How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Pomeranians

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Pomeranians (Quick Info)

Fleas are a horrible nuisance that can end up infesting your pets and home. If you have been noticing that your Pomeranian is itching excessively it may have fleas.

Fleas are a blooding-sucking parasite that affects millions of pets every year. If your Pomeranian has fleas it’s best to contact your vet for the safest treatment available. Many common over-the-counter flea treatments contain dangerous ingredients that can harm or kill your pet.

How Do I Know If My Pomeranian Has Fleas

The first sign of fleas is usually excessive itching and scratching some other signs to look for include.

  • red bumps on your dog’s underbelly and groin area, legs, and base of the tail
  • hair loss
  • dry skin
  • red irritated skin
  • visible fleas

What Do I Do If My Pomeranian Has Fleas

The best thing to do is to speak with your vet about your dog’s situation and get their professional advice on how to treat your dog.

You want to make sure that you are doing the safest and best treatment that your dog needs.

Best Flea Treatment For Pomeranians

Be extremely careful about buying and using any flea treatment on your Pomeranian.

Even some of the best treatments sold on Amazon have numerous tragic reviews where the product has killed their pets.

Stay away from any treatments that contain permethrin and cyphenothrin, small dogs and cats are most negatively affected by these ingredients.

Speak with your vet and possibly a holistic vet before you use any sort of flea treatment on your dog, cat, or home.

Can Coconut Oil Get Rid Of Fleas

There have been studies that have proven that simple coconut oil can get rid of and prevent fleas.

While there may not be a perfect solution to rid your dog of fleas coconut oil is a much safer option to try.

How Can I Use Coconut Oil On Fleas

There are two ways that you can use coconut oil in your fight against fleas.

  1. Have your dog eat a small amount (pea-sized) of coconut oil daily as a way to prevent fleas and as a mild treatment.
  2. Give your dog a coconut oil rinse. Shampoo you dog as normal and put on a good layer of coconut oil, let the coconut oil sit for five to ten minutes, and then rinse off.

Should My Pomeranian Wear A Flea Collar

I don’t suggest putting a flea collar on your Pomeranian.

There can be negative effects from wearing flea collars due to the chemicals within.

Should I Get Flea Shampoo For My Dog

Even seemingly harmless flea shampoo can often contain dangerous ingredients.

I would stay away from flea shampoos and use coconut oil instead.

What Kills Fleas On Dogs Instantly

I would stay away from any product that says it kills fleas instantly.

These products are usually extremely dangerous to small dogs and cats.

Speak with your vet before using any flea product on your pets.

Should I Use Flea Shampoo On A Pomeranain

Can Flea Treatments Hurt My Dog

Unfortunately, flea treatments are poisons that can and often harm pets.

It is completely possible that a flea treatment can harm your dog.

Small dogs like Pomeranians are often at the most risk of having negative side effects from flea treatments.

Always make sure that you are using the safest options possible and are using the correct dosage as stated in the instructions.

What Type Of Health Problems Can Pomeranians Experience From Flea Treatments

Many different side effects can occur from flea treatments including.

  • Skin Issues
  • Hair Loss
  • Ulcers
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Excessive Saliva
  • Seizures
  • Lethargy
  • Nervousness
  • Death

Final Thoughts

Fleas can be very difficult to deal with and can cause your dog a lot of irritation and even make your dog sick.

If you notice a flea problem it does need to be addressed as soon as possible but, don’t reach for any flea shampoo or remedy.

Many flea products have dangerous chemicals that are known to harm or kill small pets, especially Pomeranians.

Speak with your vet before using any treatments, it can be the difference between life and death.

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