How Do I Know If My Pomeranian Puppy Is Smart

How Do I Know If My Pomeranian Puppy Is Smart (Quick Facts)

Pomeranians are very cute and make great companions but, how do you know if your Pomeranian puppy is smart?

Pomeranian puppies are very smart and can sometimes be too smart for their own good chewing everything in sight and getting in trouble.

Are Pomeranian Puppies Smart

Pomeranian puppies are very smart but, can also be very independent and stubborn.

As with any puppy, the energy levels (when awake) can outshine its natural intelligence at times.

There are ways that you can observe and test your Pomeranian puppies’ behavior to gauge how smart they really are.

How Can I Tell If My Pomeranian Puppy Is Smart

  • Figure things out quickly
  • Trying to communicate with you
  • Your dog gets into trouble
  • Great problem solving
  • Quickly finds hidden treats
  • Great with puzzle games
  • Good social instincts
  • Good short-term memory
  • Good long-term memory

Does Your Puppy Figure Things Out Quickly

Figuring things out quickly can be looked at in two ways.

Does your dog understand what you are saying and asking for quickly?

Does your dog learn things quickly?

Very smart puppies will easily understand what you are asking of them and learn very easily with simple training.

If your training sessions are very easy and your dog picks up on the new task quickly, your Pomeranian puppy may be very smart.

Does Your Pomeranian Puppy Try To Communicate With You

If your Pomeranian puppy is trying to communicate its wants and needs with you there is a good chance that your puppy is smart.

Dogs that communicate that they need to go outside, want food, or ask for someone to play and interact with them are often smarter than those that don’t try to communicate.

Does Your Puppy Get Into Trouble

If your dog is constantly getting into trouble besides being a nuisance it can also be a sign that your dog is smart.

Your dog may be bored and need some mental stimulation or challenging activities to direct its mind and energy.

How Do I Know If My Pomeranian Puppy Is Smart

Is Your Puppy Good At Problem Solving

If your Puppy shows signs of being a natural problem solver with quick instincts, most likely you have a smart dog.

Sometimes these problem-solving behaviors can lead to problems like stealing unattended food or new things such as toys.

Making sure that your natural problem solver is well-trained and has a variety of distractions is always a great idea.

Does Your Puppy Quickly Find Hidden Treats

We all have played the hide-the-treat game with our dogs and many can locate that missing treat in a moment.

If you have a puppy that is excellent at finding hidden treats, you may have a smart puppy.

Your Puppy Is Good At Puzzle Games

We have a variety of puzzle games that mostly involve hiding treats in intricate puzzles that your dog needs to solve in order to get the treats.

It’s so much fun to watch and the dogs love it.

You can often tell how smart a dog is by how well they react and beat these types of puzzles.

Does Your Dog Have Great Social Instincts

Can your puppy read you and your body language without you even saying anything to them?

Some dogs can tell with a look or a nod that you want them to come.

Others can also read your body language for when you are scared, upset, or angry and respond in an appropriate manner.

Watch your dog closely to see if he or she is able to read unspoken language.

Does Your Puppy Have A Good Short-Term Memory

A good short-term memory is a good sign of intelligence.

One way to test your puppies’ short-term memory is to let them see you put a treat under a towel, then pick your dog up and walk around cuddle it for a moment.

Place your puppy down six feet from the hidden treat and see if your dog goes to find the treat immediately,

If your puppy goes for the treat right away it has a good short-term memory.

Does Your Puppy Have A Good Long-Term Memory

Just as short-term memory is a sign of intelligence so is long-term memory.

You can test your dog using the same test as above with a treat hidden under a towel but, this time take your dog out of the room for at least five minutes before bringing it back to find the treat.

How Can I Pick Out A Smart Pomeranian Puppy

It can sometimes be a challenging task to pick out the perfect puppy.

Here are some tips to help you on your journey to dog ownership.

  • Don’t get caught up with titles like “pick of the litter” or ideal standards
  • Talk with the breeder about the puppies’ temperament and what they have observed
  • Tell the breeder about your lifestyle and what you want, they may be able to match you with the best puppy

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it can be hard to determine at first glance if you have a smart Pomeranian puppy or not.

On average, Pomeranians are very intelligent dogs making it very likely that your Pomeranian is smart.

Each dog is very different and unique from one another and may excel with intelligence in very different tasks.

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