How old do pomeranians need to be to breed

How Old Do Pomeranians Need To Be To Breed (Quick Facts)

Pomeranians are wonderful little companion dogs making it almost impossible to want more once you have one but, how old do Pomeranians need to be to breed?

Pomeranians should be between one year to three years of age to be bred for the first time. There are many determining factors that include the dog’s gender, genetics, health, and temperament.

How Old Does A Pomeranian Need To Be To Breed

The age that a Pomeranian needs to be to breed will depend on many factors, with the majority of Pomeranains being within breeding age once they are a year to three years of age.

What Factors Determine When A Pomeranian Can Be Bred

Some of the factors that determine when and if a Pomeranian is ready to breed are.

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Genetic Health Concerns (hip issues, heart issues etc)
  • Temperament
  • Lineage

How Old Does A Male Pomeranian Need To Be To Breed

Male Pomeranians are ready to breed once they reach four months of age but, it is not recommended.

A Male Pomeranian should not start breeding until it has passed all health screenings and is at least one year old.

How Old Does A Female Pomeranian Need To Be To Breed

Females also may be physically able to breed once they are six to nine months of age but, that is extremely frowned upon.

I responsible breeder will not breed a female Pomeranian until she has passed all health screenings and has reached at least two years of age.

At What Age Can A Pomeranian Get Pregnant

Technically a female Pomeranian can get pregnant once she has experienced her first heat cycle.

It’s best though for a female to grow and mature much longer before she is bred.

At What Age Does A Female Pomeranian Go Into Heat

Female Pomeranians can go into heat anywhere within the six months to nine months range.

When can Pomeranians have puppies

What Health Screenings Do Vets Do Before You Breed A Dog

The health screenings that your veterinarian will perform will de be determined by the breed of dog.

Each breed is unique and may have its own health concerns to consider.

In general, your veterinarian will be looking at.

  • General Physical Exam
  • Hip Dysplasia Screening
  • Luxating Patella Screen (Pomeranians)
  • Collapsed Trachea Screen (Pomeranians)
  • Eye Testing
  • DNA Testing
  • Hearing Testing
  • Respiratory Function

Why Is Temperament A Concern In Dog Breeding

The AKC is focused on preserving dog breeds and their overall standard.

Besides, having well-mannered and even-tempered dogs in our lives it’s important to maintain a breeds standard and only breed those dogs that fit the ideal mold of what a Pomeranian should be.

How Is Lineage Important When Breeding Dogs

Lineage is much more important than just a dog’s AKC papers and bragging rights.

The lineage of a dog is the base of its genetics which determines everything from coat color, size, temperament, and overall health.

In some cases you may have two perfectly healthy dogs but, their genetics could result in an undesirable outcome with puppies that have serious health concerns.

Should You Stop Breeding You Pomeranian

There comes a time when your Pomeranian should be retired for a breeding program.

Pregnancy and birth can take quite a toll on a dog and require a lot from their bodies.

In addition, a male’s sperm is no longer young and vibrant.

When Should You Stop Breeding A Pomeranian

Most females should stop breeding around the time they reach seven years old.

Seven years old seems very young in the whole scheme of a Pomeranains life span but, with the demands of pregnancy and birth, a female is ready for retirement at seven years of age.

Males could breed for a much longer time frame but, due to concerns about quality sperm and health issues that can reduce testosterone levels, males should be retired from breeding once they are in the range of eight to nine years of age.

How Many Litters Can A Pomeranian Have In A Year

Pomeranians should only have one litter within a twelve-month time frame with up to two litters maximum within eighteen months.

How Many Puppies Can Be In A Pomeranians Litter

The average size litter will have between one and three Pomeranian puppies.

How Many Puppies Can A Pomeranian Have (Quick Facts)

Final Thoughts

Deciding on whether or not your will breed your Pomeranian is a tough choice for some.

Breeding Pomeranians is not for the faint of heart, they are often referred to as the “heartbreak Breed” due to the number of tragic things that can go wrong.

Make sure if you are looking for a Pomeranian puppy that you are seeking out a reputable breeder that follows all of the recommended time frames and health protocols for breeding.

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