Doe Pomeranians Travel Well

Do Pomeranians Travel Well (Quick Facts)

It may be a trip across town doing errands, a road trip through the states, or a jet-setting trip, can you bring your Pomeranian with you and would he or she want to go?

Pomeranains love being with their owners more than anything in the world. This can include traveling with you in the car or on a long trip requiring air travel. Most Pomeranians will adjust and love traveling but, each and every day and trip will be different.

Do Pomeranians Enjoy Traveling

Every dog is different but, Pomeranians as a breed adjust very easily to traveling with you.

Most Pomeranians would prefer to be by your side then stay at home alone.

Pomeranians get very attached to their owners and are vulnerable to developing separation anxiety.

If you start bringing your dog with you, he or she will easily adapt to that lifestyle.

Do Pomeranians Like Car Rides

My Pomeranians love car rides, they can’t get into their travel carriers fast enough.

That said, we have been bringing our dogs on an adventure since they were very little.

If your dog hasn’t had that same experience he or she may not be as excited about car rides.

In general, Pomeranians love to be with you and are happy to jump in the car with you and go for a ride.

Can You Bring Your Pomeranian In A Uber

If you are planning to take an Uber and would like to bring your Pomeranian with you, you can if you happen to reserve an Uber Pet Car.

You will have to make sure that you are getting an Uber Pet Car and additional fees or a higher rate will often apply.

Can You Bring You Pomeranian In A Lyft

Lyft as a company does not have an overall pet-friendly policy.

You will need to check with each driver to see if it is ok for you to bring your dog with you in their car.

Can Pomeranians Go On Buses

Taking a road trip and not sure if your Pomeranian can go with you on the bus?

You will need to check with your exact bus company but, in most cases, only certified service dogs are allowed to travel with you.

Can Pomeranians Go On Air Planes

Many airplanes will allow Pomeranains to travel with you in the cabin.

You will need to check with your airline to confirm if this is possible or not.

I suggest doing this before you book your flight and make sure to only go on a plane that will allow your Pomeranian in the cabin with you.

If not, it is a life-threatening situation for a small Pomeranian to fly in the luggage and cargo area.

My husband flew our puppy Duke back from New York to Florida with Frontier and had a great experience.

If an airline allows dogs in the cabin there are often extra fees and reservation requirements which was the case with our Frontier trip.

Can You Bring Your Pomeranian On A Train

Dogs and Cats up to 20 pounds including the carrier are allowed on Amtrack Trains.

There are requirements and reservations will need to be made for your Pomeranian.

Contact Amtrack trains directly for more information.

Is It Hard To Travel With A Pomeranian

It isn’t hard to travel with your Pomeranian as long as you are well prepared.

It’s always best if your dog is used to going with you often.

Dogs that are used to traveling in dog carriers and going with you on daily errands and adventures are going to be a lot easier to travel with when you approach new situations.

When traveling with your Pomeranian make sure that you have all of the necessary supplies like food, bowls, water, vaccination paperwork, harness, leashes, and your dog’s favorite toys.

Also, make sure to not forget any medications that your dog might need.

Is It Stressful For Pomeranians To Travel

The amount of stress that your dog will experience will vary depending on the dog.

Some dogs travel well whereas others may experience stress and anxiety.

Those dogs that experience anxiety while traveling may start to drool, breathe hard, pace, shake, whine, bark, and seek your attention.

If you know that you will be traveling with your dog in the future it’s best to practice traveling with some local trips around your town to see how your dog responds.

If you expect your dog to be stressed or have anxiety speak with your vet ahead of time, they may be able to prescribe something to help your dog with the stress.

Is It Safe To Travel With Your Pomeranian

It is safe to travel with your Pomeranian but, there are always dangers to be aware of.

  1. Make sure your dog has identification on him or her
  2. Have your up to date vaccination records
  3. Have a secure traveling crate
  4. Make sure to have a harness and leash
  5. Bring plenty of food, water, and treats
  6. Bring poop bags
  7. Bring medications
  8. Bring toys and things for comfort
  9. Check ahead of time to make sure your dog is welcome every step of your travel plans
  10. Give yourself extra time for travel and breaks with your dog
Do Pomeranians Like To Travel

Can I Bring My Pomeranian To My Hotel

Luckily, there are many hotel chains that are pet-friendly.

You will need to read the fine print or contact the hotel or motel chain directly for details and questions.

Some of the dog-friendly hotels and motels chains include.

Not all of the locations within a hotel or motel chain are pet-friendly.

Can I Bring My Pomeranian To An Airbnb

There are many dog-friendly Airbnb locations.

The best way to find a pet-friendly location in your desired vacation spot is to use the pet-friendly search engine on the Airbnb website.

Can I Bring My Pomeranians Camping

Bringing our Pomeranians with us on camping trips is one of their and our favorite things to do.

My dogs love adventure and smelling new places.

Many campgrounds will allow you to bring your dogs with you.

There are sometimes minimal additional fees as well as rules that you and your dog will need to follow.

Your dogs will need to be up to date on their vaccinations as well as not be left unattended at the campground.

Final Thoughts

Traveling with your Pomeranian can be one of the best adventures or a necessary way to get from point A to point B.

Regardless, making sure that you and your dog are as best prepared as you can be before you start your travels is key to success.

Check with your travel partners ahead of time regarding rules and regulations.

Also, visit your vet and discuss your travel plans in case there are any possible health concerns.

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