how to know if your Pomeranians is a purebred

How To Know If Your Pomeranian Is A Purebred (Important Facts)

Maybe your dog or puppy doesn’t look like a Pomeranian and you are wondering how to find out if your dog is purebred or not.

In this article, I provide the information you need to find out if your Pomeranian is purebred.

A purebred Pomeranian can be determined by having AKC registered papers or a DNA test that confirms the dog’s genetics as being Pomeranian.

What Does A Purebred Pomeranian Look Like

We’ve all seen a Pomeranian but, may wonder exactly what a purebred Pomeranian should look like.

Physical Characteristics Of A Purebred Pomeranian

Even though Pomeranians have a standard size and appearance they can vary in looks which may lead you to believe that your dog is not a purebred Pomeranian.

How Can A Pomeranians Appearance Vary

Pomeranians can have variances in facial features, size, and stature as well as a large number of fur colors.

Different Facial Features You May Find In Purebred Pomeranians

Pomeranians have three different distinct facial appearances that often go by Fox Face, Baby Doll, and Teddy Bear.

Fox Face Pomeranians have an appearance that is closest to looking like a fox, giving it the Fox Face name.

A Baby Doll Pomeranian has a muzzle that is a little shorter than a Fox Face but, longer than the Teddy Bear.

Teddy Bear Pomeranians have the shortest muzzle of them all, with fluffy cheeks and closer-set eyes giving them an appearance that closely resembles a teddy bear.

What Are The Different Types Of Pomeranian Faces?

Different Sizes and Statures That You May Find In Pomeranians

Pomeranians come in all shapes and sizes from tiny Teacup Pomeranians to larger Throwback Pomeranians that closely resemble their ancestors.

You will find purebred Pomeranians that are as small as three pounds and others that are over fifteen pounds.

Some Pomeranians will be taller, longer, and appear sleeker (like my Murphy) whereas others will appear as short stocky little fluffballs.

What Is A Throwback Pomeranian?

Colors That Purebred Pomeranian Can Come In

Pomeranians are beautiful and come in one of the largest variety of coat colors of any dog breed.

With such a large number of coat colors and patterns, the unique look of each Pomeranian is truly endless, leaving some Pomeranians not looking like what you may have expected.

The orange and red coat colors are what the majority of people think of when they think of a Pomeranian.

Some other common and popular colors that people expect are white, cream, and black.

Lesser-known colors include blue, lavender, and beaver.

What Colors Do Pomeranians Come In? (Color Guide)

Pomeranian Breed Standard

The AKC Breed Standard for Pomeranians describes these dogs as being short-backed, compact, double-coated, dogs of Nordic descent with a heavily plumed tail that curled over their back.

According to the Pomeranian breed standard, Pomeranians should be 3 to 7 pounds and 6 to 7 inches in height.

My Pomeranian Puppy Doesn’t Look Purebred

Be aware that Pomeranian puppies go through a stage called the puppy uglies where their coat transitions from its fluffy puppy coat to its full adult double coat.

Your puppy may get patchy fur during this time and not look like what we expect a Pomeranian to look like.

Most Pomeranian puppies will go through this stage between 6 months to a year old.

How Do I Find Out If My Pomeranian Is Purebred

The only way to know whether your Pomeranian is purebred or not is to have either registered papers confirming your dog’s purebred status or have the dog’s DNA tested.

Do All Breeders Provide AKC Registered Papers

Not all breeders sell their puppies with AKC-registered papers for various reasons.

Why Do Breeders Sell Their Dogs Without Papers

Some of the reasons puppies may be sold without papers include the parents not being registered themselves or that the breeder focuses on pets only.

Should I Get A Pomeranians Without Papers

It’s completely up to you if you want to get a puppy that doesn’t have papers.

You will often pay less for puppies that don’t have AKC papers.

All of our Pomeranians had AKC-registered parents but, we didn’t receive papers with our puppies.

They were all purchased with the sole intent of being members of our family, we were perfectly happy without getting registration papers.

It’s completely up to you based on what you feel is best.

what does a purebred Pomeranian look like

Is Pedigree The Same As Purebred

Pedigree and purebred are not the same things.

Being a purebred means that a dog has specific bloodlines from dogs with pure or 100% Pomeranian genetics in this case.

A pedigree is your family history. Every dog has a pedigree, some may be purebred whereas others may not be.

How Do I Know My Pomeranian Is A Purebred Without Papers

The only way to truly know if your Pomeranian is purebred is to have your dog’s DNA tested.

DNA Genetic Testing For Dogs

DNA testing can be easily done at home with a saliva swab that is sent to a lab for analysis.

Besides finding out if your dog is a purebred Pomeranian, you can find out if your dog is prone to certain health complications and additional information about traits that are specific to your dog.

Should I Get My Pomeranian DNA Tested

It’s up to you if you are curious about your dog’s health and background.

You may be in a situation where you paid specifically for a purebred dog and feel like you didn’t receive a purebred.

This situation could end up being something that you need to look into further with a DNA proving or disproving your dog’s purebred status.

It’s also very interesting and would make a fun gift for a dog lover.

If My Pomeranian Isn’t Purebred Do I Find Out What It Is Mixed With

If you get a DNA test done on your dog you will find out exactly what they are mixed with.

How Do I Make Sure My Pomeranian Puppy Is A Purebred

The only way to make sure that your Pomeranian puppy is purebred is to make sure that the breeder is registered with the AKC, that both parents are AKC registered, and that the breeder will be providing AKC papers with your puppy.

How To Find A Purebred Pomeranian

Make sure that you are searching for breeders that are registered with the AKC or American Kennel Club.

You can search for breeders on the AKC Marketplace as well.

The AKC Marketplace is the only place that lists litters of AKC registered litters.

How To Find Pomeranian Puppy Breeders (Easy Checklist)

How Much Does A Purebred Pomeranian Cost

A purebred Pomeranian will range in price starting at $800 to $7000.

Some puppies may be more if you intend on adding the dog to a breeding program or show program.

How Much Do Pomeranians Cost? (50 States Compared)

What Should I Do If I Find Out My Pomeranian Isn’t Purebred

It can be overwhelming, frustrating, and upsetting if you discover that your Pomeranian isn’t the purebred you thought it was.

How you react to this news depends on a variety of things.

What Were Your Expectations

Did you specifically purchase a purebred Pomeranian for certain reasons that required a purebred like breeding or showing?

Did you pay a larger sum of money for a purebred?

Did you buy the puppy as a pet only?

How Do You Feel About Your Dog

Do you love your dog any differently?

Are your intentions for the dog the same regardless of whether it is purebred or not?

Do you want to keep the dog either way?

Was A Crime Committed

How much money did you pay, was it a fair price for a non-purebred dog?

Were you led to believe something different than what you received?

Did you not receive your papers?

Did you receive invalid papers?

Why Do People Prefer Purebred Dogs

Many people prefer purebred dogs as a way to “guarantee” what they are getting.

Every breed of dog has its own physical and behavioral traits that they are known to possess.

When you get a purebred you have a good idea of what the dog should look and act like.

Final Thoughts

The only way to know for sure that your Pomeranian is purebred is to get your dog from a breeder that is registered with the AKC the other would be getting a DNA test done on the dog to confirm what its genetics are.

Whether having a 100% purebred Pomeranian with paper or not is a completely individual decision to consider.

You may be looking for a new friend and its background being official isn’t important.

On the other hand, you may want to show your dog or add a new dog to a breeding program where its purebred status is vital.

Only you know your situation.

Just make sure that you do not get ripped off and overpay for a dog that is not healthy not legit.

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