dog breeds that get along with Pomeranians

Dog Breeds That Get Along Well With Pomeranians (7 Breeds)

You may already have a Pomeranian or are considering getting one but wonder, which dog breeds get along with Pomeranians and which are a bad and possibly dangerous match.

The best-matched dog breeds for a playmate with Pomeranians would be small and easy-going dogs like Pugs, Basset Hounds, and Maltese. Avoid larger dogs and those with a high prey drive that could easily injure a petite Pomeranian.

What Dog Breeds Get Along With Pomeranians

It’s hard to declare that an entire dog breed is a good match for a Pomeranian.

More factors are involved like each dog’s personality, activity level, and training.

In general, small dog breeds that are easy-going will be the best match for a Pomeranian, besides another Pomeranian.

  • Basset Hound
  • Pug
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Maltese
  • French Bull Dog
  • Pekinese
  • Pomeranian
Dog Breeds That Get Along With Pomeranians

Can Big Dogs Live With Pomeranians

Some will say that a Pomeranian can get along with many even-tempered big dogs and live happily ever after.

While Pomeranians and big dogs can get along, it is the exception to the rule.

Many big dogs have strong prey drives that can be hazardous to your small Pomeranian.

Even if you have the most even-tempered big dog, an accident can easily happen leaving your petite Pomeranin injured or worse.

I would not recommend Pomeranians interact with big dogs or live in a home with big dogs.

Are Pomeranians Calm?

Do Small Dogs Go Well With Pomeranians

Determining if a small dog and a Pomeranian will get along is complicated.

There are many factors involved in this canine relationship.

  • The personality of each dog
  • The energy level of each dog
  • Where the dogs are introduced
  • The gender of the dogs
  • Are The dogs neutered or spayed
  • How well are the dogs trained

Many small dogs will get along with Pomeranians but, many will not.

If you have a very territorial dog that is full of energy the chance of it getting along with any other dog is slim.

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Factors Determining If Two Dogs Will Get Along

Introducing A Pomeranian To Another Dog

There are some preferred ways to help introduce your Pomeranian to a new dog.

Gradual Introductions and Neutral Territory

  • Begin the introduction in a neutral territory unfamiliar to both dogs. This reduces territorial behavior and allows for a more relaxed initial meeting.
  • Keep both dogs on leashes during the first meeting to maintain control and prevent any sudden movements that might trigger anxiety or aggression.

Supervised Interactions and Positive Reinforcement

Controlled Environments:

  • Initially, keep interactions controlled and supervised. Gradually increase the time spent together as both dogs become more comfortable.

Positive Reinforcement:

  • Use treats, toys, and praise to reinforce positive behavior during interactions. This helps create positive associations between the dogs and encourages friendly behavior.

Equal Attention:

  • Ensure that both dogs receive equal attention to prevent jealousy and foster a sense of security.

Signs of Compatibility and Potential Issues to Watch For

Positive Signs:

  • Playful behavior, such as bowing, chasing, or shared toys, indicates positive interaction.
  • Relaxed body language, including wagging tails and loose postures.
  • Mutual interest in each other without signs of fear or aggression.

Potential Issues:

  • Aggressive posturing, growling, or snapping requires immediate intervention and separation.
  • Persistent avoidance or fear-based behavior from either dog may indicate discomfort.
  • Resource guarding or possessiveness over toys or food should be monitored and addressed.

Additional Tips:

  • Gradual Integration at Home:
    • Once the initial introduction is successful, gradually integrate the new dog into the Pomeranian’s home environment.
  • Separate Spaces Initially:
    • Allow each dog to have their separate space with their bed and toys to reduce potential conflicts.
  • Consistent Routine:
    • Maintain a consistent routine for feeding, walks, and playtime to establish a sense of security for both dogs.
  • Professional Assistance:
    • Seek the guidance of a professional dog trainer or behaviorist if any concerning behaviors persist or escalate.

Are Pomeranians Friendly With Other Dogs

Pomeranians are very friendly little companions and often get along with other animals including dogs.

One thing to think about and consider is that Pomeranians have big personalities.

These larger-than-life personalities can lead to a bossy, sassy, territorial Pomeranian who won’t get along well with other dogs.

Some Pomeranians will be great with other dogs whereas some will not be.

You need to evaluate the personality and lifestyle of your Pomeranian.

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Do Pomeranians Play Well With Other Dogs

Pomeranians play well with dogs that they are familiar with and get along with.

My three Pomeranians are perfect playmates but, if they were introduced to the new dog it may not go so well.

As with most dogs, they need to be introduced and determine their pecking order so to speak.

After that, you will have a better idea if your Pomeranian and another dog can be playmates.

Safety Concerns With Pomeranians

You do need to be aware that although Pomeranians are tough and feisty they can also get injured very easily when they play rough with others.

Always watch your dog when it is playing with others.

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dog breeds that get along with Pomeranians

What Dog Breed Goes Best With A Pomeranian

This is kind of a trick question.

I would always recommend another Pomeranian, being the same breed with similar temperaments, two Pomeranians will most often be a great pair.

Final Thoughts

Pomeranians are small but, so fiesty that they can sometimes be a problem when you try to match them with another dog as a playmate or housemate.

I suggest avoiding all big dogs since there is a high chance that they would not be a good match and your Pomeranian could get hurt.

As far as other small dogs go, look for very easy-going, non-defensive, or territorial dogs to match up to your Pomeranian sassy demeanor.

Also, be safe when introducing two new dogs to each other.

The dogs have a lot to communicate about and figure out which could lead to jumpy actions.

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