Does a short haired Pomeranian exist

Does A Short Haired Pomeranian Exist ( 7 Reasons Why)

Pomeranians are well known for their fluffy coats of fur but, does a short-haired Pomeranian exist?

Short-haired Pomeranians do not exist. Pomeranians have thick coats of fur with a dense undercoat and long outer layer. Pomeranians can have the appearance of short hair due to many reasons including the stage of life, lifestyle, health, and grooming.

In this article, I discuss what a Pomeranians coat should look like and the many reasons why a Pomeranian may have short hair.

Is There Such A Thing As A Short Haired Pomeranian

You may have occasionally seen a Pomeranian that didn’t have a glorious mane of fur and wondered if short-haired Pomeranians exist as they own breed variation.

Pomeranians do not have a short-haired variation.

Do Pomeranians Have Hair or Fur?

why would a Pomeranian have short hair

What Is A Pomeranians Coat Supposed To Look Like

Pomeranians have a thick double coat of fur.

The base of their coats consists of a soft and dense undercoat called “ground hair”. The undercoat protects your dog’s skin and helps keep them warm when it’s cold.

The outer coat has longer fur that is more coarse in texture. The outer coat layer is referred to as “guard hair”. The outer layers act as protection against the elements like rain and snow.

A Pomeranian will also have a distinct lion’s mane of fur along its chest and a curly tail that rests on its back with a plumb of fur.

Why Do Pomeranians Have So Much Fur?

Why Would A Pomeranian Have Short Hair

Pomeranians don’t normally have short hair but, there are many reasons why a Pomeranian could end up not looking like the traditional long-haired fluff ball we all know.

  • Puppies are born with short hair
  • Puppies transition into their adult coats
  • Seasonal shedding
  • Medical conditions
  • Lifestyle
  • Genetics
  • Grooming

Pomeranian Puppies Are Born With Short Hair

Pomeranian puppies are born with little to no fur at all.

A newborn Pomeranian puppy will only have a single layer of fur, not the double coat they have as adults.

Their single layer of puppy fur is silky smooth.

Within the first eight weeks of life that single layer should grow to one to two inches in length.

By the time you bring your Pomeranian puppy home, they should look like a ball of fluff.

When Do Pomeranians Get A Full Coat?

Pomeranians Transition Into Adult Coats Within The First Year

Pomeranains go through a major coat transition when they are between the ages of four and fifteen months.

During this time a Pomeranian puppy sheds its puppy coat and replaces it with its double-layered adult coat.

The fur loss and growth can be very inconsistent resulting in a variety of short and long patches of fur.

This point in time for Pomeranian puppies is lovingly referred to as “The Puppy Uglies”.

You can fully expect a Pomeranian going through the puppy uglies to not look like the fluffy Pomeranian you would normally expect.

is there such a thing as a short haired Pomeranian

Pomeranians Experiance Seasonal Shedding

Pomeranians are known to “blow their coats” seasonally in preparation for the Winter and Summer.

During the Fall a Pomeranian will shed its Summer coat in order for the thicker Winter coat to grow in.

In the Spring the opposite will occur, a Pomeranian will shed its thick Winter coat for a thinner summer coat.

Seasonal shedding is very common in double-coated dogs that originate from Arctic Regions like the Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, and Norweigan Elkhound.

I was lucky enough to have a Norweigan Elkhound years ago. He would shed profusely during the seasonal shedding period with massive clumps of fur being left all over the house.

Even though Pomeranians experience seasonal shedding it has never been nearly as noticeable as it was with Chewy the Elkhound.

A Pomeranian going through its seasonal shedding should still appear to have long fur but, it may not be as fluffy as usual.

Pomeranians Can Have Medical Conditions That Cause Hair Loss

There are unfortunately many medical conditions that can cause a dog to have hair loss and look as if they have short hair.

Some medical conditions that cause hair loss are.

  • Infections (bacterial and viral)
  • Allergies to food and topical irritants
  • Fleas and mites
  • Adverse reactions to medications
  • Kidney disease
  • Immune disease
  • Adrenal disease
  • Cancer
  • Alopecia

Pomeranians are at high risk for developing alopecia or black skin disease that can cause significant hair loss.

Your Pomeranian May Have Excessive Hair Loss

A Pomeranians lifestyle can also play a role in the appearance of their coat.

A dog’s diet, stress, and activity levels impact a dog’s overall health which includes how healthy their skin and coat are.

It’s possible that a Pomeranian may be nutrient deficient or stressed causing their coat to not be a long and full as it could be.

A Pomeranians Genetics Can Cause It To Have Short Hair

A Pomeranians genetics determine its overall appearance.

As far as a Pomeranian’s coat is concerned the inherited genetics will determine the color, length, texture, and fluffiness.

Some Pomeranians may have fur that is shorter than others and may also have less dense undercoats which can cause a Pomeranian to look less full and fluffy compared to others.

A Pomeranians Hair May Have Been Cut Short

Even though Pomeranians are natural balls of fur, many people have been cutting or shaving their dog’s coat.

Some of the popular hair cuts include the lion cut, teddy bear cut, puppy cut, fox cut, and lamb cut.

Although a Pomeranian is cute regardless of its hairstyle, it’s actually not recommended to shave your Pomeranian’s undercoat.

Cutting into a Pomeranians undercoat can damage it and prohibit it from growing back. If a Pomeranian is shaved it may never be able to look fluffy again.

what is a Pomeranians coat supposed to look like

Is A Chihuahua The Same As A Short Haired Pomeranian

Although Pomeranians and Chihuahuas are similar in appearance and stature they are very different dogs.

Pomeranains and Chihuahuas originate from completely different locations.

Pomeranains originate from the Arctic region once known as Pomerania now known as North-East Germany and Eastern Poland.

Chihuahuas originate from Mexico and were originally an ancient breed that belonged to the Toltecs and Aztecs.

Final Thoughts

A Pomeranains coat of fluffy fur is one of the things that will always catch my eye when I see a Pomeranian on the street or at the park.

It’s a distinct look that these little dogs proudly own.

If you are looking for a short-haired dog, a Pomeranian is not the best choice but, you may be surprised that they do not shed a much as you would think.

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Do Pomeranians Have Hair or Fur?

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