How far can Pomeranians walk

How Far Can Pomeranians Walk

You enjoy getting ourside and going for long walks but, you are unsure if your Pomeranian can keep up?

In this article, I discuss if Pomeranains can go on long walks and hikes as well as things we should think about and consider when going on walks with our Pomeranians.

Many Pomeranians will enjoy going on short walks and hikes with their family. SInce Pomeranians are small dogs we do need to be aware of the weather conditions, pace and terrian during our walk, making sure to provide enough rest and water along the way.

How Long Can You Walk A Pomeranian

The amount of time that your Pomeranian can walk will depend on many factors including the age of your dog, weather, and terrain.

In ideal weather conditions and on easy terrain your Pomeranian can walk with you for about 30 to 40 minutes.

Weather Condtions The Are Not Good For Pomeranians

Any of the extreme weather conditions are not good for Pomeranians to be outside for too long, never mind going for a walk.

You should reduce your Pomeranian’s outdoor time during the following weather conditions.

  • Hot weather (above 68 degrees)
  • Cold weather (below 32 degrees)
  • Heavy rain
  • Snow
  • Sleet
  • Hail

Why Is 68 Degrees Too Hot To Walk My Dog

Experts have studied the temperature of surfaces and have discovered that even on a 77-degree day Farenheight that the asphalt can reach temperatures of 127 degrees.

This is extremely hot for our little Pomeranaisn feet as well as their bodies that are much closer to the ground heat than we are.

when the temperature is over 89 degrees Farenhieght outdoor time is extremely dangerous for your dog and should be limited.

What Distance Can Pomeranians Walk

Every dog will have a different pace that is comfortable for them.

Regardless, Pomeranians are very small dogs with short legs. We can not expect them to be able to walk long distances.

You can expect your Pomeranian to be able to handle a 20 minute casual walk around your neighborhood or on a trail.

How Many Walks Can I Take My Pomeranian On In A Day

Your Pomeranian can go on two walks with you in a day, one early in the day and one later in the day.

Keep each of these walks to around 20 to 30 minutes in ideal weather conditions (35 to 68 degrees and dry).

Can Pomeranians Go Running With You

Pomeranians are small dogs that would have a hard time keeping up with you on your run.

It is best to leave your Pomeranian at home when you run, only bringing him or her with you on casual walks.

Can Pomeranains Go With You On A Hike

Pomeranians can go on easy hikes with you.

I wouldn’t suggest bringing your Pomeranians up a mountain (unless you have a carrier to help your dog along the way),

Pomeranians do enjoy a nice casual hike along easy trails.

Make sure you bring enough water and give your dog a good break every 15 to 20 minutes.

As always make sure the weather conditions are ideal.

can Pomeranians Go On hikes

How Far Can A Pomeranian Hike

A Pomeranian will enjoy going on short hikes.

The most important thing is to only bring your Pomeranian on a hike during ideal weather conditions and make sure they have enough water and a nice break every 20 minutes.

I wouldn’t suggest bringing your Pomeranian on a hike that lasts longer than an hour to an hour and a half at most.

Do Pomeranians Like Hiking

It will depend on your dogs personality.

My little female Pomeranians loves anything outdoors, going for hikes or digging holes at the beach.

Out big boy Murphy is an indoor dog. He is not a fan of being outdoors and getting wet at all.

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Can Pomeranians Walk As Far As Other Dogs

Pomeranians can not walk as far as many other dog breeds can.

Each dog breed is completely individual with their own strengths and physical abilities.

Pomeranians are wonderful companions but, they are not the type of dog that you can take on long walks or hikes.

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Should I Carry My Pomeranian On Hikes

If your dog enjoys being in a carrier or sling, it is possible to carry your dog one long hikes or for a portion of the hike.

Dangers On Walks With Your Pomeranian

We’ve discussed the dangers found in weather conditions as well as making sure your dog have enough rest and water on a walk.

Another danger we do need to be on the look out for is other dogs that we meet on our walks.

Pomeranians are very small dogs and often have a similar size and appearance as many much larger dogs toys have.

As well, as some other dog breeds have much stronger prey drives.

Being a small dog owner we need to be aware of the possibility of a dog attack on our dogs.

Final Thoughts

You can’t know for sure if your Pomeranian will love going for walks and hikes or if you dog would rather curl up with you on the couch.

If you are outdoorsy and introduce your Pomeranian to daily walks or weekly hikes you are more likely to have a dog that is well adjusted to those activities.

Always remember to be aware of the weather, you dogs abilities and being enough water for both you and your dog.

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