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How Do Pomeranians Play? (21 Examples)

Pomeranians make wonderful companions but, you may be wondering how Pomeranians like to play?

Pomeranians enjoy playing in a variety of ways including dog puzzles, playing fetch, wrestling, chasing, stealing toys, chewing on plush squeaky toys, and chasing the cat to start. Playtime with your Pomeranian is beneficial for both you and your dog.

In this article, I discuss playing with your Pomeranian. Why dogs enjoy playing, how Pomeranians like to play, and why playing is good for both you and your dog.

Do Pomeranians Like To Play

Pomeranians are very playful little dogs.

It may be running around the yard after a ball or chewing on their favorite toy.

If you have a Pomeranian you are sure to have a day filled with fun, laughter, and play.

21 Ways That Pomeranians Like To Play

  • Chasing
  • Chewing on toys
  • Playing Hide and seek
  • Playing with puzzles
  • Wrestling
  • Tug of war
  • Playing fetch
  • Stealing toys or things from you
  • Roughousing
  • Agility training
  • Find the treat game
  • Kong toys
  • Plush squeaky toys
  • Playing with cat toys
  • “chasing” the cats
  • Going for a walk
  • Soccer with the kids
  • Playing in a swimming pool
  • Going to the dog park
  • Going to a dog friendly beach
  • Camping

What Is A Pomeranians Favorite Activity

A Pomeranian’s favorite activity will differ depending on each dog’s individual personality.

Our little black Pomeranian Willow enjoys playing in kiddie swimming pools, digging holes at the beach, wrestling with Murphy, and stealing toys.

Our big cream Pomeranian Murphy loves plush squeaky toys, running around the backyard, wrestling, and playing with puzzles and balls.

why do dogs enjoy playing

Why Do Dogs Enjoy Playing

You would think the answer to why dogs enjoy playing would be simple but, there are actually four different theories on why dogs like to play.

  • Playing teaches puppies motor skills
  • Play as training for unknown dangers
  • Playing promotes a positive social balance
  • Playing releases energy

Playing Help Puppies Learn Motor Skills

One of the theories as to why dogs enjoy playing is that the acts of play like chasing, play biting, rolling, playing fighting, and tugging teach a puppy how hard they can bite, how to defend themselves, and how their bodies move and work.

Playing As Training For The Unknown

Some believe that dogs play as a way to train their bodies and brains for unknown situations.

During play, a dog may get knocked over or lose its balance, the dog with them learn its limitations and how to respond and correct itself when they encounter a similar situation in the future.

Dogs may play to help them prepare and cope for any unexpected or dangerous situations in the future.

Play Promotes A Positive Social Environment

Another theory is that play promotes social cohesion between dogs.

During play, dogs learn how to cooperate within a group and build good social relationships whether it’s between another dog, animal, or human.

Playing promotes a different social interaction outside of determination of rank and dominance.

Play is more about being social, growing, and bonding.

Play Is An Outlet For Pent Up Energy

The last theory is that play is just a natural way to release all of a dog’s pent-up energy or boredom from not enough stimulation.

Are Pomeranians Happy When They Play

Pomeranians are happy when they play.

Many times the happier your dog is the more it wants to play.

My Pomeranians often become hyper and silly when they play. They will start running around, grabbing their toys, and start talking to us to get their attention.

Do Pomeranians Always Want To Play

Pomeranians don’t always want to play. They enjoy doing many other things during the day like eating, cuddling, sleeping, and exploring.

how much play time do pomeranians need

Do Pomeranians Like To Play By Themseleves

Pomeranians enjoy playing by themselves.

My Pomeranians often play by themselves. Usually, when they play alone they enjoy chewing or shaking a toy or running around grabbing toys.

Do Pomeranians Like To Play With People

Pomeranians like playing with people.

One of our Pomeranian’s favorite games is when we grab a treat or toy and hide it nearby. Our dogs love to seek out treasure.

My cream Pomeranian Murphy also enjoys playing with balls, playing fetch, or running around with a soccer ball in the yard.

Both dogs love playing chase in the backyard with any member of our family.

Do Pomeranians Like To Play With Other Dogs

Pomeranians love playing with other dogs.

In our house, our Pomeranians enjoy playing with each other the most. They often run, wrestle, and play tug of war with their toys.

I would be cautious of any Pomeranian playing with an unfamiliar dog or a dog that is much larger. It would be so easy for your Pomeranian to get hurt.

I sometimes even worry about our little WIllow who is half the size of her big brother Murphy. I am always making sure they don’t get too rough (even though she is the one that often starts it).

How Much Playtime Do Pomeranians Need

Pomeranians need some play every day, the amount needed will vary for each dog depending on its age, health, energy level, and if it lives with any other pets.

My Pomeranians are more active in the morning hours. We often joke that “Morning Murphy” and “Evening Murphy” are two different dogs.

Morning Murphy is rambunctious and full of vocal play and activity. By the end of the day, he just wants to snuggle up on the couch with a toy.

If you have more than one Pomeranian your dogs will develop their own social environment and play routine.

If your Pomeranian is the only animal in the home I suggest offering your dog some playtime a couple of times during the day.

You will get to know your Pomeranian and discover what makes them happiest.

do pomeranians like to play

What Are The Benefits Of Playing With Your Dog

There are many benefits to playing with your dog for both you and your dog.

  • Physical health
  • Stress relief
  • Mental health
  • Bonding
  • Enhanced training
  • Decreases problem behaviors
  • Improves your social life
  • Promotes good sleep
  • Lengthen your dogs lifespan
  • Playing with your dog sets a good example for your kids

Playing With Your Dog Is Good For Physical Health

The act of playing with your dog is good for the health of both your bodies.

Playing with your dog is a fun way for both of you to get exercise without it even feeling like it.

Getting outside and playing with your dog a couple of times a day is a wonderfully gentle way to increase your overall health.

Routine exercise will also help maintain or improve your dog’s health.

Playing With Your Dog Relieves Stress

Whenever I’m stressed I always grab one of my dogs for a little one on one playtime.

Playing with your dog can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

It’s been proven that spending some time with a dog can help you feel calmer and at ease.

Playing With You Dog Is Good For Mental Health

Just like playing with your dog reduces stress it is also good for your and your dog’s mental health.

People with dogs are often happier and feel less lonely.

Playing with your dog will also reduce any feeling of anxiety that your dog could be experiencing.

Playing With Your Dog Helps Build Your Bond

When you play with your dog you are also deepening and building the bond, love, and trust that you have.

Dogs are natural pack animals and enjoy the social relationship and bond that being an important member of the pack brings.

Playing with your dog is a nice way to build that positive relationship.

Playing With Your Dog Enhances Your Training

Playing with your dog is a great way to routinely practice the training and skills that your dog has learned in a fun playful manner.

Playing With Your Dog Decreases Problem Behaviors

Dogs that engage in play more often are less likely to develop behavioral problems.

The majority of behavioral problems come from a place of boredom or lack of training.

Playing with your dog will burn some energy, stimulate your dog’s brain, make them happy, and practice training and obedience skills.

Playing With Your Dog Will Improve Your Social Life

Getting outside and meeting other dog owners will instantly improve your social life and activity.

Playing With Your Dog Promotes Good Sleep

The exercise and mental stimulation both will contribute to better sleep for you and your dog especially if you go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine.

Playing With Your Dog May Increase Its Lifespan

Our furry little friends do not have long lifespans, to begin with.

Obesity and lack of movement is a huge contributor to health problems that can shorten your dog’s life.

Playing with your dog often may help increase your dog’s lifespan.

Playing With Your Dog Sets A Good Example For Your Kids

Our children learn more from our actions than what we tell them.

Playing with your dog teaches your kids how to interact and treat other living creatures, it also can help them learn about emotions and how to take care of others.

It also shows kids that we are never too old to get on the floor and play.

Why Do Dogs Like To Play Fetch

Playing fetch makes a dog feel good. It’s a simple game of chasing and retrieving with an instant positive outcome that boosts their confidence and mood.

Why Do Dogs Like To Play Tug Of War

Playing tug of war is a healthy way for dogs to express and practice their natural predatory instincts.

Pomeranian Play Time Tips

  • Don’t include body parts or your clothing as part of the game
  • Include simple training like sit, down, and stay during play time
  • Supervise any playtime between your dog and a child
  • Don’t let the dog get too rough or excitable
  • Provide your dog with a variety of toys and activities
  • Be consistant with your boundries of what play is or isn’t
  • Try to play with your dog often
  • Buy you dog some toys that they only have when you are away
  • Put your dogs toys in a rotation to keep mentally stimulated
  • Don’t use old houshold or clothing items as toys
  • Make sure all toys are safe and sized for your dog
  • Have fun

Final Thoughts

Pomeranians love playing and there are many different ways that you can incorporate play into your Pomeranian’s life.

Start trying new things or games and see how your dog responds.

Playing with my dogs always brings me joy and stress relief on a daily basis. I feel very lucky to have them as part of my life.

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