how many puppies can a Pomeranian have

How Many Puppies Can A Pomeranian Have (Quick Facts)

Pomeranians are fluffy little companions that can bring so much joy, how many puppies can a Pomeranian have in one litter?

Pomeranians on average have between one and three puppies per litter. Less common would be a litter of four or five puppies with extremely rare litters of six or seven puppies. Larger litter sizes do come with a higher risk of health concerns.

What Is The Average Litter Size For Pomeranians

The average litter size for Pomeranians is one to three puppies.

Less often you will have a litter that has four or five puppies.

What Is The Least Amount Of Puppies A Pomeranian Can Have

A successful Pomeranian pregnancy can have as few as one puppy.

What Is The Largest Litter Size A Pomeranian Can Have

Five or six puppies in one litter of Pomeranian puppies are rare and the most you could expect.

The largest litter of puppies on record belongs to a Bull MAstif who had a litter of twenty-four puppies.

Can A Pomeranian Have Six Puppies

It is possible for a Pomeranian to have six puppies in one litter but, it’s very rare.

Can A Pomeranian Have Seven Puppies

Even rarer than six puppies would be a Pomeranian litter of seven, it has happened but, is very unlikely.

When Can You Find Out How Many Pomeranian Puppies Are In A Litter

Some people are about to feel the mother’s abdomen and be able to tell how many puppies she is expecting.

With small dogs like Pomeranians and in general, this is not an accurate tool for determining how many puppies are in a pregnancy.

The best way and most accurate way to determine the size of a litter is to have a veterinarian perform an ultrasound or X-ray.

The ideal time to perform an ultrasound is anywhere between twenty and thirty days of gestation.

It’s important to know the size of a Pomeranian’s litter in order to prepare for the best birth plan.

Many Pomeranians do require a C-Section for safe delivery.

Does The Age Of The Mother Affect The Litter Size

The age of the mother can affect the size of the litter.

Very young dogs and older more mature dogs tend to have smaller litters than those that are within the ideal breeding age.

What Is The Ideal Breeding Age For Pomeranians

The ideal age for a female Pomeranian to have puppies is between two and five years.

Is The Mothers First Litter Smaller

Often a Pomeranian’s first and second litter are smaller in size when compared to litters that will have in later years.

Once a Pomeranian is past the prime breeding age her litters may also become smaller in size.

Which Litters Have The Most Puppies

Many Pomeranian’s third and fourth litters tend to be the largest with the most puppies.

When Is A Pomeranian Too Old For Breeding

It is not recommended to breed a female Pomeranian that is older than eight years of age.

It’s best to evaluate each dog individually once she is around five years old to determine when she should no longer have puppies.

How Many Litters Can A Pomeranian Have In One Year

Pomeranians should only have one litter within a twelve-month time frame with a maximum of two litters within eighteen months according to the AKC guidelines.

Why Do Pomeranians Have Small Litters

Pomeranians have such small litters because they are very small dogs.

The main factor that determines a litter’s size is the size of the dog.

Large dogs have a bigger litter in comparison to smaller toy size dogs.

Pregnancy is difficult and requires a lot of body resources to successfully complete, it can become dangerous and life-threatening for small dogs.

What Is The Average Size Of Litters

The average size of a litter of puppies does vary by dog breed.

Large Dogs (Bull Mastiff)- 5-13 puppies per litter

Medium/Large Logs (Labordor Retreiver)- 5-10 puppies per litter

Small Dogs (Cocker Spaniel)- 3-7 puppies per litter

Toy Dogs (Yorkie) – 1-5 puppies per litter

Is The First Born Puppy The Biggest

There isn’t any rhyme or reason for birth order within a litter.

Many births are also C-Sections giving human intervention an element in birth order.

The smallest or biggest puppies both have an equal chance of being born first.

Are The Biggest Puppies The Healthiest

The biggest puppy may end up being the healthiest but, also may not.

There are a lot of factors that determine how healthy a puppy is beyond its size.

The food and care that a puppy receives are even bigger factors in a puppy’s health.

How Long Are Pomeranians Pregnant

The gestation period for Pomeranians is usually 63 days from conception.

what is the average litter size for pomeranians

Can A Female Pomeranian Get Pregnant In Her First Heat

Many female Pomeranians can experience their first heat cycle near six months of age.

Although, they are still puppies themselves a female Pomeranian can get pregnant during her first heat cycle.

When Can A Female Pomeranian Get Pregnant

Female Pomeranians can get pregnant within their first year of life but, that is not recommended.

It is best to wait until a female is fully grown until she has her first litter at around two years of age.

When Does A Pomeranian First Show Signs Of A Pregnancy

It can take a few weeks after conception for a Pomeranian to start showing the signs of pregnancy.

Do Dogs Experiance Morning Sickness

Many dogs including Pomeranians can experience morning sickness which can become very serious for a small Pomeranian if she isn’t able to thrive and maintain her blood sugar levels.

Does A Pomeranians Belly Drop Before Birth

Sometimes a Pomeranian’s belly will shift and drop before it is about to give birth.

What Are The Early Signs Of A Pomeranian Pregnancy

A few early pregnancy signs that you may notice is you look closely are.

  • A firm stomach
  • Changes in nipple size and color
  • Vommiting
  • Tiredness
  • Weight gain

What Are The Signs Of Labor In Pomeranians

Being prepared for your dog’s labor and creating a birth plan with your vet is extremely important.

Some of the signs of labor include.

  • Restlessness
  • Scratching
  • Nesting Behavior
  • Mammory Glands Enlarge
  • Temperature Dropping
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Contracting Abdomen
  • Panting
  • Pacing
  • Seeking Seclusion
  • Shivering
  • Vommiting

When Are Pomeranian Females Most Fertile

Female Pomeranians are said to be the most fertile after the age of two.

Once a female Pomeranian reaches the age of four or five their fertility may start to decline.

Will All Of The Puppies Survive

Unfortunately, Pomeranians are known as the heartbreak breed.

Due to their tiny size, many puppies are lost during pregnancy, birth, and the early days of life.

In some extremely tragic cases, the mother’s life can be lost as well.

It’s very important to have contact with your vet and have a professional monitor the pregnancy of your Pomeranian.

How Small Are Pomeranian Puppies At Birth

Pomeranian puppies are very small weighing only two to five ounces at birth.

Final Thoughts

Pomeranians on average will have between one and three puppies per litter.

The amount of puppies depends on a variety of things including the mother’s age, health, and size.

In rare cases, you may have a litter that has more than four puppies.

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