Pomeranian Eye Color

Pomeranian Eye Colors (8 Eye Colors Explained)

Pomeranians are an amazing breed that comes in a wide variety of coat colors, patterns, and eye colors. In this article, I explain all of the different eye colors and which are the most common and rare.

Pomeranians can have up to eight different eye colors with dark brown being the most common. Some eye colors like lavender, light blue, and odd-colored eyes are extremely rare. Unfortunately, although beautiful not all eye colors are accepted by the AKC.

What Eye Colors Can Pomeranians Have

  • Dark Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Golden Brown/Amber
  • Hazel
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Lavender
  • Odd-Eyes

Dark Brown Eyes

The deep dark brown eye color that can almost appear black is the most common eye color in Pomeranians.

Medium Brown Eyes

Medium brown eyes are the second most common eye color that you will find in a wide variety of coat colors.

Golden Brown/Amber

The pretty golden brown and amber color can be found in dogs with chocolate coats.


Hazel eyes are brown and green mixed, you will often find hazel eyes in dogs with a beaver or chocolate coat.

Light Blue

Light blue eyes are extremely rare but, can be found in dogs with a merle coat.

Dark Blue

Pomeranians that have a blue coat which is a blueish grey color will have deep blue-grey eyes that match their coat.


Odd eye colors are extremely unique when a dog has two different eye colors. You will often find this combination in dogs with a Merle coat.

Pomeranian Eye Color

What Is The Most Common Eye Color In Pomeranains

The most common eye color found in Pomeranians is a shade of brown often a deep dark brown color that almost appears black.

What Is The Rarest Pomeranian Eye Color

The rarest eye color for Pomeranians would be the lavender eye color which is found on the very rare diluted lavender coat.

The lavender coat is thought of as being a diluted blue coat, these rare dogs can also have blue eyes.

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What Are The AKC Approved Pomeranian Eye Colors

The AKC standard for Pomeranian eye colors is very specific and picky.

Dark Brown eyes are the desired color except, self-colored eyes are now excepted in diluted coat colors like chocolate and blue in some cases.

  • Dark Brown
  • Self Coloring
  • Blue ( in rare cases)

Dark Brown Eyes

Dark brown is the golden standard for Pomeranians and will always be seen as the most desirable color in terms of official standards.

Self-Colored Eyes

Self-colored eyes are a tricky subject because some diluted coat colors like chocolate that have been accepted by the AKC will have self-colored like honey brown hazel shade eyes making it impossible for chocolate dogs to have any other eye colors.

These naturally self-colored eye colors are now accepted by default.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are also tricky to understand when it comes to the AKC standard.

Some may not be aware that blue eyes can mean a variety of different things.

Self-Colored Blue Eyes

A dog that has a blue-colored coat will have matching self-colored eyes, the coat and eyes color isn’t the icy blue color some may originally think of but, more of a grey-blue-silver shade.

These self-colored blue eyes are accepted by the AKC.

Clear Blue Eyes

The classic clear blue eye color is a subject of debate when it comes to the AKC.

The merle coat color and pattern are accepted by the AKC but, this appearance is often accompanied by blue eyes.

Those blue eyes are accepted by the AKC only if they are not a very light blue, marbled blue, or contain blue flecks.

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Can Pomeranians Have Red Eyes

Although some species of animals that have albino genetics can have red eyes, Pomeranians do not.

On the extremely rare chance that a Pomeranian has albino genetics, their eyes will often be a very light translucent blue tone.

Can Pomeranians Have Grey Eyes

Pomeranians can have what appears like grey eyes.

This eye color is also referred to as blue and is found on Pomeranians that have the grey-blue coat color.

Can Pomeranians Have Blue Eyes

Pomeranains can have blue eyes, in most cases, you will notice a clear blue eye color in Pomeranains that have merle coats.

You may also have a merle-coated dog that has two different colored eyes with one being clean blue.

Will A Pomeranian’s Eyes Stay Blue

Pomeranian puppies are all born with blue eyes but, in the majority of dogs, their eyes will only remain blue for a short period.

At birth, puppies have a very low level of melanin in their eye which is the pigment that gives the eyes their color.

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At What Age Do Puppies Get Their Real Eye Color

The majority of puppies’ eye colors will change from blue to their permanent color by the time the puppy is eight weeks of age but, some puppies may not have their adult eye color until they are four months of age.

Final Thoughts

Pomeranians can have a variety of beautiful eye colors that range from the most common deep brown to “odd-colored” eyes whereas a dog has two different colored eyes.

The AKC has extremely strict standards for what they accept as eye colors within the Pomeranian breed for show and standard purposes.

Regardless of your Pomeranian eye color, your little buddy is sure to be beautiful and your best friend.

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