs like Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes they may need some extra care during the winter to keep them warm and protected.

Should I Get A Sweater Or Coat For My Pomeranian

Depending on how cold it gets, you may want to consider a sweater or a coat for your Pomeranian.

I suggest getting your Pomeranian a waterproof and windproof coat for the cold weather, especially in the wet rain and snow. A coat will help your dog stay as warm and as comfortable as it can when they are outdoors in miserable conditions.

When it’s very cold and wet it’s best to only bring your dog outside when they need to potty.

Should My Dog Wear Boots In The Winter

This is really a matter of preference and the comfort level of your dog.

Pomeranians can benefit from wearing booties because their furry feet can collect ice and snow.

It’s best for dogs to wear boots when they may be walking on toxic snow and ice melter.

It’s very important to get booties that fit your dog correctly. They shouldn’t rub on your dog’s paws and easily stay on their feet when they are walking.

If your dog isn’t excited about wearing boots or you can’t find any that fit correctly, there are other things you can do to take care of their feet.

  • Soak your dog’s paws in warm water when they come back inside after being out in the winter elements. Dry them thoroughly after soaking.
  • You can trim the hair between your dog’s toes to help against the accumulation of ice and snow on their feet.
  • Apply paw wax to your Pomeranian’s feet before going outside to help keep their paws protected from the snow and ice
  • As mentioned before avoid stepping on ice and snow melter.

11 Tips To Keep Your Pomeranian Warm In The Winter

Here are some ideas that you can use to help keep your Pomeranian warm in the Winter.

  1. Keep warming “stations” available for your dog. This can be as simple as having a nice dog bed or blanket to snuggle up with.
  2. Keep your dogs bed away from drafty areas. Make sure their bed is placed in a nice dry warm spot.
  3. Know when the weather has become dangerously cold. When the temperature reaches 32 degrees it’s very cold for your dog. Limit outdoor time during extremely cold weather.
  4. If your dog is wet when it comes back indoors make sure to dry him or her completely.
  5. If you give your dog a bath make sure to do it in a warm place indoors and dry them completely before going outside.
  6. Try not to bathe your dog that often during cold weather. Overwashing can remove the protective oils that have formed on your dog’s skin.
  7. Keep your indoor thermostat set between 69 and 72, this is the most comfortable temperature range for your furry friends.
  8. During the day open up your curtains and let the sunshine in. Your dog may enjoy laying in the sun.
  9. When it’s cold outside, take your dog on shorter walks.
  10. Never leave your dog in the car. Temperatures can drop really fast inside a car, it acts as a refrigerator and can be fatal in a short amount of time.
  11. Do not shave your Pomeranian’s Fur, Pomeranians have a natural double-layer coat that is specifically for insulation and protection. Shaving a Pomeranian’s fur can be dangerous and cause lifelong damage to your Pomeranian’s coat.
How to keep your Pomeranian Warm In the Winter

What Should I Do When My Dog Is Shedding

Shedding is a fact of life for a fluffy double-coated dog. There are things you can do to help minimize the impact of the shed fur.

Tips To Help With Seasonal Shedding

  • Brush your dog daily during the shedding season to reduce the amount of fur that’s being left around your home and on your clothing.
  • Brush your dog before you give them a bath and after once they have dried to remove as much dead hair as possible.
  • Make sure you are using the best grooming tools (bristle brush, wire pin brush, slicker brush, and a metal cob).
  • Have lint rollers, air filters, and other hair and dander removers on hand.

Winter Coat Care For Your Pomeranian

Your dog needs a clean coat in order for it to keep them nice and insulated. Brush your dog regularly in order to prevent tangles and mats. Your Pomeranian’s fur may be more likely to get tangled after being outdoors in the elements. Having long, wet, and matted fur can drop a dog’s body temperature.

Don’t over-bathe your dog and make sure they are fully dried before going outdoors.

Protect your dog and keep them warm with a waterproof and windproof coat. Don’t forget some paw protection in the form of booties or paw wax.


Pomeranians are descendants of Arctic sled dogs and are proud owners of a beautiful fluffy double coat of fur.

During the Spring and Fall, Pomeranians will usually shed more in preparation for their thinner summer coats or thicker winter coats. Some may call this time “Blowing Their Coat”.

There are dogs that don’t experience seasonal shedding, instead, they may shed lightly year-round or once a year during the Spring. These dogs usually live in warmer climates without drastic seasonal changes or are mostly indoor dogs and are not as affected by the changes outdoors.

There are many things you can do while your dog is shedding to minimize the mess, including daily brushing and occasional baths.

Make sure to keep your Pomeranian warm during the winter with a waterproof and windproof coat, paw wax or booties, and a nice draft-free bed or blanket to snuggle with.

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