How much do pomeranians cost

How Much Do Pomeranians Cost? 50 States Compared (2023)

You are considering adding a fluffy Pomeranian to your family and are not sure how much you should expect to pay for your Pomeranian.

In this article, I am comparing the prices from every state in order to bring you the average cost that you can expect to pay for a Pomeranian puppy, lower-end price points, and the high-end price.

I will provide the factors that influence the price the most as well as my experiences and tips for saving money while buying your Pomeranian puppy.

Let’s jump in.

You can expect to pay between $800 to $7000 for a Pomeranian Puppy. The majority of puppies fall within the range of $2000-$3000, with many contributing factors that influence the final price.

How Much Do Pomeranian Puppies Cost

The price for a Pomeranian Puppy has drastically changed within the past couple of years with a price that currently ranges between $800 and $7000.

What Is The Average Price Of A Pomeranian

The average cost for a Pomeranian puppy in 2022 is $2423.00

You can find some puppies on the lower end of the spectrum at $800-$1500.

The majority of Pomeranian puppies now cost over $2000.

The high end of Pomeranian pricing does include many puppies around $3500 or more.

Why Does The Price For A Pomeranian Vary

There are many different variables that determine the price of a Pomeranian.

The main variables that influence a Pomeranian’s price are.

  • Location
  • Travel
  • Breeders Choice
  • The Dogs Age
  • The Color Of The Dogs Coat
  • How Close The Dog Is To The Ideal Standards
  • The Dogs Health
  • Litter Size
  • The Dogs Gender
  • The Dogs Size

How Does Location Influence A Pomeranians Price

The area in which the Pomeranian breeder is located influences a puppy’s price more than you would assume.

Areas that have a large population or a high cost of living like California will have higher price tags for their puppies.

While researching I found many breeders in California that were asking 6K to 7K for a puppy, which was drastically higher than the average.

That said it was possible to find a puppy within California that was 1500 and there were other variables on this list that contributed to that one puppy being 7K.

How Does Travel Influence A Pomeranians Price

I have to mention travel expenses while discussing the overall price of purchasing a Pomeranian.

The majority of Pomeranian buyers will have some travel expenses when they bring home their puppy.

It may only be a short drive or could end up being a flight, hotel room, and rental car.

We’ve personally done both. Our first two Poms came from a wonderful local breeder that was only an hour and a half drive from our home.

Unfortunately, they are currently on a break from breeding.

When we wanted to add another fluffy puppy to our family this past fall we had to look elsewhere.

At first, we had to adjust to the sticker shock of how fast the price for Pomeranian puppies increased.

The next step was to make a plan, we knew that we didn’t want to pay towards the higher end of prices that we were seeing but, we were willing to travel for the right puppy as long as it was within our overall puppy budget.

My husband ended up traveling out of state to get our little Duke.

How Does A Breeder Influence The Price Of A Pomeranian Puppy

Ultimately, the breeder is the owner of the puppies.

They end up having a variety of expenses to care for the pregnant mom, puppies, and even the father of the puppies in most cases.

It is not inexpensive to take care of pregnant Pomeranians and newborn puppies. There are often emergencies and a number of health crises that can occur while raising puppies.

The breeder can set their price at their own will, depending on the amount they feel is fair for their puppies.

How Does A Pomeranians Age Affect Its Price

A Pomeranian puppy that is 8-10 weeks of age will always be priced the highest.

Older puppies and dogs generally go for less money since they are older.

Honestly, I am seeing less of a difference recently.

Since there is a high demand for Pomeranians currently, you can expect to pay the same in most cases for a 6-month-old puppy or an adult leaving a breeding program as you would for an 8-week old puppy.

How Does The Color Of A Dogs Coat Affect Its Price

At first, you wouldn’t think the color of a Pomeranian’s coat would make a difference in its price but, in actuality is it one of the biggest contributors to price differences.

Genetically, some colors are rarer than others and are less likely to appear in litters.

If you remember the seven thousand dollar puppies in California that I mentioned earlier, those puppies are a stark snow-white color that is often rare and highly sought after.

What Colors Do Pomeranians Come In (Color Guide)

How Do Dog Standards Affect A Pomeranians Price

The closer that a puppy and its parents are to the ideal Pomeranian standard the more the breeder can ask for the puppy.

For most of us, it doesn’t matter how close the puppy is to the standards since the dog is intended as a companion only.

The standards exist for show purposes but, are a measurable guideline that breeders can use as a tool for “quality” and pricing as well.

A dog’s stature and facial features can also contribute to the puppy’s price. You will notice a dog being referred to as a Fox Face Pomeranian, Baby Doll Pomeranian, or a Teddy Bear Pomeranian.

How Does A Pomeranians Health Influence Its Price

A Pomeranian’s health is extremely important.

If a puppy has health issues or if there are any major health issues in its bloodlines it will affect the price and should be a major consideration on if you should get the dog or not.

Pomeranians overall are prone to some health conditions. Some of them may not be anything to worry about whereas others can be life-threatening.

Your new puppy should have a vet visit before it is given the ok to go to its forever home.

You should find out then if there are any health concerns to consider.

How Does A Pomeranians Litter Size Influence The Price

In comparison to many other breeds, Pomeranians have extremely small litters that are often met with a lot of pregnancy and delivery challenges.

You can expect 1 to 3 puppies from a litter and often the mom will require a C-Section for delivery.

Pomeranians are known as the “heartbreak” breed because so many puppies and mothers are often lost during the pregnancy and birth process.

We’ve personally experienced this heartbreak. Our first breeder had a significant loss that made them take a break from breeding.

When we got our little Duke this past fall we were actually planning on getting his little sister.

When she went in for her final vet appointment a few days before she would come home, the vet discovered that she had hypoglycemia.

Sadly, a couple of days later she passed away. We were completely heartbroken and crushed.

We do feel blessed that we were able to welcome her brother Duke into our family but, we will never forget that little girl.

How Does A Pomeranians Gender Influence The Price

Female dogs often are sought after more often than males (although, I think males are more cuddly).

Since more people ask for females, breeders can ask for a higher price for them.

How Does A Pomeranians Size Influence The Price

Tiny “Teacup” dogs of all breeds have become extremely popular in recent years.

Between the adorable looks and Celebrities flaunting miniature dogs on tv and social media, everyone wants a tiny dog.

The smaller they are the better, so it seems.

I personally think it is a tragedy to Pomeranians and possibly other breeds as well.

Pomeranians are very small dogs, to begin with, but, the questionable breeding practices that are used and the health ramifications dealt to these tiny dogs are sad.

Regardless, of the projected size of a puppy trigger words like “Teacup”, ‘Miniature”, and “Tiny” are often used in advertisements to describe puppies and ask for a higher price.

Pomeranin pricing factors

50 State Pomeranian Price Comparison

There are many breeders all over the country and the world, for comparison purposes, I looked at and documented every listing that is currently on the AKC Marketplace.

We personally used the AKC Marketplace to locate our most recent addition Duke to our family.

ALABAMA2800Only one breeder – female sable
ALASKAno puppies
ARIZONA20002800Black males and females
Cream Sable male
ARKANSAS8001500Sable male
Black and Tan Males
CALIFORNIA15004000-70007K was ice white, the majority are priced between 2-3K
COLORADO1 litter, no price was given
CONNECTICUTnone available
DELAWAREnone available
FLORIDA14504000Various colors and litters
GEORGIA12003500Various Colors and litters
HAWAII26001 litter
IDAHOnone available
ILLINOIS2 Litters without prices
INDIANA125015002 Litters from the same breeder
IOWA1 litter without prices
KANSAS20001 litter
LOUISIANA200035002 litters
MAINEnone available
MARYLAND32001 litter
MASSACHUSETTSnone available
MICHIGAN150050002 litters
MINNESOTA200025002 litters
MISSISSIPPI18001 litter
MONTANAnone available
NEBRASKAnone available
NEVADA28002 litters
NEW HAMPSHIREnone available
NEW JERSEY185025002 litters
NEW MEXICOnone available
NEW YORK200040002 litters
NORTH DAKOTA1 litter without prices
OHIO230030003 litters
OREGON25002 litters
RHODE ISLAND1 litter without prices
SOUTH CAROLINA180021002 litters
SOUTH DAKOTA30001 litter
TENNESSEE27001 litter
TEXAS90035003 litters
UTAH30001 litter
VERMONT1 litter without prices
VIRGINIA220034953 litters

Does It Cost More To Buy A Pomeranian From A Store

I suggest never purchasing a puppy from a pet store for a variety of reasons with only one of them being the price.

Pomeranians from pet stores will cost more than if you were to get your puppy directly from a breeder.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $3000 and $10,000 for a puppy at a pet store.

Three years ago we were in a pet store and asked how much their Pomeranian puppy was. At the time it was $4500. I can only imagine it would be more today.

Does It Cost More To Buy A Pomeranian From A Broker

A broker is a middleman that collaborates with breeders and sells their puppies to new owners.

An example would be Premier Pups.

I looked at their pricing for Pomeranian puppies and found that their prices are comparable to the going rates for a puppy directly from a breeder.

It may be a good option for some as long as the broker is reputable. Personally, I would rather have direct contact with the breeder.

Does It Less To Buy A Pomeranian From A Breeder

Generally, It costs less to buy a Pomeranian puppy directly from the breeder.

You also have the added benefits of speaking with the breeder, seeing your puppy’s parents, and knowing your puppy’s history and bloodlines.

what is the average price of a pomeranian

Have Pomeranians Gone Up In Price

Pomeranians have gone up in price over the past few years.

I think the current state of the world over the past couple of years has contributed to more people getting dogs and Pomeranians were already a very popular breed.

It’s good old-fashioned supply and demand that is rapidly driving up the prices of Pomeranian puppies.

Why Does It Cost More If I Want To Breed My Pomeranian

If you want to get a Pomeranian puppy that you intend on breeding it will cost you significantly more money.

If you are breeding Pomeranians then you have the desire to make money off of the dog that you are purchasing.

A breeder will ask for a higher price or may not even allow you to breed the dog that you purchase.

Why Does A Show Pomeranian Cost More Than A Pet

Show dogs fit into the ideal of what a Pomeranian should look like and can possibly win money at dog shows.

Any dog that is intended for show purposes or fits the standard will cost more money than a dog that will solely be a pet.

Tips For Buying A Pomeranian Puppy

We’ve looked closely at what contributes to the price of a Pomeranian puppy, now I want to provide my best tips and advice for getting the puppy that best suits you and your budget.

  1. Be Realistic
  2. Be Patient
  3. Consider Traveling
  4. Be Flexible With Coat Colors
  5. Consider Both Genders
  6. Be Open To Larger Dogs

Be Realistic With Your Budget

After reading this article you will know what the going rates are for Pomeranian puppies.

You can’t expect to get a puppy for less than $800. That said, there are fewer puppies at the lower end of the price point. You may get lucky and find a puppy under $2000 near you.

If not, you may need to travel for that lower-priced pup.

Although, it’s tempting to jump at the first puppy you see.

First, consider what is most important to you and your budget first.

We searched for months until the right puppy “spoke” to us within our budget and considerations.

Be Willing To Travel

Think about and be open to the idea of traveling.

If you find the right puppy at the right price point in a different state, evaluate how much travel costs would add.

The puppy price plus travel expenses may be significantly less than higher-priced puppies available in your local area.

Be Open To A Wide Range Of Coat Colors

If you have your heart set on one of the rare colors like white, wolf sable, or lavender then you may be destined to pay a higher price.

If you are open to more common colors or any color that happens to be available you then open up your chances at a lower-priced puppy.

Consider A Boy Puppy

Quite often female puppies are priced higher than males.

Consider a male puppy to lower your price.

Consider A Larger Puppy

I’m not saying to seek out a full Throwback Pomeranian. That may actually be harder to find.

What I am saying is to look for those puppies they may be tracking to be a little larger that can’t be advertised as being tiny little “teacups”.

These aren’t different dogs than “teacups” most of it is truly advertising and perception.

If you find a completely healthy Pomeranian Puppy that has been bred to parents that fit within the breed standard you are sure to have a beautiful Pomeranian that will be less than ten pounds.

Most Pomeranians will average between 4 to 7 pounds.

I have a big 10-pound boy that thinks he is the smallest, a slightly overweight 8-pound girl (she should be closer to 6 pounds), and a puppy that should be around 6-8 pounds when fully grown.

They are all perfect in every way possible.

why does the price for a pomeranian vary

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of information here, I hope it gave you the answers you needed to help you on your journey to adding a Pomeranian to your family.

I plan on this article going beyond the “set it and forget it” type of article. I plan of updating it as needed to make sure that anyone interested in the current pricing of Pomeranians will have up-to-date information and the full scope of pricing.

It’s funny to say but, with all of our puppies, we just have this gut feeling of knowing that, that puppy was meant to be part of our family.

You may or may not have a similar experience but, I do wish you the very best on your hunt for a Pomeranian.

They are really the best dogs and add so much joy and love to our lives.

Are Pomeranians Good Family Dogs

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