how do pomeranians show love

How Do Pomeranians Show Love (21 Examples)

Pomeranians are fluffy little dogs with big personalities. Have you ever wondered how Pomeranians show love?

Pomeranians show their love for you in many different ways including cuddling, licking, playing, tail wagging, and waiting by the door. Many of the ways a Pomeranian shows you love are based on a dog’s natural pack instincts.

In this article, I discuss the 21 different ways a Pomeranian will show its love for you.

How Do Dogs Show Love

Although Pomeranians can not express themselves with words they have become very good at showing their feelings in many other ways. Ranging from subtle body language to boisterous shows of affection.

Do All Pomeranians Show Love In The Same Way

Just like people every Pomeranian is unique and has its personality. Each dog will have its preferred ways of showing love.

Once you are aware of your dog’s love language you will notice their little expressions every day.

What Are The Ways Pomeranians Show Love

As you read through this list I’m sure you’ll recognize some of these expressions from your dog and you will notice some new ones.

  • Tail wagging
  • Following you around
  • Waiting by the door
  • An excited display full of barking and wiggling when you arrive home
  • Smiles
  • Licking and giving kisses
  • Talking to you
  • Climbing on you and getting in your face
  • Checking to see where you are
  • Jumping up on you (usually asking you to pick them up)
  • Asking you to play with them
  • Rolling over so you can rub their bellies
  • Bumping you with their noses
  • Sniffing you
  • Being protective
  • Cuddling with you
  • Sleeping with you
  • Staying near you if you are upset or sick
  • Recognizing your name when it said
  • Trying to get help if you are in danger
  • Bringing you their toys

How Do Pomeranians Wag Their Tails To Show Love

Dogs use their tails to communicate in many different ways. We must read their communication correctly because each tail wag is vastly different.

A dog often uses its tail to show fear, insecurity, dominance as well as happiness.

A slow wag or a tail that’s tucked between a dog’s legs is a sign of anxiety or nervousness within the dog.

A stiff tail that is held up high is often a sign of dominance.

A fast wag often accompanied by smiles, barking, and jumping is a sign of happiness or love.

A relaxed tail is also a sign of contentment and love.

Our Pomeranians will often give us a little wag of their fluffy curly tails when they are lying down relaxing just to give us a little expression of love if we speak to them or go near them.

My dog Murphy does this all of the time. He likes to lay on his stomach on our cool tile floors with his hind legs spread out behind him.

His fluffy tail is a much lighter cream color compared to the deeper-colored fur on his back. When he gives me a little wag it looks like a little white pom waving at me.

This expression of love will always stop me in my tracks to give him love in return.

what are the ways pomeranians show love

Pomeranians Will Follow You Around

Pomeranians will become very attached to their owners and will often follow you around everywhere you go.

Some may call them “velcro dogs” or “clingy”.

Dogs are pack animals and naturally want to be part of the pack environment. They enjoy building that pack bond with their human family.

Being around you makes your dog feel safe and secure and shows their love for you.

I lovingly refer to my dogs as my “pomtourage”.

Where ever I am my dogs are sure to be right behind me.

Pomeranians Will Wait For You By The Door

Many times when I’ve left the house I will receive a message from my husband with a picture of my dog Murphy waiting patiently by the door for me to return.

Pomeranians are known for experiencing separation anxiety.

Even with other people at home my Pomeranians will wait by the door or check it often for my return.

Pomeranians Will Greet You With Excitement

After you have returned home after hours or even a short trip to the mailbox, your Pomeranian will give you the most excited and loving greeting that you can imagine.

You can expect your greeting to include barking, jumping, tail wagging, licking, and a whole lot of body movements.

Your Pomeranian May Give You A Big Smile

A big cheerful doggy grin is a sure sign that your Pomeranian loves you.

Experts are not sure why dogs smile. It may be because they are trying to take in more of your scent.

Regardless of the exact reasons a doggy smile is an expression of love and affection.

You can’t help but feel the love when your dog gives you a big smile.

Do Pomeranians understand when you show them love

Pomeranian Kisses Are A Sure Sign Of Love

I have one dog that loves to show her love with kisses.

Licking is a form of communication that has been used by pack animals for many years.

Dogs will lick as a gesture of welcoming someone into their packs. They also lick to show submissiveness to the leader of the pack.

Pomeranians Will Talk To You

The same dog that likes to lick and kiss us also talks to us often.

She is a very sassy little dog who communicates with us often through her voice.

You can expect some Pomeranians to lightly bark and communicate with you to show their love.

The majority of the time our little Pomeranian Willow wants some love and attention in return.

Your Pomeranian May Climb Onto You

Both of our Pomeranians will climb onto our laps walk up onto our chest and stare us in the face.

This expression of love usually comes with a big smile and tail wags.

Pomeranians love attention and being by your side. Sometimes they are outright bossy about getting some love.

Pomeranians Will Check On You

I can’t disappear for long in my home without one of my dogs searching for me.

As a member of the pack, your Pomeranian will do its rounds making sure that every member is safe and accounted for.

Your Pomeranian May Jump On You

It’s very common for Pomeranians to jump up on you asking to be picked up.

Pomeranians are very cuddly dogs and love to be right with you.

My dogs will often come up to us and jump up asking to be picked up, especially my big ten-pound Pomeranian Murphy.

He loves to be carried around the house in my arms like a baby.

When Your Pomeranian Loves You It Wants To Play

You may be sitting quietly somewhere and your Pomeranian will come up to you with a toy asking for playtime.

Playing is a natural form of affection for dogs within a pack environment.

When your dog wants to play with you it is showing its love for you as well.

Pomeranians Will Roll Over To Show Love

When a dog rolls over onto its back and exposes its belly it is showing a form of submission and trust for you.

Your dog is showing that it loves you and looks to you as the leader of its pack.

Pomeranians Will Bump You With Their Noses

Dogs often use their noses as a way to communicate.

A nose nudge is a way that your dog tries to tell you something. Many times they want something like food or attention.

When your dog comes to you for their needs they are showing that they love and trust you as their leader and provider.

Your Pomeranian Will Sniff You

Sniffing within the world of canines is a way to communicate.

Although a nice big dog sniffs to us humans may feel rude and intrusive it’s a way that your dog gathers information about you and who you have been around.

Pomeranians Are Little Guard Dogs

You may not think of a little fluffy Pomeranian as being a good guard dog but, they are very protective of those they are close to.

If your Pomeranians are jumping up to protect you from dangers (real and perceived) you know it’s a sure sign that your Pomeranian loves you very much.

Pomeranians Love To Cuddle

You will always know who a Pomeranian loves by whom it cuddles with.

Our Pomeranians make their rounds and cuddle with everyone in our family.

My dad lives with us the majority of the year and it brings all of us so much joy to see our Pomeranians climb up with him in his chair and take a nap with him.

Later in the day, they will climb up next to me.

Pomeranians will cuddle with you to show love

You Pomeranian May Sleep With You To Show Love

Your Pomeranian sleeping by your side shows how relaxed and comfortable they feel when they are by your side.

It may be napping during the day or at night, most Pomeranians will want to sleep near those they love.

Pomeranians Will Be By Your Side When You Are Not Well

Dogs have a natural instinct to care for their pack mates when they are not well.

If you are not feeling your best, your Pomeranian is likely to be right by your side.

If your dog is sticking by your side it’s a sure sign that your dog loves you.

When You Pomeranian Recognizes Your Name

If your Pomeranian recognizes your name and responds to it when you are not around with excitement, they are showing how much they love you and anticipate that you may appear.

Pomeranians Will Often Seek Help

Dogs will often seek out help for their loved ones when they are in danger.

There are some incredible stories of animals finding help for their human owners when they have had an accident or medical emergency.

Your Pomeranian May Bring You Its Toys

When your Pomeranian brings you its toys it’s similar behavior to when dogs lived in wild packs and brought back the prey to share with the rest of the pack members.

If your dog brings you its favorite toy it is showing how much it loves you by sharing its favorite possession with you.

Do Pomeranians Understand When We Show Them Love

Understanding all of the ways a Pomeranian shows love is one thing but, do Pomeranians understand how we show our love for them as well?

Dogs understand that we are expressing love through the hormones that we give off during those actions.

Our bodies produce a “happy hormone” called oxytocin that is produced when we are happy.

Dogs can sense this hormone as it increases when we show them affection.

Canines are a very intelligent species beyond normal communication they can learn body language and the expression of positive feelings like love.

Final Thoughts

We must keep in mind that every dog is different and the way that one dog shows love will be different when compared to another.

Both of our Pomeranians show love in different ways.

Murphy is very cuddly and loves to be held. He will wait for me by the door and follow me wherever I go.

Willow loves licking and giving kisses as well as talking to you and giving you sass. Although she doesn’t like to cuddle as much as Murphy she follows me around and makes sure she knows where I am.

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