Is A Pomeranian The Best Dog For me

Is A Pomeranian The Best Dog For Me

Pomeranians are adorable and make wonderful companions but, is a Pomeranian the best fit for me?

Pomeranians can be feisty and cuddly as well as stubborn. These little fluffy dogs are perfect companions for many including those that can spend a lot of time with them. On the other hand, high-energy homes with young children are not always ideal.

Would A Pomeranian Be Right For Me

Pomeranians are the perfect dog for many, but not for all people or families.

These amazing dogs are the perfect little best friend and will bring a lot of joy and happiness if they are the right fit.

There are a few major things to consider if you are considering a Pomeranian including your experience, lifestyle, and personality.

What Is A Pomeranian Really Like

How To Determine If You Should Get A Pomeranian

  • Experience
  • Lifestyle
  • Personality

33 Things To Know Before Getting A Pomeranian

Have You Ever Had A Dog

You have to consider your experience with dog ownership while deciding if a Pomeranian is a perfect dog for you.

  • Have you had a dog before?
  • Have you had a small dog before?
  • Have you had a Pomeranian before?

The more yes answers you provide to the above questions will give you more knowledge and experience needed to determine if you should get a Pomeranian.

If you have never had a dog before, I wouldn’t rule out that a Pomeranian isn’t the perfect fit, but you do need to do a lot of research and thinking.

Is A Pomeranian A Good First Dog?

Is Your Lifestyle Ideal For A Pomeranian

Lifestyle may be the single biggest component in determining if a Pomeranian is right for you.

There are many different elements of your lifestyle that are important to consider.

  • Time
  • Family Dynamic
  • Budget

Do You Have Enough Time For A Pomeranian

Time is extremely important especially when it comes to having a Pomeranian in your life.

Pomeranians do not like to be left alone for long periods and have a tendency to develop separation anxiety.

If you get a Pomeranian you will have a new best friend for life but, you do need to be prepared for a dog that becomes extremely attached to its owner and doesn’t want to be alone.

If you are home most of the time or can be your Pomeranian with you often, a Pomeranian may be a great fit.

If your entire family leaves for that day for work and school, I would consider not getting a Pomeranian because they really do desire more companionship.

Can Pomeranians Be Left Alone

Is Your Family Ideal For A Pomeranian

You must consider your family dynamic when you are considering adding any pet to your family.

  • What are the ages of your family members?
  • How energetic and active is your household?

Pomeranians are often not the best match in a home with very young children.

Both the Pomeranian and the children are at risk for injury or tragedy.

Pomeranians are very small and are prone to significant injury if they are accidentally dropped or stepped on.

Young children are also often not aware of the dangers that can occur to them or their dog, they are excited and want to love their friend but, it doesn’t always work out.

Are Pomeranians Good Family Dogs

Is A Pomeranian The Best Dog For me

How Energetic Is Your Household

Some dog breeds are a perfect fit for a high-energy home that can provide it with lots of exercise and excitement.

A high-energy environment with lots of people can be a bad fit for a Pomeranian if they are at increased risk of being stepped on or injured.

Pomeranian Pros And Cons

Can You Add A Pomeranian Into Your Budget

Adding any pet to your family adds an expense at some level.

Some of the expenses you can expect with a Pomeranian include.

  • Initial purchase cost
  • Spaying/Neutering
  • Annual vet checkups/vaccinations
  • Sick care
  • Grooming
  • Boarding
  • Food
  • Gear

It’s hard to gauge what the lifetime expenses will be if you get a Pomeranian because they can vary depending on the health of your dog over the time span of its life.

You do need to be prepared for all possibilities and expenses of having a Pomeranian.

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Final Thoughts

When you are trying to decide if you are going to add a new pet to your family, it can be challenging sometimes to determine which pet or dog breed is perfect for you.

Every dog breed is completely unique with some like Pomeranians being a perfect fit in homes that have a lot of time to spend with their dog.

If you decide that a Pomeranian is the best choice for your family you are sure to have a lifetime of love and companionship.

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