How Often Do Pomeranians need to be professionally groomed

How Often Do Pomeranians Need To Be Professionally Groomed (Quick Facts)

Pomeranians are known for their glorious manes of long and fluffy fur but, how much work does a coat like that require, how often do Pomeranians need to be professionally groomed?

Pomeranians can often be groomed at home or brought to a professional groomer as needed up to every four to six weeks for regular grooming maintenance like bathing, brushing, and nail clipping. How often you bring your Pomeranian to the groomer depends on your expectations and lifestyle.

How Often Do Pomeranains Need To Be Groomed

Pomeranians need to have some sort of grooming done on a weekly basis.

This can be as simple as getting out a brush and brushing your dog’s coat.

There are a variety of coat care and health needs that may also need to be in your weekly or monthly routine like nail trimming and mat removal if needed.

As far as professional grooming is concerned you may want to bring your Pomeranian to a groomer on a regular basis for simple grooming, occasionally or only as needed.

How often you bring your Pomeranian to the groomer is completely up to you and your lifestyle.

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Are Pomeranians Supposed To Be Groomed

Pomeranians have beautiful double coats, that often require some grooming to maintain.

The amount of grooming needed can depend on your Pomeranian’s coat and what your expectations are for your Pomeranian.

Is your Pomeranian a pet or a show dog?

The answer to this question often determines the level of grooming that your dog will need.

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Do Pomeranians Need To Be Trimmed Often

Pomeranians rarely need to be trimmed.

If you bring your Pomeranian to the groomer, he or she may get a trim just to “clean up” the appearance of the edges of your dog’s coat.

None of this trimming is really needed.

If your dog gets some mats in its coat, those will need to be trimmed and removed.

How often do Pomeranians need to be professionally groomed

Do Pomeranians Need To Go To The Groomer To Keep Clean

Pomeranians do not need to go to the groomer to keep clean.

Many people enjoy bringing their dogs to the groomer and it’s also easy to form the habit but, you can do the majority if not all of your Pomeranains grooming at home in order to maintain a nice clean coat.

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Is A Pomeranian Coat High Maintenance

Many people will say that a Pomeranian’s coat is high maintenance due, to their extremely fluffy double coats.

I’ve discovered that isn’t always true.

Pomeranians do require care like many dogs do but, as long as you are performing regular tasks like brushing, your Pomeranian coat will not be harder to maintain.

Another thing I have discovered as a Pomeranian owner is that not every Pomeranian will require the same amount of grooming to maintain.

My dog’s coats are all very different with my big cream Pomeranian Murphy only requiring the occasional brushing, mostly during seasonal shedding.

Our little female Willow has extremely dense fur that mats easily, her coat does require a lot more care in comparison to Murphy.

What Will A Pomeranian Groomer Do

You will be able to select the grooming services for your Pomeranian at each visit.

There may be sometimes when you would like your dog to get “The Works” and other times you may only need minimal grooming care.

Some of the things you can expect your dog groomer to do include.

  • Bathing
  • Brushing
  • Mat removal
  • Nail trimming
  • Cleaning tear stains
  • Ear cleaning
  • Check for skin problems
  • Check for ear problems
  • Anal sac expression
  • Dental care

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Tips For Bringing Your Pomeranian To The Groomer

  1. Be very clear of your requests and confirm that the groomer understands
  2. Make sure the person you are speaking to is doing the grooming
  3. See if you can watch your dog being groomed
  4. Make sure the facility is clean
  5. Make sure the shampoos and treatments are non-toxic
  6. Go with your gut instinct

Pomeranian Grooming Schedule

Pomeranians require care but, it doesn’t need to be overwhelming, the majority of your Pomeranian’s grooming can be broken down into simple tasks that you can do during your week or as needed.

Every Week

  • Brush coat
  • Wipe tear stains
  • Brush teeth (daily)
  • Check ears
  • Clip toenails (often every other week)

As Needed

  • Bathe
  • Professionally groom

Final Thoughts

When you see a beautiful fluffy dog it can be easy to assume that you will be bringing your dog to the groomers weekly for coat care but, Pomeranians are actually very easy to groom at home.

For the most part, your Pomeranains coat just needs regular care like brushing, tear stain cleaning, and the occasional bath and mat removal.

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