Pomeranian Coat Color Changes

Pomeranian Coat Color Changes (Explained)

Pomeranians can come in an abundant array of coat colors but, does a Pomeranian’s coat color ever change?

A Pomeranian’s coat color can change and often does within its first year of life. Some puppies are born appearing like they have one coat color when they are a different color. Later within the first year, a Pomeranian’s coat goes through the puppy uglies where it may also change in color.

What Color Will My Pomeranian Be

Pomeranians come in twenty-six different coat color combinations which can leave you wondering what color will your Pomeranian be.

Many genetic factors determine what color your Pomeranian will be.

Although, your Pomeranian puppy is one color a birth it doesn’t mean it will stay like that.

Do Pomeranians Change Color

Your Pomeranian’s coat can change color from the time of birth until it reaches maturity at around 15 to 18 months of age.

What Causes A Pomeranian’s Coat To Change Color

At birth, it can sometimes be challenging to identify the exact coat color of a puppy.

For example, some cream puppies will look white at birth, and others that end up with sable coats may not appear like a sable puppy.

These changes are usually noticeable within the first weeks of life before a puppy goes home to its forever home.

In the example of the cream puppy, you will know if you have a cream or white puppy at this point.

Can A Pomeranian’s Coat Change Color Within The First Year

Beyond the newborn changes in a Pomeranian’s coat, there is another major period in time where a Pomeranian’s coat can change color.

Pomeranians lovingly go through a stage called “The Puppy Uglies”.

During this time a Pomeranian loses its puppy coat and grows in its adult coat.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen gracefully and can leave your dog with thin spots in some places and clumpy spots in others.

By the time your dog has completed this coat change its color may not look the same as it used to.

Can A Pomeranian’s Coat Get Lighter

A Pomeranian’s coat can lighten up during the first year as your Pomeranian grows and goes through the “puppy uglies”.

This type of change won’t be drastic like a white dog changing into a chocolate dog.

You will notice a Pomeranian’s coat lightening up in common coat colors like a red puppy changing into an orange puppy.

Can A Pomeranin’s Coat Get Darker

Just like your Pomeranian coat can get lighter it can also get darker during the first year.

You will also only notice a Pomeranian’s coat color getting darker within the same color family like a lightly colored chocolate puppy turning into a deeper chocolate dog when it’s fully grown.

Can A Pomeranian Get Light And Dark Patches Of Fur

It is also possible for some areas of your dog’s coat to get lighter patches and other areas can develop darker patches at the same time.

Can A Pomeranians Coat Pattern Change

A Pomeranian’s coat pattern can change in the sense that some areas of the pattern can become more prominent or not look as pronounced as they did when your Pomeranian was younger.

A good example of this is the sable pattern which may look more pronounced and darker when your puppy is younger and as he or she grows it becomes lighter.

The previous example can also be reversed with a light sable pattern at birth developing into a deeper, darker, and more pronounced pattern as your dog grows.

Are Pomeranians More Than One Color

The classic color for Pomeranians is a solid orange color which has caused many to think that Pomeranians are only orange.

The truth is Pomeranians are many colors and also include many patterns and combinations of colors.

The most common patterns and combinations besides a solid coat color are sable, two-colored (most often a base color and white or tan), tri-colored, parti and merle.

Pomeranian Coat Color Changes

What Color Pomeranian Puppy Changes The Most

Sable patterned Pomeranian puppies often have the most drastic changes within their coats.

The sable pattern results in dark tips on the fur and banding.

These dark tips within the first year of life can become drastically lighter or darker.

The sable pattern can occur in many different coat colors making it hard to determine the exact appearance at adulthood.

How Can I Tell What Color My Pomeranian Will Be

Breeding experts a usually able to tell the coat color of a puppy by looking at the fur that is found right behind the puppy’s ears a few weeks after birth.

Luckily this can often be done before a puppy is registered with the AKC and brought home to it’s forever homes.

To an untrained eye, it can be challenging to know what coat color to expect in a Pomeranian when it’s a puppy.

Do Pomeranian Puppies Change Color

Pomeranian puppies can change coat color within the first year of life, often within the first eight weeks and then again while it goes through “the puppy uglies”.

Why Is My Black Pomeranian Turning Grey

Most of the time Pomeranian puppies with black fur will remain black.

In very rare cases a black do can carry a greying gene that may cause some fur to lose its color (turn white) over time in patches.

Another time when a black Pomeranian may turn grey is when it starts to age and gets lighter fur around its face.

Are White Pomeranians Born White

White Pomeranians are always born white but, you do need to be careful because many other light coat colors can appear white at birth.

Do White Pomeranians Stay White?

Do Cream Pomeranian Puppies Stay Cream

In many cases, a cream Pomeranian puppy will appear white at birth.

Even if your cream puppy looks cream it, can change within the first year and be a light orange dog.

All About Cream Pomeranians

Does A Pomeranian’s Coat Color Matter

A Pomeranian’s coat color only matters if you plan on showing your dog and if you paid a certain amount of money for a specific coat color.

Beyond that, it’s just a matter of preference, every Pomeranian is wonderfully unique regardless of what coat color they have.

Final Thoughts

In some puppies, it can be hard to determine what the coat color of your puppy will be once it reaches adulthood.

Many puppies are born with a coat color that appears differently than what it will end up being.

Some Pomeranians end up with a slightly different shade of color or have a more or less prominent pattern within their coats.

Most experienced breeders can gather a good idea of your puppy’s coat color before it goes home to its forever home.

What Colors Do Pomeranians Come In?

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